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Do guys regret breaking up with a good girl?

Do guys regret breaking up with a good girl?

When it comes to breaking up with a good girl, there are three types of guys. There are those who regret it immediately, those who don’t realize what they had until it’s too late, and those who just don’t care.

If you want to learn more about each group and figure out what category your ex falls into then read more and find out!

The 3 types of guys when breaking up with a good girl:

The first group is made up of guys who realize they made a mistake as soon as they break up with the girl. They may try to get back together with her, or they may spend the rest of their lives regretting what they did.

The second group is made up of guys who don’t realize what they had until it’s too late. They may find themselves in a relationship with someone who is not as good to them as the girl they broke up with. Or they may find themselves alone and wishing they had her back.

The third group is made up of guys who simply don’t care. They may be happy with their decision to break up, or they may not even think about the girl again after the break-up.

No matter which group you think your ex falls into; it’s better that you just move on and live your life to the fullest than be obsessed with wanting to make them realize that the break-up was a mistake.

If he broke up with you then he probably didn’t see that you are a good girl when he had the chance to see it. So now it’s too late for him to realize it. You’re gone and his chance is lost, so even if he regrets it all, maybe you should make him take his remorse with him to his deathbed. If you’re not convinced yet, continue reading for another 4 reasons why you should let go and stop obsessing about what your ex thinks, what he regrets, and what he doesn’t.

4 reasons why it doesn’t matter whether your ex regrets the break-up or not:

1- He already lost you:

Even if your ex tells you he regrets the break-up, and even if it feels like a victory at first, in reality, it’s absurd. In reality, it doesn’t matter whether he regrets a thing or not. What happened, happened and your love story is already old news now, thanks to his immaturity.

The point is that he already lost you, and he had his chance to prevent that from happening to begin with but didn’t because he didn’t value you enough. Remorse is pointless at this point; the damage is already done.

And even if he did regret the break-up, it would be absurd for him to think he could just jump back into your life, as if nothing happened. We all know that on-again-off-again relationships can turn toxic pretty quickly so we’re pretty sure that’s not what you want for yourself. So don’t let his regret give you false hope; it’s too late for that now.

2- He probably moved on and doesn’t care:

Chances are even if your ex regrets the break-up, he probably already moved on, or maybe he had his eyes on someone before even separating from you. So don’t think he didn’t think about it or consider flirting or making a move on that person and trying his luck, while he’s single again.

Maybe, he doesn’t even regret a thing currently and he’s found someone new to occupy his time. In this case, he’s probably forgotten all about you. So whether he does regret breaking up with you or not, keep in mind that every second he spends being single out and about could be him testing his flirting skills again or trying his luck with others.

If he didn’t come to you regretfully already and dropped on his knees then what guarantee do you have that he didn’t at least send private messages to another 20 girls on Instagram by now?

This is why it doesn’t really matter whether he regrets anything or not, if you think he’s already moved on or doesn’t care anymore then it’s probably true. So forget about him, move on with your life, and don’t believe him when he finds nobody better and shows up again at your door months and months later.

He probably would’ve dived head-first in the dating pool and found nobody good enough to replace you with and that’s why he’s back. In this scenario, he is definitely not back because he realized “his mistake”.

3- You’re wasting time and better opportunities:

Exes are exes for a reason. If you’re still living in the past and waiting for him to regret or come back to you, you’re wasting your time. He’s made his decision, and you need to move on.

There is plenty of other fish in the sea, and you don’t want to miss out on better opportunities because you’re still hung up on your ex. If you’re even wondering if he regrets the breakup then you’re most definitely wasting valuable time that you could be using to meet new people and start fresh. Let him go and you’ll find someone better suited for you in no time.

Besides, if he really wanted to be with you, he would have never let you go in the first place. So save yourself the heartache and move on.

4- Giving him an undeserved second chance could backfire:

In the end, we’re not really blaming you for asking the question. In fact, it’s common to wonder if your ex regrets the break-up, especially if you still have feelings for him.

However, even if he does regret the break-up, that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to get back together with you. He might just be regretting the way things ended between you two. Additionally, giving him a second chance could backfire, especially if he wasn’t ready to commit to the relationship in the first place.

If he ends up hurting you again, you’ll only have yourself to blame. So remember that you’re better off without someone who isn’t willing to fight for you. If he hasn’t made any effort to win you back, it’s time to move on. You can also check this article out if you think that going through a second breakup with the same person would be easy.

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