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Do guys ever go back to the rebound girl?

Do guys ever go back to the rebound girl?

Now, we all know what a rebound girl is, she’s the girl a guy dates shortly after he breaks up with a long-time girlfriend.

And we’ve all seen it happen before, a guy dumps his long-term girlfriend then within days he’s dating some random girl. But the question is, does it ever last? And we will find out today.

So do guys ever reconsider the rebound girl for a long-term relationship?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. In general, guys don’t usually go back to the rebound girl, but it’s not unheard of. It’s more common for a guy to take the time to be alone and heal then move on to someone else after a failed rebound relationship.

Usually, guys don’t overthink this type of relationship because in most cases all it was is a failed attempt to quickly recover from the collapse of a long-term previous relationship. So even if he rebounds with someone else for a brief period of time, there’s no guarantee that he will ever consider his rebound a real partner or someone to come to miss and regret having let go of later.

And even when guys do go back to the rebound girl, it’s rarely ever serious. They might hook up or date for a little while, but it’s not usually a long-term thing. In other words, a guy would probably only go back to the rebound girl if he’s feeling lonely or needs companionship. This is especially true if he never considered her a real partner or even a challenge and quickly got with her to distract himself from the pain of a real previous break-up.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not guys ever go back to the rebound girl, the answer is that it does happen occasionally if some conditions apply. However, it’s not very common so it is advisable not to bet on such a situation or put your life on hold to wait for it to happen. Because, even when it does happen, it’s rarely anything serious.

What determines whether a guy would consider going back to the rebound girl?

A rebound relationship is one that starts soon after a previous relationship has ended. The rebound girl is the one that a guy turns to after he’s been dumped or ghosted by his ex or sometimes even after he dumped his long-term girlfriend himself. Usually, the guy is just looking for someone to help him forget about his ex and make him feel better about himself.

However, there are some guys who actually end up falling for their rebound girl or even going back to her in between their serious relationships. Rarely, some would even end up marrying the rebound girl and having a happily-ever-after with her. So what determines whether a guy would consider going back to the rebound girl? Read on for a few answers!

1. If the rebound relationship lasted for more than a year:

If the relationship lasted beyond everyone’s expectations, then the guy might start to develop real feelings for the rebound girl. In other words, if the relationship somehow survived beyond the 3-months, 6-months, and then one-year mark then chances are that the relationship will develop beyond being a rebound.

Anyone who thinks of such a relationship as a rebound after that is clearly delusional. Non-serious relationships usually do not last for 6 months. In fact, many debate that relationships that lack substance or basic ingredients or ones don’t have a potential end at the three-months-mark, at most. So if the couple makes it to the one-year mark then it is clearly more than just a rebound or mistake.

Of course, a break-up could still occur but this doesn’t mean that such a relationship was insignificant. On the other hand, if a rebound relationship fizzles out quickly, she’ll just be another notch on his bedpost and he’ll move on without giving her a second thought again.

2. If the rebound relationship overcame its superficial nature:

A rebound relationship is one that starts quickly after another relationship ends. The reason we’re yet again remind you of that is to clarify that given their nature, these relationships are based on physical attraction and not much else.

For some people, a rebound relationship can be a great way to get over an ex. However, others may find that they just end up getting hurt again. But, let us say that another way to turn things around and make such a relationship last is if the couple overcomes the superficial nature of such a bond.

If the two of them were able to overcome the superficial nature of that relationship and develop a real connection, then he may be willing to give the rebound girl a real shot. However, if their relationship was always based on physical attraction and nothing else, then he’s probably not going to want to go back to her.

Ultimately, it could come down to whether or not the guy feels like he could develop feelings and start to care deeply for his rebound partner.

3. The partners turned out to be more compatible than expected:

The question of whether a guy would consider going back to the rebound girl or starting something serious with her also depends on how compatible they turn out to be.

If the partners find that they have more in common than they initially thought, then it’s likely that the guy will want to give the relationship another real chance. In the end, it is true that selecting a rebound partner is done randomly without being fully aware of what we’re doing as we’re just focusing on getting past the pain from a previous breakup with the help of someone or a quick distraction.

However, there will be cases where such a random selection can turn out to be the real deal or comparable to hitting the jackpot through pure luck. if the couple turns out to be very compatible then why not explore something more and long-lasting?

Ultimately, it can also come down to compatibility and how well the couple gets along. In the end, it is very important for a couple to be compatible to increase the chances of lasting and developing a long and unrivaled love story.

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