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Can you develop feelings through texting?

Can you develop feelings through texting?

Whether we can develop feelings through texting is a complicated question with no easy answer. On the one hand, it’s even possible to build up a strong emotional connection with someone without ever meeting them in person.

If you’re compatible and you click, you can grow fond of someone just by exchanging messages with them. On the other hand, there’s something about face-to-face contact that can’t be replicated through a screen.

Sometimes you need to meet someone in person to really develop strong feelings for them. So it depends on the situation. To sum it up, we think there are a few conditions that should be met to develop feelings over texting. And in this article, we will be going through them.

5 Conditions to develop feelings through texting:

If you’re wondering whether you can develop real feelings for someone just by texting, the answer is yes… and no. In other words, if the conditions below are met then there’s a strong chance that you can develop feelings through texts.

If not, then it will be difficult without frequent face-to-face dates or meetings.

1- You have a clear idea of what the person looks like:

It is very difficult to fall in love with someone when we don’t know what they look like. In fact, even the most precise and detailed description of how this person looks, won’t be enough. You have to know by heart how they look and have seen at least a couple or more pictures of them.

In fact, you should know what they look like beforehand, so that it’s not like you’re falling for a persona or anything. So developing feelings over texting can be understandably difficult if you don’t have a clue what their tone of voice is like, and especially if you don’t know what their face looks like when they laugh.

In this case, you will have to rely on their “supposed” personality that you grasped from texting them and like it so much that you start to get infatuated with them. This is not impossible, but very difficult and rare. You will have to at least know what they look like and that they’re your type to some extent, which can help a lot and brings us to the next point:

2- You have to find them attractive:

Another condition that will help in falling in love or developing feelings for someone through texting, is if you met them before or saw videos and photos of them and you think they’re attractive. The more attractive you find them the more it will help with the development of your love story through texts.

Physical attraction plays a big undeniable role in developing feelings for someone. Anyone who’s ever had a crush knows the feeling of being completely focused on the object of your affection. Suddenly, they’re the only person in the room, even if they don’t even know you exist. Part of the reason crushes can be all-consuming is that we think that person is so attractive and almost out of a magazine or movie.

In return, this makes us feel so lucky and special for even having caught their eye or attention. So it is an ego-boost when they choose us to text with, for days and weeks. Indeed, when we are texting with someone we’re attracted to or someone we find irresistibly good-looking, our brains release a chemical called dopamine.

This provides us with a rush of pleasure and makes us feel more positive. This can contribute to texting back and forth for hours, with a smile on our face, and without getting bored or tired.

We also tend to see the people we’re attracted to in a more positive light, which is why love often feels like wearing rose-colored glasses. Of course, physical attraction isn’t the only thing that drives love and relationships; but it definitely plays a big part. So next time you find yourself head-over-heels for someone, you can at least take comfort in knowing that it’s partly driven by science.

Check this article out later, in the end, to help you reflect on how important physical attraction is for you specifically when it comes to dating.

3- You text very often or call one another for hours daily:

You know you’ve got it bad when you eagerly await their text notifications and feel a pit in your stomach when you don’t see their name light up on your screen.

Some will say that it’s a new phenomenon brought on by our dependency on technology and the way it’s changed the way we communicate. But others will say that you’re developing feelings for that one person you await an answer from. So which one is it?

In fact, the secret to developing feelings for someone over text is whether you talk very often, and even talk for hours on the phone at night or in the evening. You can develop strong feelings for someone even if you never meet them in person if you allowed them to become a big part of your life in this way.

You become attached to the idea of them through the interactions you have over text or chat. You get to know them in a way that is more intimate than you would if you only saw them in person and never texted. Because then, they wouldn’t know anything about you or what happens in your life once the two of you go your separate ways.

However, because you text so often it is safe to say that you know their thoughts, dreams, hopes, and fears. You are there for each other during the good and bad times. And just like this, you can develop a strong emotional connection that can be hard to break even if you never meet in person.

4- You talk about everything and anything:

Texting isn’t just for arranging meet-ups or sending cheesy jokes to your friends. In fact, for some people, text messaging can be a very intimate way to communicate. Just think about how often you share your thoughts and feelings in a text message, without even thinking twice about it.

Provided that matters that sound silly and ridiculous in real life can be shared freely through texts, then a more intimate bond could develop. Whether you’re sending a flirty message to your crush or spilling your heart out to someone, the written word can be a powerful tool for expressing your emotions.

So if you have no topic that’s too serious or too bad to discuss, sooner or later you end up talking to one another about everything and anything. You end up sharing your deepest thoughts with the other person, without fear of judgment. As a result of this, the other person learns to know you very well and even familiarises themselves with your thinking process.

In the end, these are all ingredients that will contribute to the two of you developing feelings for one another even if it’s just through texting. So next time you’re feeling loved up, or just need to let someone know you care, don’t be afraid to reach for your phone and send them a heartfelt text.

5- Your way of thinking is compatible:

In the end, it’s not uncommon to develop feelings for someone you’ve only ever communicated with via text. In fact, it might even be easier to form a connection with someone online because you can easily check if you’re compatible in the way you think and if you agree on most things.

Without having any real-life distractions, the more you talk through text the more you filter everything else out to focus on the way they think alone and see if you like it or not. Plus, there’s something about texting that makes it feel more personal than other forms of communication.

You’re able to share your thoughts and feelings without having to worry about your body language or what you look like. You can reach out at any point of the day to that person and just be yourself. And that’s why developing feelings over text is totally possible, especially if all the conditions listed above are met.

So if you find yourself thinking about someone a little too often despite having just texted with one another, don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know. They might just feel the same way.

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