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Can a relationship survive a broken engagement?

Can a relationship survive a broken engagement?

A broken engagement can be a hard test for any couple to get through. It can be hard to see past the hurt and betrayal, and it can be hard to forgive and move on.

But it’s not impossible. If both partners are willing to work hard, it is possible to get through a broken engagement and come out stronger than ever before.

It takes time, patience, and a lot of communication, but it is possible. And if you can get through this, you can get through anything. But, before you get your hopes up, you need to understand that there are 5 difficult conditions that should apply for a couple to be able to get over a broken engagement. Read on to learn more about what these are.

5 Conditions for a couple to survive a broken engagement:

1- Resolve the issue that caused the conflict:

A couple’s engagement is broken when one or both partners decide they no longer wish to marry each other. This can be a difficult and emotionally charged experience, but it is not necessarily the end of the relationship. In some cases, couples are able to resolve the issue that caused the conflict and continue with their plans to get married.

It’s true that a broken engagement is a very difficult situation for any couple to endure. However, the first condition in order to survive such an ordeal, is that the couple is able to resolve the issue that caused the engagement to be broken off, in the first place.

Without addressing the root of the problem, it is unlikely that the relationship will be able to withstand the stress of a broken engagement.

2- Both partners should be willing to compromise and meet halfway:

Couples who are able to resolve the issues that led to a broken engagement can even often find themselves in a stronger relationship than before. However, this would require both parties to be committed to working through their problems, with compromise, open communication, and a dose of selflessness. With these ingredients, a broken engagement can actually be an opportunity for growth and intimacy.

As explained, it won’t be easy as it requires a great deal of sacrifice and teamwork too, but it is possible for the couple to come out of the situation stronger than ever. If both partners show understanding, compassion, and a willingness to work things through, then there is a good chance that the relationship will survive a broken engagement.

3- Get rid of external influences:

If you’ve been through a broken engagement, you know that it can be tough to get over. The disappointment, the feeling of betrayal, and the sense of failure can all take a toll on your relationship. But if you want to survive a broken engagement, there’s one additional condition that you need to meet: get rid of all external influences.

That means no parents, no friends, and no meddling relatives. They can be nice, polite, and silent guests but don’t let them get between you and the love of your life if that’s who your partner of choice is, for you. Eventually, you’re the only one who will have to go and probably spend the rest of your life with that person, so don’t let anyone else get the final word.

You need to clear out the noise and focus on what’s important: your relationship. Only by doing this, you can hope to overcome the challenges that come with a broken engagement.

4- Take some time to reflect on what you want:

A broken engagement is tough, no matter what the reason is. If you’re the one who called it off, you probably feel guilty. If your partner broke it off with you, you might feel heartbroken and rejected. Either way, it’s normal to need some time for the grieving process.

It’s important to take some time apart to process what has happened. This will give you both a chance to calm down and assess your feelings. You can even take time to cry, vent to your friends or family, or do whatever you need to do to cope.

After you’ve taken some time to reflect, ask yourself why you want to marry your partner in the first place? Is it because you truly love and care for them? Do you still want to go ahead with the marriage? Are there other factors like family pressure or wanting to avoid being single? It’s okay if after you answer these questions truthfully, you have a change of heart.

That doesn’t mean you made a mistake in getting engaged in the first place, either. Everyone has their own journey in life and makes either smaller or bigger mistakes to learn and grow. If your mistake was an engagement that didn’t work out, then be it. It’s still better than having chosen the wrong spouse for a lifetime!

So if you’re not sure whether or not you want to marry your partner, it’s probably good that the engagement got called off, before things get more complicated. So think very carefully before you revive the relationship and get stuck in a second bad engagement with the same person, again. Maybe you won’t get so lucky next time and it won’t get called off.

5- Talk to your partner and see if they’re on the same page:

A broken engagement is a difficult thing to go through, but again: doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. If both partners are willing to talk about their needs and expectations, it can be a chance to get on the same page and make things work.

Of course, that’s not always possible, but it’s worth trying if you want to make the relationship work. So follow the steps listed above and make sure all conditions apply before you sit down with your partner and talk about the future.

It’ll give you a chance to talk about what went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistake again. it will also give you a chance to gauge whether your partner is as willing as you to give the relationship another chance or if they’re done with it all. So, if you’re both willing to talk things out, there’s a good chance you can survive a broken engagement.

In the end, you can check this article out on whether or not to cancel if you have doubts about marriage, it can help a lot even after a broken engagement already took place.

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