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Can a one-sided love or relationship work?

Can a one-sided love or relationship work?

One-sided relationships can work, but they require a lot of effort and planning. Some people are not capable of maintaining such relationships, which is why it is important, to be honest with your partner about what you want and how you are feeling.

One-sided relationships can work if both people have a mutual understanding from the start that there will be little or no reciprocation.

One-sided relationships can work while they are not easy to maintain. It’s important to make sure that both people are on the same page when it comes to the future of their relationship.

How to make a one-sided relationship work?

Many people find it difficult to maintain long-term relationships, regardless of whether they’re one-sided or not. This is due in part to a lack of understanding and communication between the two people involved on how they want their relationship to progress.

There are a few conditions that you should make sure that both parties are aware of and respect, in order to make a one-sided relationship work.

1) Understand each other’s needs and expectations:

It is important for both parties involved in a one-sided relationship to be aware of what the other person wants, needs, and expectations from them. Even if it can seem awkward or heartbreaking for them to state verbally that one is in it not for love but for other reasons. It is important that it is clearly stated and understood by both parties at least at the beginning.

This way the relationship has more chances of lasting as long as each part knows what they’re there for and that they keep getting it.

2) Be kind and respectful:

Respect can come from love but it doesn’t always have to. Even if two people are in a one-sided relationship then it can be maintained as long as both parties respect each other. Respecting your partner is not an unnecessary or silly accessory that you may or may not add to a relationship.

No matter what type of relationship you’re in, it is important to always be kind and respectful to your partner. In the end, if you’re in it for the sake of your kids, status, or whatever your situation and context is, you want to at least make the relationship as pleasing as possible. Others may not understand or ask you to just leave if you don’t love your partner but only you will know what’s best for you in the end.

In the end, if you want to stay in a one-sided relationship then it is your choice but the least you can do is for it not to be a toxic one too. The least you can do is to be kind, understanding, compassionate, and respectful to the other person.

3) Understand your partner’s perspective:

If you’re in a one-sided relationship or type of love then you should try and understand your partner’s post of view. You cannot claim that you’re forced to be in the relationship if you’re the non-loving part of it.

Nobody can force you, in the end you know you’re in it for your own reasons that you may or may not want to admit to others. However, you should be honest with yourself at least and admit to yourself the real reason why you’re there.

The moment you understand why you’re there, you should try and understand why your partner is in it too and have compassion for them. In the end, nobody wants to be in a relationship where they’re not receiving love but your partner may have chosen that just to be with you. Regardless of how much you cannot reciprocate their feelings, you should at least respect them.

If on the other hand, you’re the loving person in a one-sided relationship then try to find compassion and understand your partner’s position. Understand why someone may have had to make the choice of being in a relationship where they cannot reciprocate love or taste the happiness it can bring.

4) No need for hurtful reminders:

Successful one-sided relationships are not easy to build. They require a level of commitment and understanding that is not easy to achieve. There is no denying the fact that one-sided relationships can lead to a lot of hurts. But there are ways for both partners involved to make the relationship work. 

One of the ways that you can do that is without reminding your partner every day of what you’re there for or what they’re there for. It should be stated at the start of the relationship and not too often after that. Plus if both of you made the choice to be in that type of relationship then there’s no reason to be sad or to carry around a long sad day every single day of your life together.

Try to make the most of the situation and enjoy the journey as long as you made the choice to stay!

Bottom line:

The idea of having a perfect relationship is not realistic. We’ll always have some things in common with our partners and some things we don’t because we are different people in the end.

Many people find themselves in love with someone who does not reciprocate those feelings back for them. Sometimes this can lead to heartbreak and other times it can cause a lot of confusion and frustration on both sides of the equation.

If you choose to stay or be in a one-sided relationship then it is your choice in the end. You probably won’t listen to anyone who will tell you not to because they don’t offer an alternative for getting whatever it is you’re getting out of that situation. Either way, you should at least try to make the most out of it, rather than be miserable and sad for life.

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