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Are you unlucky or just pessimistic?

Are you unlucky or just pessimistic?

Some people can argue that the key to succeeding in life is to maintain the right mindset and to stay optimistic. Other people may disagree and think that being unlucky is a true possibility, regardless of how positive and optimistic the person is. They may like to complain and cry “Why am i so unlucky?”, all day long!

But before you start crying and complaining, stop and think. If you are truly positive and optimistic and not just pretending to be it, while thinking or being convinced deep inside that the worst will happen, then you may have a chance at good luck.

Success doesn’t just come to those who work hard, it also comes to those who keep trying and think positively of their skills and capabilities. Hope is what makes us live. Like the French proverb says; hope is what dies last. That’s why you should always believe in yourself and have hope that it will work so rather than call it “unlucky”, just call it a day.

Lucky people exist, but unlucky ones don’t:

Positive people do not go around looking for excuses not to put their all into making their hard work pay off. They don’t create excuses nor believe in being unlucky. Yes, they may believe in luck, but even then they’d only have a positive idea about it.

As in they’d believe a person may get lucky and get a once-in-a-lifetime situation that can increase their chances of success or help them immensely. Or, they may get lucky and meet the right person, in the right place at the right time. However, they wouldn’t believe that it’s possible to get “unlucky”.

In their head; yes, lucky people exist and they’re hoping to be one of them. But, there will be no such a thing as unlucky people; only unintelligent ones that do go out of their way to create their own luck and opportunities.

If you keep believing then you’ll keep trying, until it works someday. On the other hand, if you give up or create an imaginary obstacle called “being unlucky” or a similar excuse, then you’ll be discouraged from even trying. Because you will think what’s the point anyway, you’re unlucky so nothing will work out in the end right ?!

In fact, optimism is one of the most important components of success and happiness.

How are optimism and luck linked?

Being lucky can be associated with the idea that one is lucky. In order to understand the link between being optimistic and luck, we need to be aware of some facts about how optimism can affect our decisions, mindset, and thinking. When expecting great things to happen we are more likely to be happy and to work towards them.

Focusing on positive thoughts and ideas and visualizing our success make us live with a high type of vibrations and level of consciousness. On the other hand, when we expect the worst we tend to get lazy and do less work anyway or to be submerged in sad and negative ideas and feelings which will indeed affect our future and make us make people call “unlucky”.

– What makes successful people optimistic and optimistic people successful?

Successful people are more likely to be optimistic than pessimistic. They are generally content with what they have achieved and believe that there is always an opportunity for better things in life.

This is almost the same effect as how rich people get richer, easily. Money gets invested and makes more money indeed, but if you don’t even have the money to invest then no more money. This will make disadvantaged people in this way stay disadvantaged, while rich people get richer.

In the same way, optimistic people reach more success with their optimism and hence are considered lucky. It’s a cycle because lucky people are also happy and optimistic about their fortune or fate, which makes them again more luckily to work more towards success and become more successful…

Optimistic people tend to be more confident in their own skillsets, which allows them to set goals that are achievable for their skill level. They also become more motivated toward achieving those goals, which leads them one step closer to success.

How to become lucky?

If you want to have more luck to succeed then you should create all the favorable conditions for yourself to succeed. This way you can create your own good luck by doing your share of hard work, being optimistic, and making sure all the conditions are met for your work to bring a good outcome.

If you believe deep inside that this won’t work or that you’re too unlucky for any of this to materialize in your life, then you have already set yourself up for failure. Remember that what you expect and you believe is what will come to you! Try to be positive and optimistic when working toward any goal. What’s the point of putting so much hard work into something that you’re already disappointed about in advance?

Optimism is a crucial quality in achieving success. It’s important to know that there are certain factors that we cannot control that may happen. In this case, if something bad happened then just tell yourself that it was a one-off negative thing that doesn’t mean anything nor does it determine how lucky or unlucky you’ll get to be for the rest of your life.

Bottom line:

For the most part, it’s all about mindset: what you think you can do versus what you think you’re incapable of doing. Luck is not something that can be achieved overnight; it has to be worked on every day with optimism and determination.

This way you can shape yourself into becoming a “lucky” person that reached so much and succeeded in the end. If something out of your control or unplanned came along to help then welcome it with open arms!

If not, then you already have a plan anyway of how you’ll succeed, stay optimistic, and keep trying!

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