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Are you a good catch? : Points-based assessment!

Are you a good catch? : Points-based assessment!

Attributes like kindness, intelligence, and humor are all important qualities in someone who can qualify as being “a good catch”. But in the end, it’s up to the person you’re interested in to decide if you are a good catch or not.

Many people have this dilemma, they want to know whether they are a good catch or not. They want to set high standards and criteria for their potential partner but they’re secretly not sure if they’re worth that much themselves. There are many ways to find out, but the best way is to check if you fit the criteria in this article.

Some people are always on the hunt for a catch. They want someone who is perfect and can make them happy. Others think they’re the full package and will not lower their standards for anyone whatsoever. But, in the end, is it just arrogance, or are you objectively a really good deal? Find out now!

Am I a good catch? : Criteria to see if you are or not:

For every section of the ones below, you should evaluate and see whether you have what it takes. If you read the entire paragraph and think you’re perfect on that specific level, then you can proceed and add to your score the points equivalent to that section.

If you have 0 for a specific section then you’re automatically eliminated. For example, if you have no savings and you’re currently unemployed you would gain 0 points for the section entitled “your financial situation”. If on the other hand, you have assets, savings and an amazing source of income that you can guarantee is sustainable and cannot be lost any time soon then you’d collect all 30 points for that section.

In the end, respectively with how many points you got you can read the equivalent paragraph for your score in the “bottom line” section and see how good of a catch you are!

1- Your financial situation: (30 points)

A good catch is someone who can meet the basic needs of their partner, or family. Regardless of the job or career you do, regardless of what degrees you have or qualifications you hold, is your source of income good enough and sustainable in the long run?

Let’s speak facts; away from the misogynistic labels that “incels” put on women like: “gold digger” and whatnot. Are you able to provide a good lifestyle for your spouse, potential kids, and family? If yes, how long do you think you can guarantee that and how much financial security comes with being your partner? Or, on the contrary, do you offer insecurity and uncertainty regarding the future instead?

Whether you’re a man or woman; you should be able to offer a good, clean, and comfortable type of living to the ones you take onboard or any child that may become dependent on you in the near future. If not, you should be able to be with a partner that is financially stable and strong at least to compensate for your lack of resources.

Not only should you together be able to have an okay or decent lifestyle, but you should also have the ability to go beyond that if ever needed. It’s not just about having money in a bank account, it’s about being able to take care of your partner or family in all aspects of life.

A bad catch can be someone who can’t provide for their partner or has no interest in doing so. These are usually people who are only interested in themselves and what they want out of life.

They don’t have any concern for what their partners wants or needs, and whether they should try and get it for them or make their lives easier. A bad catch at this level is someone who doesn’t have empathy for others and only cares about themselves.

2- Your attractiveness score: (20 points)

Some people are born to be attractive. They have a certain look that makes them stand out from the crowd. Other people have to work hard on their appearance to make themselves more appealing, and this can include styling their hair, keeping their skin clear, or even getting plastic surgery.

Regardless of how you got to where you are now and whether it is natural or created with the wonders of cosmetic surgery; how attractive do you think you are? Do you turn heads in the street regularly? Do you notice the fascination and admiration of others with your looks, features, charisma, body shape, etc, when you’re talking to them? Do you find it hard to seduce someone that you think is interesting to you and get them to reciprocate your feelings?

One thing is being attractive neutrally and objectively and another is knowing how to use your charms and how to enhance or emphasize your beauty with confidence, the way you carry yourself, and your personality. If you know how to seduce others into liking you and wanting to be in your company, and that you’re above-average attractive then you can go ahead and collect all the points for this section.

If you have it in your blood to build chemistry between you and most people you may have found interesting, through different phases of your life, then it is worth counting that too.

There are only 20 points here to gain anyway because beauty is not all. If you think you’re average, then keep in mind that you may still find a pair of eyes that believe you to be the most beautiful human being they ever saw. So, after all, to be universally thought of as an extremely attractive person; only plays a humble role in deciding whether you’re a good catch or not.

3- Your character: (30 points)

The first thing others will look at when they’re considering whether you’re a match or not is your character. They should see if you have values that align with theirs. If you are honest, reliable, and trustworthy, you can attract others with your sincerity and inspire a feeling of security in them.

If on top of that you’re someone who is kind to others and has a sense of humor, then you practically hit the jackpot. Especially, if you have no major bad habits or issues like anger management problems, compulsive lying, gambling, manipulation, backbiting, and similar flaws.

If you’re of good character and can be caring, as opposed to cold or indifferent, then you can safely say that you’re of good character. If you have no misconceptions or preconceived ideas about a specific race, group of people, or minorities and you treat everyone equally then you’re open-minded and compassionate.

If you are also the type of person to like take care of the people that you love and do your most for their comfort and happiness; then that is a beautiful selfless act of love that not many are capable of. If you find excuses for your loved ones when they make a mistake and try to understand them; before accusing them, turning on them, or hurting them with your words then it is also a beautiful and rare aspect of your character.

4- How smart are you? (20 points)

Yes, some people are born princes or born extremely rich from the get-go, but what would these people and their spouses do if there was a rebellion or revolution where they lost it all? Maybe they would perish and live the rest of their lives hiding and running away.

Maybe betting on someone wealthy is not always the right thing to do. Sometimes, it is far more intelligent; to bet on a brilliant mind, on a genius and a relentlessly smart brain than betting on a specific amount of money.

There are some people that provide security to their partners; just with how intelligent and capable they are. You would be ready as their partner to bet everything on the fact that you’ll never be let down or in a bad situation all because you trust how smart the person that you’re with is. At night, you could be sleeping in the arms of someone that may not have it all yet, but in your heart, you know for a fact that your partner is smart and achieves anything they put their mind to.

That type of security is rare. If you have that one winning horse; that one person that can with their intelligence alone direct you safely through a zombies apocalypse and a fatal global pandemic at the same time, then you won it all! If you’re a one-of-a-kind genius it goes without saying that on top of being a good provider for your family, you make sure to choose the absolute best for them on all levels of life.

They are always comfortable and happy because they have the security net of your intelligence to stop them from falling in any scenario of life, so what’s not to love about being with you ?! They know that even if you put your mind to organizing the biggest money heist of all time (which would be stupid, by the way), you’d still come out as an anonymous winner and they trust you with their lives for it.

Even if you’re Nikola Tesla in person who’s reading this after having succeeded in one of his many time-traveling attempts, then you can only collect 20 points maximum from being such an undeniable genius. That’s because it’s okay if you’re not, it won’t automatically make you a horrible catch as very limited people on earth are that smart anyway!

Bottom line:

If your score is lower than 40:

There are no two that could disagree on this: You’re a bad deal! Unfortunately being with you is like a life sentence. Only the unlucky or stupid can find themselves trapped in a situation like that. However, all hope is not gone, you could still work on yourself and improve your score.

Maybe, next year things will look different if you came back and re-took this test.

If your score is between 40 and 70:

You’re average! Nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Nothing special. You’re like any other Tom, Dick, and Harry. You don’t have much ambition, you’re lazy to some extent and only smart to a specific extent too.

You’re not terrible but not the full package either. Many people aspire to marry or be with someone like you and have a calm normal unambitious life before dying of old age. It is safe, cozy, and can have some nostalgic and tragic beauty to it!

If your score is higher than 70:

You’re the full package! To be with you is like being “the chosen one” from the Matrix. Any person that you take as a partner should feel lucky to have you, and should almost physically feel the weight of a beautiful imaginary crown on their head.

You make life interesting, safe, and beautiful, and provide a lot of security on many levels to whoever it is that you chose to make your lucky partner. They will spend their life showing you off to their family and friends, making everyone jealous and feeling like the most blessed and luckiest human alive.

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