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9 signs you mean nothing to him

9 signs you mean nothing to him

It is a common experience among those who have been in a relationship with someone who is narcissistic, to feel worthless. They will often make you feel as if they are not interested in you and that you mean nothing to them.

It could be that they are not even narcissistic or anything like that. Maybe you simply mean nothing to them and they’d be very different and caring with people they perceive value in. In this case, you should work on removing yourself from such situations, interactions, or relationships with intact self-respect, confidence, and self-esteem.

Staying in similar relationships can be very damaging and toxic. That’s why you should be able to tell when you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t care at all about you or someone to who you simply mean nothing.

Indicators and signs that you mean nothing to him:

1- He ghosted you at least once before:

If he ghosted you before, then chances are there has been a moment in his life where he thought that kicking you to the curb was better than keeping you around.

No matter what excuses people give for ghosting and reasons as to why they fully went “ghost mode”, in the end, they do it because they think that not having you in their life could be better. Check this article for 15 questions answered about ghosting to better understand why it happens, after you finish reading.

Even if he came back after that, or replied to you after some time, if someone has attempted to ghost you before or went many days without speaking then chances are they don’t care much about you. Or, at least they didn’t care at all in that moment in life where they left you on read or ignored your texts.

2- He only talks to you when he has nothing better to do:

It’s not uncommon for people to go through periods of time where they don’t have much to say. This is often referred to as being “in a rut” or being bored, unmotivated or just feeling down.

When someone is in this state, they may only want to talk when it seems like it’s necessary. They may avoid other people or activities that might require them to speak, socialise or interact with others. However, when you notice that a specific someone is only reluctant to talk to you specifially then it could be a red flag.

This person would engage with other people, get excited interacting with them, can be seen laughing and enjoying themselves, but only feels lazy to put effort with you. In this case, it can be personal.

If someone only ever talk to you or interact with you after having exhausted all their other options and have nothing better to do then you obviously don’t mean much to them.

3- He doesn’t ask about your health in any scenario of life:

Whether you just left the hospital last week for a major surgery or you told them you were feeling under the weather only yesterday, this type of person would never ask how you’re doing.

They don’t care and they don’t want to put much thought into it or even pretend to care. as long as they can see you with their eyes standing or talking to them, then they just don’t care about what might be happening inside you body or deteriorating.

A person that doesn’t care about you will never ask about your health. If they asked out of courtesy then they wouldn’t really want to hear much about it. So they’ll be praying for a line or two.

4- He chooses his friends over you:

He would always choose his friends over you. If he had spare time or wanted to hang out or just in any scenario of life where he has to pick between you and anyone else (not just his friends), he’d probably pick the other person.

He just doesn’t care much about getting to know you more, spending quality time with you or picking you over anything or anyone. This can be painful, especially if you have feelings for someone like this or if you want them to care. However, the truth is that we can’t force people into liking us or appreciating as. So your best bet is to let him go.

5- He would rarely have a serious conversation with you:

He doesn’t ever talk about anything serious with you. It’s all jokes, empty words and silly topics, nothing really serious. If you’ve known this person for some time but you never spoke about anything that matters, then he probably doesn’t care about your ideas, thoughts and opinions on things and don’t want to know them.

If it’s all fun, jokes and games with you, then he probably thinks that you’re funny too. There’s nothing serious or any important decision he has to make, that is worth discussing with you, because he thinks very little of you.

6- He forgets everything you tell him:

Some people are not good at remembering things. They might have a bad memory, or they might get distracted easily. But, if this person is healthy, in a good shape and only ever forget the stuff you tell them then it’s a bad sign.

If he forgets everything you tell him (or most things), then he just doesn’t care about what comes out of your mouth. He’s probably not interested in your life, stories or anything you have to say.

7- He interrupts you when you’re talking:

If he interrupts you when you’re talking in group settings or talks over you while others are listening to you, then he doesn’t care about you for a fact. Not only that, but he subconsciously thinks that every other person in the room has the same idea of you as he does.

So he assumes that people won’t get upset nor would they want to listen to whatever it is you had to say. And, that’s why he does it so comfortably. In this case, you mean nothing to him and he assumes you don’t mean much to others either.

8- If you stop talking to him, he won’t even notice:

Now we mentioned earlier that he has probably tried and ghosted you before, and at least once. But did you ever try to ghost him and see how much he’ll care or if he’d even notice your absence?

Well, if you mean nothing to him, then chances are he won’t notice at all that you even dissapeared. He’ll probably only even remember that you exist when he meets you again coincidentally. Then only, he might realise and ask where you have been.

9- He can’t read your mood or body language:

Someone who care about you will be able to read your mood from a distance. They will be able to say if something is make you uncomfortable, uneasy or irritated. Not only that, but they’ll actively work towards getting you rid of that little issue without even asking.

On the other hand, a person that just cannot read or tell how you’re feeling either doesn’t know you well enough or simply doesn’t even care about your mood, in the first place.

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