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8 Signs your spouse is hiding something from you

8 Signs your spouse is hiding something from you

Not long ago, your marriage was defined by openness and good communication. But somewhere along the way, things took a turn and your spouse started acting differently. 

Suddenly, you don’t recognize your partner anymore. So, Why is your spouse acting this way? 

Could they be hiding something? If you suspect they might be, today we will discuss 8 signs your spouse is hiding something from you. This will help you decide whether a confrontation is long overdue.  

8 Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Something:

1. Your gut feeling is hard to ignore:

As human beings, we are more intuitive than we give ourselves credit for. Your gut feeling is an alert. Essentially, it’s your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. 

If your gut feeling is getting harder and harder to ignore, you might be onto something. That means it’s time to pay close attention to your spouse. Don’t dismiss these feelings as paranoia. Run with them and see where they take you. 

2. They struggle to look you in the eye:

If you’ve ever kept a secret or told a lie, you know how hard it can be to look the person in the eye. If your spouse struggles to hold your gaze and it didn’t use to be a problem, they could be hiding something. 

They know you know them well, so one look in their eyes can tell you a lot. Also, pay attention to their overall body language when they’re around you. How has it changed? If they’re no longer at ease and you’ve done nothing wrong, that’s a red flag. 

3. They are suddenly secretive:

If your spouse is suddenly secretive and it’s out of character for them, something is going on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not uncommon for partners to keep certain things for themselves. Privacy is still important. 

However, there’s a difference between privacy and hiding something. When you ask them about their day, are they vague? Do they protect their phone from you even if you’ve never gone through it? These changes in behavior are very telling.

4. They avoid spending time with you:

When someone is hiding something from you, they will avoid being around you. It’s too stressful for them. So, is your spouse distant out of nowhere? Have they stopped making plans with you? Are they always too busy for date night? 

When you’re at home together, have they stopped cuddling with you? Are they always on their phone or otherwise distracted? Unless this can be explained by something else, such as burnout or organizing an important life event, they may be purposefully avoiding you. 

5. Your intimacy has changed:

Intimacy ebbs and fades throughout the relationship, that’s not uncommon. However, intimacy is built upon communication, closeness, and a shared connection. If it has taken a sharp downturn, your partner may be hiding something. 

We’re not just talking about physical intimacy, but also emotional intimacy. If they’re distant in every possible way and they actively avoid connecting with you, something is not right. 

6. They are overly protective of their devices:

This is a major red flag. Our devices are where we store all our personal information and communications. If your partner is suddenly overprotective of their devices, they could be hiding something. 

It’s not like you used to go through their things, so why do they feel they need to always keep their phone close? Also, pay attention to the way they react if you happen to grab their phone or other devices. Do they get angry or nervous? 

7. They never give straight answers:

Your spouse used to be so open about everything and now they can’t give you a straight answer. Especially when it comes to their whereabouts during the day, their attitude changed and they’re displaying strange behavior, etc. They could be giving vague answers or answering questions with a question: which are common defense mechanisms. 

What are they so defensive about? It would be good to know! People with a clear conscience don’t struggle to give simple answers. They also don’t create incredibly detailed stories as a distraction from the real answer. 

8. They’re difficult to get a hold of:

If your spouse used to be easy to contact when they weren’t around and that has changed, they could be up to no good. They don’t answer your texts, as they used to, and that’s if they answer at all. 

When you call, it’s difficult to get a hold of them or they’re always in a rush to get off the phone. This is another way of avoiding you, which is not a good sign. If this has become your new normal, your spouse could be hiding something. 


There comes a point where enough is enough. If your spouse has been acting strange and you think they’re hiding something from you, it’s time for a talk.

Confrontation is not about fighting, is about getting answers. You deserve them! So if you’re wondering how to confront a cheater then we can help direct you. Or if you still cannot tell if they’re hiding something: then know that there are questions to ask your spouse to see if they’re cheating.

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