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7 things men immediately notice in women

7 things men immediately notice in women

While it can be very clear what men like in the appearance or behavior of a woman, sometimes it’s not that clear what they notice first.

The first impression is everything if you want to attract the person you are interested in. So keep on reading to find out what are some things that men immediately notice in women that can give you an advantage when you are trying to attract the guy you like.

1. Her face:

This might be surprising for some women to hear, but many men have confessed that the first thing they notice in a woman is her face. It’s not exactly a surprise as the most desired and beautiful women in the world have always been rated based on their exotic and uniquely stunning facial features, first.

When we think about it, we realize that many features of a person’s face can be very appealing to others.

Things like facial expressions that are welcoming and warm can catch a man’s eye. However, men also find themselves lost in the eyes, lips, or cheekbones of a woman. The way a woman’s hair caresses her face could be mesmerizing and a good enough reason for someone to fall in love. In fact, even just the way her smile shapes a beautiful heartwarming expression on her face could be the key to someone’s heart.

2. Her body:

If you are a woman who takes care of her body because one of the reasons is that you want to attract the male gaze, don’t stop doing it when you find the one.

Many people tend to take care of their bodies just long enough to attract a life partner or spouse then they stop caring. The body of a woman is one of the first things that men immediately notice, it’s true. But, taking care of your body beyond that can only benefit your health and well-being. 

While different men are attracted by different body types, a young, fit and healthy body is what seems to be the most desirable. When they notice a woman’s body, they don’t usually notice the details and focus on the overall shape the way women do or the way women find flaws and imperfections in their own bodies.

So if you’re within a healthy weight range and if you exercise at times and follow a good diet then you’ll surely find at least one pair of eyes that will find you irresistible.

3. Her fashion sense:

If you think that men don’t care about what women wear, think again. Men tend to look at what women are wearing so they can figure out what kind of person they are and not exactly because they are interested in fashion.

Of course, men can distinguish clothes and styles that are sexier than others and can feel more attracted to certain styles than others, depending on the person.

However, what they usually notice immediately about the clothes that women are wearing is if a woman cares about her appearance and cares about her sense of style and curates it. In other words, if you’re the type to wrap yourself in any type of clothes and rush out of the door in the morning then many will be able to tell just how little you care.

By looking at what a woman is wearing, a man wants to see what kind of person she is, how she behaves socially, and what are her interests and aesthetics.

4. How she talks with other people:

In the same way that women observe how men talk with other people, men also pay attention to the way that a woman talks with others, in general.

They find it very attractive when a woman knows how to speak in different circumstances and how to present herself as a kind, intelligent and sociable person.

On the other hand, men don’t find it attractive when women talk rudely to them or to others, especially if it’s not for a valid reason. They don’t like it just as much as women don’t like when men portray themselves as arrogant, rude, and entitled in the way they treat the less privileged, the weaker, or others.

5. The people she surrounds herself with:

One thing that you may not be aware of is that men pay attention to the people that a woman spends time with. If they notice that she’s surrounded by a lot of people and is friendly with them it might tell them that she’s very social and they can easily talk to her.

On the other hand, if she is always accompanied by the same one person or two, men can find it more daunting to approach her, because they are not certain whether or not they are going to have a positive response. 

Another thing is if women surround themselves with a lot of male friends then it can be confusing. That’s because other men won’t be able to tell if she’s interested in them right away or if she’s just being friendly because she’s known to be too friendly with men, overall.

6. Makeup and accessories:

If you think that men only assess your look in a superficial way think again. Much like women men know how to pick up clues about the person you are, based on the accessories you choose to wear, if you like using a lot of accessories and noticeably spend a lot of time doing your makeup; men usually see you as someone who values her image.

They can see you as someone who is more outgoing or has very specific tastes. On the other hand, if women don’t choose to curate how they look as much, men will try to look for other clues to find out their interests and how to approach them.

It may even send a message about how much a certain woman is feminine, delicate, and girly based on whether or not she wears makeup and accessories. Some men are interested in these traits more than others, but overall femininity is definitely something that mesmerizes men!

7. Her body language:

Women are known to assess a guy they’re interested in from head to toe and that includes their body language.

In truth, men do that as well. It may seem that men approach any girl they are interested in but in reality, they take their time and try to see through her body language if she would be receptive to his approach. Many men think that they have deciphered the art of determining whether a woman wants to be approached by them or not. So you should also know as a woman how to drop signals to let the man know that you’re interested if you are.

For this reason, men immediately notice body language in women because it can give them clues about what kind of person they are and how they would react if they try to flirt with them. In fact, body language is far more important than you think and this is why you should know to master yours to be in control of the silent messages you’re sending out to others.

There are other more focused things that men notice in a woman’s body specifically first, but overall it is similar to what we addressed here.

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