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7 signs your ex is waiting to get back together

7 signs your ex is waiting to get back together

There are many different factors that come into play when deciding whether or not you should get back together with your ex. It is important to take time and think about what you want, how the relationship ended, and how you feel now.

Either way, this can be a difficult situation for both parties. It can be hard to know what to do, how to act, and to find the right balance between not looking desperate and also not letting go of your ex. All in all, it can be tiring to figure out how to get your ex back if you decide to do that.

You may be feeling vulnerable and are not sure if you should reach out. However, if your ex is already dropping hints about wanting to get back together or seems interested in giving you another chance, then things will be made easier. That’s why we put together a list of signs that will show you if your ex is waiting to get back together so look out for them, see if they apply, and go from there!

Signs that your ex is interested again:

1. They contact you again to spend time with you:

If it’s been months since your breakup and your ex has been silent until now but suddenly tries to contact you, it’s time to be suspicious. Just because they are only contacting you now, doesn’t mean that they went all this time without thinking of you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

They’re probably not over the relationship and do not wish to be. If they truly moved on, then they would’ve totally forgotten about you but if they contact you after a long silence then it may mean that they tried to move on and tried to forget but in vain.

They probably want to get back together, and they have been waiting all his time for you to be over your hard feelings and feel more inclined to give them a second chance. If your ex contacts you to arrange a meeting, be clear about what your intentions are because if you don’t want to get back together, you might as well warn them about it.

2. They want to be friends:

One of the techniques an ex might try to use is to convince you that they just want to be friends with you. You feel more inclined to accept this offer because you feel less pressure. The truth is, by being your friend, your ex is trying to get closer to you until you give them a second chance.

However, if you feel that you want to go down this path then it is entirely up to you. In the end, do not forget to check out our article on the boundaries for being friends with an ex, if you want it all to be peaceful and great.

Your relationship probably began with friendship anyway and then evolved into something else, so if that’s the case, then that’s what your ex is holding onto. Your ex is probably hoping that the same thing will happen and history will repeat itself. It may sound harsh, but if you don’t want to get your ex’s hopes high, being friends with them won’t work.

3. They want to update you about their lives:

If your ex is waiting for you to get back together, it’s probably because they miss you and still have feelings for you. They probably miss sharing their life’s details with you and, since your relationship ended, some things happened in their life that they have been dying to tell you.

One thing is being there to listen to your ex’s news about their life. Another is listening to them and being oblivious to the fact that they are probably only doing this, to impress you or get your attention again. You need to learn to separate and differentiate between both.

4. They admit they are to blame for some mistakes in the relationship:

One of the worst things about a breakup is that both parties start blaming one another. As much as you argued to convey your point of view, they never seemed to understand what they did to hurt your feelings. In their eyes, it’s only ever your fault and yours it’s theirs!

Then, you go your separate ways in life, without actually solving the problems that destroyed the relationship. But if your ex returns, finally admitting what they did wrong in the relationship, that shows they are willing to take a big step and improve. They want to show you that they will be better, if you take them back, even if they don’t ask directly yet.

5. They want to show you they are a better person now:

One thing that might have frustrated you while you were with your ex is that they refused to change some behaviors that were hurting the relationship. But, if you notice that your ex is trying to be a better person, chances are they are doing this for you or to catch your eye.

They have been waiting for you to see them in a better light so that you decide to take them back or get closer to them again. If their signals are too obvious, you shouldn’t ignore them.

If you have already made up your mind and decided to move on without them, try to convince them to redirect those efforts to someone new they might meet.

6. They tell you they are single:

This is probably one of the most obvious signs. You may not have moved on yet either, because you need time or still didn’t find someone good enough since your break-up. However, if your ex tells you they are single, then chances are they haven’t moved on either but probably for different reasons. If they are letting you know then it is a clear direct invitation to take your chances with them again.

They might tell you this in a more subtle way or not, but the goal is the same. They want to be completely available by the time you decide to get back together. If you’re not seeing anyone by the time your ex contacts you, try to explain to them that it’s not because you want to get back together.

7. They find excuses to ask for your help:

Since your ex still misses you, they are always looking forward to the next time they get to see you. If you don’t take the initiative, they will. They will randomly call you at the weirdest hours of the day, asking for your help with small and silly things.

You’re aware that they could easily do them all by themselves, but they might also come up with an excuse as to why they need an extra pair of hands, specifically yours. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever help them, but if these requests start to become ridiculously common, then it may be time to let them learn to become independent.

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