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7 signs you really hurt him & left a mark on him

7 signs you really hurt him & left a mark on him

It really hurt him when she said that he was worthless. It was like a dagger to the heart, and he could feel the blood rushing to his head. He could feel the anger bubbling up inside of him, but he knew that he had to keep calm. He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing him lose control…

So how do you know if that’s the effect you had on someone? And how do you know if you really succeeded in hurting his feelings and left your mark on him? Read on to find out.

7 signs to know if you hurt him:

1. He doesn’t want to see you:

If you hurt him, he will be feeling like his ego took a hit besides just feeling hurt. Therefore, he will avoid seeing you or even talking to you altogether, to avoid getting reminded of such pain.

Even if you send him a text or try to meet him to say that you want to apologize or see him for any reason; he will probably think that nothing good can come from a conversation with you.

He believes that he needs time to heal from what you did to him, and to do so he will need distance from you. His main goal might not be ignoring you, but if you keep seeking him out even after he told you not to; he will see no other option but to try to pretend that you don’t exist.

2. He makes an effort to ignore you:

You may mistake it for indifference but deep inside he is only ignoring you when he is forced to be around you because you hurt him so much to the point you broke his heart.

If you have friends in common and end up being in the same place because of them or if you bump into each other in a public place, don’t be surprised when he will act as if you weren’t there.

It’s normal to feel wronged and even offended by his behavior, but you need to remember that this is the coping and defense mechanism he is using at the moment. It’s what is keeping him functioning, and you need to give him space.

3. He hasn’t dated anyone for a while now:

One of the signs that someone is healing and moving on from their previous relationship is when they go back to the dating scene.

However, if months have passed and he is still hurting and isolating himself, it means that you left a mark on him deeper than you thought. He no longer believes that love is possible without great pain, or he is too afraid to get hurt again so soon and so bad.

4. He blocked you on social media:

Think of it this way, if he can’t tolerate being around you or talking to you, he doesn’t want to see you on his feed either.

Avoid confronting him about being blocked by him as that will only make him feel worse. You need to respect his wishes and let him be happy in a world where you can’t reach him to hurt him again. 

5. He developed anger issues:

Having anger outbursts is a sign that someone has a deep emotional mark or a trauma they haven’t learned to deal with or even heal from. Being angry all the time and at situations that didn’t use to affect him much is one of the most evident signs that he is still hurting.

If he is acting this way, he will probably need help, but ideally not from you as you are the one who hurt him in the first place. Try to speak with his friends or family members if you were close with them and convince them in helping him go through this phase with their support.

Of course, you should respect each other at all times, but if you talk to him and the only replies he can give you are snide, sarcastic, and angry ones, he is not ready for a truce. So avoid seeing him in the meantime as you are the cause of his anger, and he needs to heal from it.

6. He talks bad about you every chance he gets:

Because he is so hurt and hasn’t yet been able to heal and move on he is still in a phase where he needs to vent many times with someone about all the things that you did to him.

If the people he is venting with are your friends too don’t fear being judged by them. They are your friends, but at the moment they are helping another person who needs them more. He will likely exaggerate things at times because it makes him feel better about himself too.

Or, if he’s ashamed for having fallen for you in the first place because it was proof of his poor judgment, then he may not even want to hear about you altogether. It’s either one or the other if you really left a mark on him.

7. He develops unhealthy habits:

Sometimes, people find it hard to cope with traumas with a clear mind. However, the downside is that he will develop unhealthy habits. He could start drinking heavily which will only hinder the social aspects of his life or completely change his routine, being awake all night and sleeping all day.

He will need help from friends and family in this case. So if it is apparent to you that he is not doing well and he is going down a road that is not good for his future, then alert the people in his life who care about him.

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