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7 Signs that you and your partner are compatible

7 Signs that you and your partner are compatible

So, you met someone and the chemistry is incredible! This person checks all your boxes and they are everything you’ve wanted in a partner. At this point, you want to know if you two truly are compatible because that’s important before moving forward.

To help you determine that, here are 7 signs that you and your partner are compatible!

The 7 Signs of Compatibility:

1- You’re both introverts or both extroverts:

If you are both introverts or extroverts and you have very similar ways to have fun, that’s a big sign of compatibility. Whether you both like to party or you enjoy more relaxed activities, you must have this in common. Otherwise, it would be more difficult to spend time together and enjoy yourselves. 

Having similar characters will make it easier for you to relate to each other and build a strong, happy, and healthy relationship. Of course, sometimes it’s true that opposites attract and complement each other, but that’s not always the case and it’s important to be realistic. 

It is primordial that you two have the same idea of enjoyment and entertainment to avoid always having one suffering while the other one is having a blast! If your partner cannot find what you like thrilling and enjoyable, chances are you’re not going to want to do anything together…

2- You share the same core values:

Sharing the same core values and beliefs is one of the most important signs that you and your partner are compatible. When things get tough, knowing that you are both on the same page will make difficult decisions a lot easier. 

Knowing that your partner’s moral compass and yours are pointing in the same direction gives you a lot more confidence in the future of the relationship. Why? Because you know that you’ll have each other’s back and that your relationship will be built on solid ground. 

3- You love everything about each other:

Loving all the good things about a partner is easy, but what about their quirks and small flaws? If you find them difficult to love, it could mean you’re not very compatible after all. 

People who are on the same page don’t demand perfection from each other. Instead, they understand that no one’s perfect, and they love each other, imperfections and all. 

4- You always look out for each other:

If your partner is the first person you think about when something good or bad happens, that’s another sign that you are compatible. Compatible partners will cheer each other on, when times are good and support each other when things get rough.

So, if your partner is your safe space and you can share everything with them, it means you’re highly compatible. If you don’t feel the need to hide anything or you don’t second-guess the things you tell your partner, you know that your partner is your secret-keeper and that’s so hard to find. 

5- You can argue while being on the same team:

No relationship is without its bumps on the road, so arguments are bound to happen. Whether they are big or small it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re able to argue about something while still being on the same team. 

If you and your partner can disagree without hurting each other or turning into ugly people, that’s a big sign you’re compatible and you respect each other. There are things in life that will test your relationship, but when you’re both compatible, you will come out the other end stronger than ever. 

6- You have similar interests:

If you have similar interests and enjoy similar things in life, that’s a big sign of compatibility. Partners who can play together, stay together. We’re not saying you should like the same things, but if your interests are in the same book, that’s a very positive thing and it’s great for the relationship. 

The way you spend your time together as partners is very important because that’s how you nurture your relationship. So, if you can both find joy in each other’s hobbies, that’s a wonderful thing to share. At the very least, it’s good to be genuinely interested in some of your partner’s interests and be open to trying new things, and vice versa. 

7- You want to grow together:

Last but not least, partners need to have a desire and a will to grow together. If you’re both interested in a long-term relationship, it’s very important to have similar goals and be on the same page about your future together. 

It’s healthy for you both to be committed to your individual personal development because that will allow you to grow together. It’s equally healthy to help each other reach and have goals as a couple as well. This is linked to sharing core values and knowing what you want for the relationship.

The bottom line:

When you’re with someone, compatibility is one of the things that allow your relationship to grow into a loving, healthy, happy long-lasting union.

Combined with love, respect, and commitment, compatibility can help you build the kind of romantic relationship everyone dreams of having. Some people argue that true unconditional love isn’t possible between romantic partners. But, as long as you have compatibility, respect and love to some extent then it’s pretty safe to say you have enough ingredients for a magical fairytale!

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