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7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you

7 signs someone is constantly thinking about you

It can be flattering to know that someone is constantly thinking about you. Whether it’s a close friend, a family member, or a romantic interest, it’s always pleasing to know that you’re on someone’s mind.

And if you’re in the dating game, it can be a sign that there may be romance in the air. Of course, it can also be a bit overwhelming if someone is always thinking about you. But overall, it’s a nice feeling to know that you matter to some extent to someone.

So how can you know if someone is thinking about you a lot?

Signs someone is constantly thinking about you:

1. You get intuitive feelings that they are:

If you have never been someone to experience frequent mood swings, but now you are starting to feel a rollercoaster of emotions all the time, it may be because someone is thinking about you. This might sound ridiculous and funny but many people like to believe in this type of intuition.

Indeed some people believe that, if someone is sending thoughts to you, even if it is at a subconscious level, you will be affected by them in one way or another. In fact, they might even call it manifestation for someone else. You may start feeling either ecstatic or angry for no apparent reason when someone is focusing on you a lot.

This is something that you should take with a grain of salt and be careful about; because it could make you feel paranoid or anxious.

2. You feel like you are being pulled to that person:

If you have been feeling that your thoughts are drawing you to someone, it may be because that person is actively thinking of ways to bring you closer to them.

The reason for this is that they haven’t come up with an excuse to be with you yet, so until then they are trying to invent a reason. By overthinking this, they are probably creating many vibes and waves that are reaching you, wherever you are.

When that person comes to your mind out of the blue, and now you find yourself thinking about them and wondering why then it’s probably because their thoughts have finally reached you. If you want to be with them as well, this is a good opportunity to grab.

3. You feel it under your skin:

Suddenly, you start feeling twitches and itching in your body that don’t have any underlying medical cause.

You might attribute them to the change of the weather or an increased sensitivity of the skin. If you are using a new skincare product, you might think it’s the culprit. However, if you keep feeling these unexplained sensations, but only in relation to one person or in their presence then they are probably what you call goosebumps.

Your body and your subconscious become aware of that person’s thoughts before you consciously do, so it puts you on high alert mode. It’s trying to send you clear signs that you are in someone else’s thoughts.

So if you get butterflies in your stomach or goosebumps at the sight of someone, it’s probably because their mind has been invoking you and entertaining thoughts about you.

4. You feel like you’re being watched:

Even if we can’t rationally explain it, we can actually feel it when someone is thinking about us. We can sense that person’s attention on us, and if we like that attention we react to it instinctively. It’s like how we can literally feel when someone is staring at us from a distance.

Most times, despite being in a crowded room or public place we get a weird feeling and look in a specific direction only to catch a set of eyes that have been fixating on us. The same goes for someone that thinks about us constantly. It won’t necessarily be felt every single time they do it, but it’s possible in theory.

If you are in the presence of someone who is constantly thinking about you, you will notice that you spend most of the time looking in their direction. A clear sign of your response is when you turn your body, partially or in whole, in their direction. It could be a silent way of accepting their silent invitation to connect with you or approach you.

You might even notice that you are thinking of things that you can tell them so you can start a conversation.

5. That person is constantly near you:

The same way your body reacts when you subconsciously sense that someone is constantly thinking about you, the other person will show physical signs as well.

Just because they are constantly thinking about you, it doesn’t mean that they are always doing It in an active way. So, if they try to be physically close to you, it may just be an unconscious urge and not that they intentionally position themselves next to you.

A good way to incentivize this behavior is by trying to be near that person as well. It will help them see that you are okay with that closeness and they can keep acting on their thoughts.

6. You feel nervous and shy when talking to them:

Not everyone feels comfortable when they receive unexpected attention, so if you suddenly feel embarrassed without any reasonable explanation or shy around someone it could be a sign that you unconsciously picked up on their hints. It could be because you already felt their attention on you and maybe not even on a conscious level.

When someone is thinking about you, that means that you are getting a special type of attention from them. So consequently, when you are with that person or in their presence, they will subconsciously manifest their care toward you. And, you may subconsciously pick that up but not be fully aware of what’s happening.

If you notice that person going the extra mile to check if you’re okay and offering you their help with everything, that’s a sign that you’re in their thoughts often. 

7. You become overly aware of your surroundings:

Believe it or not, we still have survival instincts and they kick in when we need them. They mostly come to the surface when we think we are being followed or that someone is plotting something against us. What you may not have realized is that this sense or instinct also sends you signs when someone is thinking about you. 

Your body becomes aware that, at some level, you are being watched, even if it’s just through the thoughts of someone else. You almost get the feeling on the back of your neck that you are not alone, even when you are.

If none of those sensations make you feel scared or threatened, it probably means that someone is constantly thinking about you, because they want to be next to you.

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