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7 signs she is dating other guys

7 signs she is dating other guys

So, you’re dating a new special lady and things are going great. But then, out of nowhere, you start to wonder: Is she seeing other people too?

It’s a valid concern, especially if you did talk about being exclusive yet. But how can you tell if she’s already dating you alone or if she’s playing the field?

Here are a few things to watch out for:

7 signs to know if she’s dating other guys:

1. She doesn’t seem to be available very often:

While it’s not possible to be together every day, it can still be a cause for suspicion if you go a long time without seeing her. By “a long time” we mean more than a week. We are all busy with our lives and we have many responsibilities, so it’s only natural to get carried away by our daily duties and not see the person we’re dating until the next weekend.

However, spending more than a week without seeing each other could be a red flag. If she seems okay with it and you seem too frustrated about it, there’s an unbalance in the relationship. You should start wondering whether she wants to see you or if she doesn’t make you a priority because she hangs out with other guys.

2. She rarely answers your phone calls or replies to your texts promptly:

While it’s normal to not be able to see each other in person every day, saving about fifteen minutes of your day to call each other is a way to strengthen the relationship.

However, if she never calls you and her texts are very dry then you probably feel responsible for making the calls. But if she doesn’t pick up even when you’re the only one thinking about reaching out then it causes you to be alarmed.

If she is seeing other guys she probably doesn’t have time to answer your phone calls because she is in their company. She wants to avoid being caught red-handed and not answering your calls is a way to do that. She might send you a text apologizing for not picking up the phone, but if she doesn’t return your call then it could mean that she is busy dating others.

3. She tells you she is not ready to label your relationship:

If she is dating multiple guys besides you, she probably doesn’t want to introduce multiple boyfriends to the same people. To play it safe, she might just call you a close friend or just a friend. That’s until she decides which one of you all has won the competition and will be crowned by becoming her partner in the end.

To clear your doubts, you should ask her to define the relationship, and if she says she is not ready to do it, it probably means that she didn’t decide yet if you’ll be the one, among all her dates, to earn the title of a boyfriend.

4. She doesn’t introduce you to her friends:

Has she met your friends a few times but you still have no clue who are the people she’s close to? This is another side of unbalance in the relationship. If she is dating more guys besides you, and months have passed without any change, then chances are she is not looking for anything serious with any of you.

This could also mean that she doesn’t expect you to stick around for much longer and thus fails to see why she should introduce you to her friends. Her friends might know vaguely about you, but they probably also know about the other guys and the idea she conveys to them is that she still didn’t decide which one of you is her true match.

5. She is glued to her phone even when she is with you:

Let’s be honest, when we are with the person we are dating we tend to ignore the world around us and not always on purpose. That includes setting your phone aside and enjoying each other’s company. However, a sign that she is invested in other people than you is that she can’t seem to put her phone aside just for one minute.

Maybe, you noticed that every five minutes she checks her phone, which is always blowing up with notifications and she dedicates quite some time to reply to the texts and DMs she received. She could be so invested in this that you catch her smiling at her phone.

Another thing to look out for is; if she subtly tries to put her phone out of your reach it could mean that she has compromising things in there she doesn’t want you to see.

6. She doesn’t post pictures with you on her social media accounts:

Sure, some people like to keep their life private and only post ordinary things on their social media accounts. However, if she is very active on social media and posts a lot of pictures of herself with other pictures and still never tries to make a post about you she wants to hide you from other people. 

If she is seeing other guys she won’t post any pictures with them either because she doesn’t want any of you to see the other with her. If you post something with her on your account and tag her and she gets mad about it, you can be certain that she doesn’t want anyone to know you are dating.

7. She wants to take it slow with your relationship:

It’s natural for a relationship to evolve, you start doing spending more time with one another, doing fun activities together around the town, and even planning trips together. If all these things seem to be missing from your relationship then it’s a red flag.

If it seems that she doesn’t even want to go slow, but instead wants things to stay the same forever, she is probably reaching those milestones with someone else too.

Bottom line:

In the end, if the two of you are dating and she’s seeing other guys too then it’s still not cheating just as long as she’s honest about it and doesn’t make you believe you’re exclusive.

However, if the two of you are partners and you actually doubt that she may be seeing someone else then check this article out instead on how to know when a woman has multiple partners.

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