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7 signs of negative energy in and around a person

7 signs of negative energy in and around a person

We have all encountered some people who just seem to be surrounded by negative energy. If they didn’t stay in your life for too long, that’s good.

But sometimes we are sucked into that bubble of negative energy, which is very unhealthy, and don’t know how we got there. Here are seven signs that will tell you if a person is going to drag their mess and negative energy or vibes into your life if they stay in it:

Signs to recognise negative energy in a person:

1. They blame everything and everyone but themselves:

Curiously enough, a person who tends to be very negative never finds themselves at fault. If something goes wrong at work or in their personal life, the first thing they do is try to blame someone else, and it’s never themselves.

The thing that these types of people don’t know is that it takes one pessimistic person to bring down the mood of an entire group of people. Even if the situation makes people upset or angry, sometimes, there’s just no one to blame.

However, people who have a cloud of negative energy floating around them will always find a scapegoat or a target to blame.

And, they will fail to direct the attention inwards and realize that they’re the problem. Check out this article about the repercussions of having this time of negative people in your life and how to cut them out.

2. If they feel down, they will try to make you feel that way too:

Have you ever been in a situation when you are relaxed and happy in your bubble, minding your own business, and then a person with negative energy bursts it abruptly and even without trying? People with negative energy around them are so miserable that they unconsciously hate seeing others in a good mood.

They generally feel that the world is against them and it baffles them to see other people in harmony with it. If they are feeling very miserable and irritable, they won’t stand seeing people happy and may take purposeful action to make them feel down too. Or, they will be highlighting the only little inconvenience or silly flaw in a perfect and extraordinary experience, day, or life event.

When someone makes you feel down and you don’t know why, you better distance yourself from that person so they don’t hinder your mental health.

3. They don’t know how to react to any type of criticism:

Negative people never expect to be at fault. In their perfect world, they would be perfect too. Some criticism can indeed hurt us, either because it was formulated in a hurtful way or because it was about something that mattered dearly to us. But, we have to deal with it regardless. Check out this article to learn to openly and kindly accept constructive criticism.

Negative people take any criticisms too personally and many times they demand an apology because their feelings were hurt. And when you don’t apologize because you don’t see the importance in that, they hold grudges and never forget about it.

4. They have no problem seeing everything as bad:

Negative people are the embodiment of the metaphor of seeing the glass half-empty. They are very pessimistic and few things positively impress them.

Even if it’s something that they recognize it’s indeed good, they will come up with an argument about how it could be better. Check out this article to find out the truth about whether you’re just unlucky or a pessimistic person, if you suffer from a similar problem.

This type of individual never seems to be surprised by things going wrong because, for them, everything is expected to go wrong anyway. So a miserable life between them and their friends can console them because in their mind they would have been right all along, about how they predicted that it will all go wrong.

5. They complain a lot:

Have you ever seen someone that wouldn’t stop complaining about every little mundane detail? Maybe you see these people at the supermarket, complaining about how the prices are always going up and that they couldn’t employ more people to make the lines at the cashiers go faster. Or maybe it’s a neighbor who always complains about the noise and the smell of food that their other neighbors make.

Your first reaction might be a surprise because you would never see things that way. So remember that the slightest thing you do too will displease them and you will be the next target for their complaints. That’s why it is best to avoid any conversation with them, if possible.

6. They suck the energy from other people:

People who are surrounded by negative energy are incapable of seeing any positivity in the world and they are eager to tell you that. Once they engage in a conversation with you, it will be hard to cut them off.

If you let them, they will talk for hours about their complaints and pessimistic views on the world. Another bad thing about negative people is that they might gossip about all the flaws they find in other people, and judge them ruthlessly too.

This means that they cannot be trustworthy or keep the matters, you share with them, private. If you truly have to hear their conversations, restrain from sharing anything too personal about your life. Check out this article about the importance of having a positive mindset and how it could affect your life and future.

7. They are constantly worried:

We all have are our worries in life, some we need to share because they are so overwhelming and others we can just keep for ourselves and learn how to deal with. However, negative people don’t know how to make this differentiation and they are constantly oversharing the things that keep them awake at night.

They aren’t expecting you to participate in the conversation, they just want someone to pour all their worries on. You don’t need to worry about finding good advice to give them because either they won’t listen or they will and disregard it because what they want to do is stay in a bubble of negativity and worries.

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