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7 signs he only sees you as a friend

7 signs he only sees you as a friend

A lot of people have that one friend who they care deeply about but are not sure if that person is interested in them as more than friends.

Relationships are complicated and often hard to decode. If you’re wondering if a guy just sees you as a friend, there are some signs that can help you figure out what he might be thinking.

This is how you know that he only sees you as a friend:

We’re not saying that you should stop wishful thinking and hoping your friend sees potential in dating you if that’s what you want. But we want you to be aware of the signs he only sees you as a friend and nothing more, just in case you cannot tell.

This way, you don’t risk your friendship or make it awkward by expecting more when your friend is content with only being your friend.

1) He doesn’t take the initiative to spend time alone:

If he doesn’t seem interested in spending time with you, it’s possible that he only sees you as a friend. If he never compliments your appearance or never talks about wanting to spend time with you outside of your circle of friends or group, it’s a sign that he only sees you as a friend and nothing more.

And if all of this is true, but he still tries to make plans with you occasionally, it may be simply because he just feels bad for not being more available.

2) He doesn’t quickly text back when you text him:

This is one of the biggest signs that he only sees you as a friend. If he was interested in getting to know you better in a different way, he would try to initiate contact with you more often and respond to your messages faster.

In fact, he or she would be waiting for your texts and trying to make conversations or open new topics to keep the texting going. If your friend’s responses are short, dry, and straight to the point, then there are high chances that they only see you as a friend.

3) He never or rarely asks about you first:

If he never asks about your day or how your work is going or what your plans for the weekend are, it could be another sign that he only sees you as a friend.

If he never asks about you first or only rarely, if he doesn’t try to get your latest news, gossip, and updates; then it is nothing more than a friendship on their part.

A person that is romantically interested in you, will want to know what you did or what you’re doing, every day, just in case something happened. And by something we mean: you met someone you like or someone confessed that they like you, or something romantic of this sort, etc.

Basically, they worry something might happen and make them lose their chance at love with you.

4) He tells you about another girl he likes:

One of the most common ways this manifests is when he starts to show interest in other women, publicly or in front of you at least. If he talks about other girls or women to you or in your presence, then it’s possible that he doesn’t consider you as anything more than a friend.

Indeed, he may come to you and ask for advice about a love interest of his, which can be quite heartbreaking if you had your hopes up about transforming the friendship to something more.

5) He doesn’t physically come near you:

Men want to touch women they are attracted to, so if he avoids touching you or doesn’t make any physical contact with you, it means that he only sees you as a friend. We don’t mean that menn will necessarily touch you in a pervert way nor do something rude or aggressive like that, when they’re interested.

We simply mean that some men “can’t keep their hands to themselves” like selena gomez would say, if they’re really into you. They’d subconsciously try to get into your personal physical space, touch you inadvertently and be around you.

If your friend doesn’t want to get too close physically to you, then he probably doesn’t see you as anything more than his buddy. If he tries to avoid physical contact, or if he even seems to find an excuse not to touch you in any way, then it’s possible that he sees you only as a friend.

6) He never or very rarely compliments your looks:

He doesn’t compliment your appearance or tells you how beautiful or attractive he thinks you are. This is because men usually don’t compliment their friends like this, it will just create tension or awkwardness if they’re not interested in that way.

So if he never notices when you cut your hair or do a drastic physical change, nor does he compliment your outfit, hair, makeup or anything visually feminine about you, then it may mean that there’s no sexual attraction on his part.

7) He doesn’t care about your dating life or love interests:

Well, it’s not that he doesn’t care to know or listen if you’ve got things to tell him or a story about how your date went last week.

It’s just that it doesn’t do much to him. He doesn’t look negatively affected, jealous or uneasy when he hears you talk about a man you like, date or dated or one that you’re flirting with. He listens, laughs, and takes it like a champ. Not a hint is ever dropped about anything being wrong.

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