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7 Signs he is getting ready to ask you out

7 Signs he is getting ready to ask you out

If you’re excited about a man and you’re wondering why they’re taking so long to ask you out, you’re not alone. Many women go through this, but there’s no use in despairing. 

Men are not always direct, so they won’t say they like you right away, even if they do. They take their time, but if they’re interested in you and they want to ask you out or planning on it, it will eventually show! 

Today, we will discuss 7 signs he is preparing to ask you out so that you can relax and wait on your throne, like a queen. If you can’t see any of these signs, it could mean he’s not interested, which can be disappointing but good to know too. Either way, you will get some peace of mind!

7 Signs He Is Getting Ready to Ask You Out:

1- He’s Always Looking at You:

When a guy is interested in you, he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you. Not only will he check you out, but he will also maintain eye contact whenever you’re talking.

This is a clear sign he’s interested in you and he might be thinking about asking you out. So, if you catch him looking at you whenever you’re around or if he looks you in the eye intentionally, he could be interested in you as more than friends.

2- You’re a Priority:

Though he may not expressly tell you that you’re a priority, he will show you that you are and that’s a huge green light. So, if he hasn’t asked you out on a date just yet, he will soon. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to tell when someone is making you a priority in their life. 

For example, he never makes excuses not to talk to you or see you, he actively makes time to be with you, and he always seems to be available whenever you want to do something. 

3- He’s Suddenly Interested in Your Schedule:

If a man is getting ready to ask you out, he will suddenly seem a little too interested in your daily or weekly schedule. He’ll ask about your plans often because he wants some insight into when you’re most available.  

He wouldn’t be doing that if he wasn’t planning something for you to do together or planning on asking you on a date. He wants some kind of certainty that you’ll say yes, so he will ask when he knows you’re available. 

4- He Asks About Your Love Life:

When a man is interested in your love life in the present, it could be because he wants to ask you out. If he’s interested, he will want to know if you’re available so he can make his move. He will also want to know if you’re interested in a relationship. 

He may also ask what kind of relationship you’re interested in to see if you’re both on the same page. Answer his questions honestly and if you’re open to date, expect an invitation very soon. 

5- He’s Touchy Touchy With You:

Men who are interested in you will find respectful ways to touch you very often, subconsciously. Whether that’s a little shoulder squeeze while laughing at something you said, a tap on the leg to get your attention, longer hugs, etc. That’s because when you like someone, you want to be close to them.

So, if you feel like there’s more intention in his touch, he will ask you out sooner rather than later. Also, pay attention to his body language around you. If he keeps it open towards you and is always facing your way, it means all his attention is on you, which is a great sign. 

6- He Shows Interest:

If he’s getting ready to ask you out, he will show interest in who you are as a person. He will ask you questions, make you feel listened to, and get you to talk about your interests. When he makes an effort to know more about you, it’s because he likes you and he wants to pursue you. 

If he makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room because he talks you up and he gives you all his attention, you should expect an invitation to go out any minute now. 

7- He Always Has a Compliment for You:

Though some men are naturally flirtatious, most don’t always give compliments to everyone. So, if he compliments you all the time, that’s a huge sign he’s into you. 

It means he’s excited to see you and it shows, he just doesn’t care to hide it and he will be publicizing his emotions and feelings soon too. If he always has something nice to say about you or finds a way to compliment you, he could be thinking about asking you out. 


Sometimes, men are not easy to figure out. However, they’re not as sleek as they may think they are. If he’s getting ready to ask you out, it will show!

You just have to know what to look for and we hope today’s article could help. Check out this article on signs to know if he only sees you as a friend, to make sure you got the right answer! You can also check this one out on how to ask a friend out on a date without ruining your friendship!

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