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7 quotes and lines to confront judgmental people

7 quotes and lines to confront judgmental people

People like to judge, but when it is taken to an extreme it bothers everyone around them. Sometimes, judgmental people judge you directly just to tease and get a reaction out of you.

Not reacting nor giving them what they’re dying to get is already a good reply. But, there are some things you should try to say to judgmental people if you feel that they should be put back in their place.

7 quotes about judgemental people:

1. “You’re saying you don’t like me? Too bad. I’ll cry about it later.”:

Maybe you’re a people pleaser, maybe you don’t care that much if some people make it publicly know that they don’t like you. The truth is, it’s impossible to get everyone in this world to like you. Sometimes, it’s nothing personal and you end up having different personalities and opinions that just clash.

If someone is bothering you because they don’t like who you are, the solution is very simple: they can just stop hanging out with you. You’ll probably realize that it’s not a big loss anyway, since you never shared nice moments.

Of course, if this is someone who you have to work with or a close relative, it’s not so easy to cut them off your life. Find ways to only communicate when necessary, this way you won’t be firing up unnecessary arguments.

As you saw, even if they are pretending to be “joking” to throw shade at you, you can also “pretend” you’re joking when letting them their opinion is irrelevant!

2. “While you were busy judging others, you left your closet door open for a lot of your skeletons to fall out.”:

This simply means that they themselves are not perfect. If you came to hear or get wind of something they have that is not going their way in their lives, why not mention it and tell them it’s karma for being so judgemental.

You could say that if your roof is made of glass, you better not throw stones at others. What judgmental people don’t realize is that they are liable to all types of criticism as well. They are so focused on criticizing someone, and so invested in bringing someone down that they forget that they could also be brought down royally.

If you’re in this situation, subtly mention a couple of obvious flaws that the judgemental person has, for everyone to see. And, don’t ger shy as they are not shying away from belittling you and exposing yours. Usually, this makes them think a thousand times and hesitate a lot, the next time they want to attack you.

3. “It’s so funny how the people who know the least about me, have the most to say.”:

Don’t judge a book by its cover is another way to say it. But in reality, people’s first instinct is to judge a “book” by its cover. Of course, there are those occasions when they might be right, but the majority of the time, people’s lives are more complex than the first look we get when we look.

People are quick to judge when they don’t know the full story. What will bring you peace is that many times, people don’t want to know the full story. This means that they don’t know the real you, therefore they aren’t important in your life and shouldn’t be anyway and neither is their opinion or what they have to say.

4. “Don’t judge my path, if you haven’t walked in my shoes”:

People like to think that, when their way of thinking is not shared and people do things a different way, then they must be wrong. They judge because, if things aren’t done their way, then they are doing things the wrong way.

And if other people take more time to achieve their goals, it’s almost as if they are proving that they did things the wrong way. What people need to understand is that everyone thinks differently and has different obstacles to overcome. So, just focus on your own path in life because focusing on others won’t take you to success.

5. “If God has a problem with the way I live, let him tell me not you.”:

You don’t have to be religious to say this. You’re letting the person who judged you know that their opinion is not welcome and doesn’t matter, nor does it influence your life in any way.

You’re also saying that: if God is the only one who might have a problem with the way you live your life, then everyone else’s opinion and input are completely irrelevant too.

6. “When you judge another you do not define them, it defines who you are.”:

This is essential to understand because if people tend to be very judgy, it usually tells a lot about them and how close-minded they are. It shows that they probably have problems going on in their own lives. People who can’t deal with their problems become frustrated and angry with the world.

They start attacking the way others lead their lives. Just remember that, if you cross paths with people like this, and you are certain that you didn’t do anything to harm them, then their problem is not with you but with themselves. Just make a stand to own their respect and not become a regular target of theirs, then distance yourself from them.

7. “You’re the stereotype of someone always complaining or a negative nancy”:

No one likes people who are constantly whining, people who, at the smallest inconvenience start to complain about every situation. This can be irritating for those around so, a good way to snap people out of that judgmental cycle is to confront them by comparing them to the stereotypical person who complains about everything.

Tell them in an aggressive or jokingly way that you noticed that from the moment they wake up, until the moment they go back to bed at night, all they do is complain.

This will make them stop, either because they feel humiliated by being called out or because they feel angry that no one agrees with them. In fact, if you have negative people in your life then check out this article about why you should urgently cut them off.

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