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7 freaky relationship goals to make couples stronger

7 freaky relationship goals to make couples stronger

Most of us just want to be in a relationship where we can be our true selves, grow and share a life with the most important person to our hearts.

But relationships are hard because we are complex beings and there are times when we don’t fully understand why we react certain ways. Here are seven relationship goals that you should incorporate to strengthen your relationship.

1. Have clear communication:

This is one of the things that you probably hear the most, but it’s true. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Freaky or not, quirky or not all relationships need a good dose of good communication to work.

You need to create a safe space for you and your partner to share any concerns or joyous events, with no fear. The reason why some couples fail to do this is that they are afraid to be judged or feel that their partner won’t care about what they have to say or take it the wrong way.

This will inevitably drift people apart as they start to lose the habit to talk about small things and then important things. There’s nothing wrong with having an out-of-the-ordinary relationship or one that is not conventional or traditional, as long as you’re both compatible. If you feel you two are freaky, weird, or unique then it is okay as long as you have a healthy amount of transparency and communication between the two of you.

2. Be able to be vulnerable around each other:

Being vulnerable can be scary, but it’s only when we are vulnerable and completely open that we let others get to know our real selves. When we hide our emotions and try to appear strong at all times, it will be harder for your partner to relate to you and even feel close to you.

Yes, being strong can be a good thing in certain situations, it has proven to be very efficient when we try to solve problems. However, there’s no need to act strong all the time, especially around your partner. This could create a weak bond between you two or give the wrong impression about you and display you as a cold, heartless, and emotionless person.

You need to remember that it’s not enough to love someone, you need to make them feel loved and let them know that you trust them enough to let them in. Crying in front of your partner or showing strong emotions even when they are negative, can help you two grow stronger, once you move on and start feeling better. 

Also, try to gradually navigate with your partner and direct them on what you need them to do when you’re being vulnerable. Explaining that you need emotional support in moments like that, can be life-changing for both of you, as some people don’t know how to act even if they care.

3. Have your life goals and beliefs aligned:

If you want to build a long-lasting healthy relationship you need to figure out some things first. You need to have a conversation about the things you want in life, when do you foresee you are going to get them, and how. Check out our article on the five main life goals categories to see where you’re at and how to lead a balanced life on all levels, with your partner.

You also need to be prepared for the fact that your partner might have different priorities or even different goals. If you’re willing to make the relationship work then you need to agree as to what things you want to accomplish first and what things you could disregard to accommodate each other.

Remember that, even though you have this conversation at the start of the relationship, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to have other conversations like these, as both of your life goals and priorities change.

4. Accept your partner’s imperfections:

When we first fall in love with our partner, normally, everything seems perfect. After the honeymoon period of the relationship, you will likely start to see some sides of your partner that aren’t that perfect. Check out this article on the stages of a marriage or serious relationship, and how to navigate each one and come out stronger.

If none of your partners’ newfound flaws affect you in a negative way and, despite them you are still in love and happy, then those are just personality traits that you don’t deem as perfect but can grow accustomed to. However, if your partner starts displaying more toxic or unbearable, unforgivable acts then try to have a serious conversation about it asap.

Don’t forget: no one is perfect, and that includes yourself. There are things about you that your partner probably didn’t like either, at first, but also learned to love and accept because they value your relationship. Remember that once you truly get to know someone, your love for them will only grow deeper and stronger.

5. Solve your problems together:

The feeling of being united against all the obstacles that life throws at your couple can strengthen the relationship greatly. When you can rely on your partner for support and they can rely on you as well you will feel like you can solve all the problems you have in your life.

Again, there’s no harm in being a different, quirky, or unconventional couple. But, this doesn’t mean that your relationship will lack support for one another.

You also need to realize that this kind of support also applies to supporting your partner, when they want to achieve a new goal in their life. Sometimes, just letting them know that you are there as a shoulder to cry on, is enough for the other person to feel confident.

6. Just listen to your partner:

Most of us half-listen to what’s being said, or even just assume what the other person is trying to say and immediately throw our opinion at their face and interrupt them.

When someone is trying to express themselves and they don’t get the needed feedback, it makes them feel ignored and not important. Remember to listen to what your partner is saying carefully before you jump to conclusions. Try to read their body language and analyze how important the thing they’re discussing is for them.

Sometimes, feeling that we are heard is enough to feel relaxed and happy. If you do this, your partner will feel like they can tell you anything because they have your full attention, support and love.

7. Share your emotions:

This is a bit difficult to grasp at first, but just because you are feeling something, it doesn’t mean that your partner understands immediately what you’re going through.

Most of the time you need to verbally express what you’re feeling so they can understand you and be able to offer the necessary help. Not sharing our emotions can lead to a very frustrating and tense relationship. Men cannot read minds, and women cannot either.

That’s why it is necessary to not only directly say how you’re feeling but also to gently voice the type of support you expect your partner to provide in that specific situation.

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