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7 Female to female attraction signs that cannot be denied

7 Female to female attraction signs that cannot be denied

Sometimes, a woman is just being friendly with you. Other times, she’s trying to let you know she’s attracted to you. But how can you tell the difference, especially if there’s no sign that she may be into women? Well, you can luckily say by paying attention to the way she behaves around you and the way she treats you. 

When a woman is attracted to you, she won’t be able to hide it super well. You know what it’s like! When you have a crush on someone, you want them to notice you so you can start talking and see if there’s something more to it.

The same goes for women who secretly admire other women. They may be able to hide it at first and disguise it as a friendship or as being kind. But if you keep an eye out for the signs listed below then you may still be able to sense the chemestry in the air.

7 Female to Female Attraction Signs:

1. She looks at you a lot:

When we’re attracted to someone, we can’t help but look at them. If you’ve caught her staring at you or looking your way quite often, it might not be a coincidence. Moreover, women are a bit more analytical than men; so you may even catch her eying your neck, waist, etc; and just checking out the merchandise. It could mean that she thinks you’re beautiful!

Additionally, she will make deep eye contact whenever you’re talking to each other. Even if you’re in a group, she will look at you intently whenever you’re speaking. Eye contact is one of the first signs of attraction, so it’s a good thing she can’t keep her eyes off of you. 

2. She will find ways to touch you:

Physical touch is another common sign of attraction, especially if that’s her love language. If she’s attracted to you and she’s quite tactile, she won’t be able to help herself. She will take over your personal space or even invade your boundaries, if you’re not paying attention.

If she’s the sociable and playful type she may even come across as more caring and friendly but unconsciously be trying to establish more physical contact with you. This could translate in a hug or touching your hair or even complimenting your outfit and running her fingers on the fabric. Basically, any excuse in the book can be used to let her get her hands on you so be aware.

It could also translate in more discreet signs, depending on her personality type. It could translate in things such as touching your arm or putting her hand on your knee when she laughs at something you said. She could also try moving hair away from your face, or caressing your arm to soothe you if you’re stressed out about something. It will be subtle but if you compare her behavior to other friends, you’ll find she doesn’t touch other people as often. 

3. She laughs more easily around you:

When a woman is attracted to you, she will be genuinely happy to see you. Your presence will boost her mood, so she’ll laugh more easily around you.

It doesn’t mean she’s fake or that she’s pretending, it just means she’s very excited to be with you and she can’t control her smiles, giggles, and laughter. 

4. You have all her attention:

If she’s attracted to you, all her attention will be on you. Her body will always be facing you and she will always sit close to you. She will actively listen to everything you say and make conversation with you the most. That’s because she wants you to feel seen and heard. 

Plus, she’s hanging on your every word because she wants to know more about you. She will genuinely enjoy talking to you and this is even more obvious if she’s not usually a big talker or if she doesn’t seem to make conversation with other people with as much enthusiasm. 

5. She will compliment you often:

Constant compliments are a huge sign of female-to-female attraction. She will look you up and down, respectfully, and compliment you on your looks. Hell, she might even ask you for a little spin. 

Additionally, she will compliment your character and personality in equal measure. You’ll know exactly what she finds attractive about you based on her compliments. She might think you’re smart, witty, funny, down-to-earth, etc., or all of the above. 

6. She will find a way to mention she’s single:

When we’re attracted to someone, we’re all the same in certain aspects. For example, we always want the other person to know we’re available.

So, if she likes you, she will find a way to mention she’s single and interested in girls. Or, she may be too shy and just say that she once found herself interested in that one specific girl, years ago or when she was a lot younger. Obviously, if she does such a thing it means she’s trying to test the waters and see how you will react to that.

It may even be casual and nonchalant, but she’ll make sure you hear it. 

7. She wants to keep in touch:

When we find someone we like, we don’t just let them go and wait for destiny to bring us back together. No, we ask for their number or social media so we can keep in touch. If she does that, it’s one of the biggest signs she’s attracted to you. 

Of course, what she does after that and whether she makes an active effort to contact you or not; also matters. If she finds any excuse to text you or always replies to your Instagram stories, that’s a good sign she’s into you. 


Our bodies speak for us quite a lot and, as much as we try to keep things under control, they end up spilling out. So if your gut feeling tells you that she likes you in a more than just a friendly way then there must be more to it.

When a woman is attracted to you, she will show you in many different ways. You just have to open your eyes to it!

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