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6 ways guys feel when you cut them off

6 ways guys feel when you cut them off

When relationships come to an end, everyone experiences the breakup differently. Most people feel like there’s nothing to look forward to. You were planning your life with someone and suddenly, they’re not a part of your world anymore. However, ending a relationship is always the right choice, when things are not working out.

You’ve done everything you can to make it work, but there comes a point where you can’t keep dragging it out any longer. If this is the way you feel right now about your boyfriend, you might be thinking about breaking up with him but you’d like to know how that would make him feel.

Well, today, we will explain the 6 phases guys go through and how they feel when you cut them off. This will give you a general idea about how a man feels when a woman leaves him.

How does a man feel when a woman walks away:

1- His ego comes into full display:

Men have large egos but when they’re involved with someone, they keep their egos in check. That’s because they understand that it can get in the way of the relationship. Especially if you’re the dominant one, so they decide to put most of their ego in a box and save it for later. 

When the relationship ends, their ego sort of becomes their safety blanket. They open the box, find it and protect it at any price. They dive deep into it to help themselves get over the pain and heartache. It also helps them hide what they’re feeling from the outside world. 

2- He becomes super social:

During the second stage, men will become social animals. Unlike women, men don’t internalize the trauma of the breakup right away. First, they shrug it off and try to convince themselves it’s not a big deal. Their ego helps them do that and act as if nothing has happened at first. 

So, they will go out and party almost every night to distract themselves, if needed, and accordingly to their personality type. They will surround themselves with friends and flirt with as many girls as possible.

As a result, it will seem like they’re already over the relationship. However, this is just a band-aid. Eventually, they will have to face their true feelings. 

3- His starts to feel the pain:

It doesn’t matter how much they go out with friends, eventually, they will realize that that one precious relationship they had is over. They will feel the emptiness and loneliness that comes with it. They used to spend all their time with a special someone and now that’s not possible. Once the realization dawns on them, their feelings will come rushing in. 

They will act like they’re fine in front of everyone else because they have to protect their egos, but when they’re on their own, they will feel the anger and sadness of the breakup. This is when they reach out to close friends to talk through their feelings, which is what leads to healing eventually. 

4- He will start accepting reality:

At this point, men start accepting the fact that the relationship is over. Whatever hope they had of rekindling things will start dwindling as long as the decision is final.

He will try to reach out once he realizes that it’s serious and that you will slip through his fingers forever. He will also get a better understanding of the problem that separated you.

He will reach out and see if there’s a chance of making things right or trying again. If you give him hope, he will latch onto that and see where it leads. But if you don’t, he will start accepting things are truly over between you and there’s nothing he can do. 

5- He will be introspective:

Once it’s clear the relationship is actually over, he will be introspective and think about what he wants and needs going forward. This is the stage where he will reassess his life without you. 

He will set new goals and start rebuilding his life. Little by little, he will regain the trust he had in himself. At first, he may have felt lost and like he couldn’t go on without you, but now he will start realizing that what’d done is done and he has to and can do well on his own. 

6- He will jump back into the dating pool:

The final stage may come months or years after the breakup, it varies from person to person. In this stage, a man will be ready to jump back into the dating pool.

At this point, men will finally feel ready to start dating again because they have worked on themselves and they’re in an emotionally stable place. 

Nothing stands in their way anymore; they have worked through the break-up or fall-out with you and they’re completely over it. At this stage, a man will feel confident enough to get out there and meet new people. 


Breakups are painful and awful at first, but things eventually fall back into place.

They are a part of life and though we all process them differently, you will both move on in peace and go on to give love another shot. Check out this article on why a guy might not have chased you after the breakup, especially if you think it’s because he didn’t care.

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