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6 Signs your husband stopped finding you attractive

6 Signs your husband stopped finding you attractive

You’ve been married for so long and you’ve created a beautiful life together. With that in mind, it can be difficult to sit there and question whether your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore. If you doubt that he does, it’s definitely sad, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end. 

Couple’s therapy is available for a reason and it can help you work through whatever’s going on. But first, you need to have a clear idea of what’s happening.

To help you do that, we will discuss 6 signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore. If you identify any or all of these signs, you have to take action together.

6 Signs Your Husband Is Not Attracted to You Anymore:

1- You don’t talk much:

As you may know by now, communication is one of the pillars of marriage. So, when was the last time you two sat down and enjoyed a conversation? You might say “hi” to each other every day and share what’s going on in your day, but do you really talk about things?

If you can’t remember the last time that happened, that could be a sign your husband isn’t interested in connecting with you anymore. You should try to start a conversation and see how it goes. Ask about his day and practice active listening to see where it goes. 

2- He doesn’t consider your needs:

If you’re communicating your needs and your husband fails to consider or acknowledge them still, then that’s another red flag. If he’s dismissive of what you need, that’s an important issue to address. Especially if you are mindful of his needs and make an effort from your side. 

This is a clear sign of disinterest and it could point to a lack of attraction on his end. Communicate your needs clearly and often, but if he continues to neglect them, it could be time to seek professional help. 

3- There’s little to no affection:

Sometimes, a lack of affection is just related to a difference in expression. Some people don’t express their love in that way. However, if your husband used to be super affectionate and that has changed, it could be a sign he’s no longer attracted to you. 

If never holds your hand, hugs you, kisses you, or does any of the things he used to do regularly, it could simply mean he’s not into it anymore. It could also mean that there’s something on his mind.

You should bring it up, especially if you notice there’s a big difference between how you treat each other all of a sudden. If you want to ponder more on this then check this article out later on reasons why he might not be so affectionate.

4- You stopped being intimate:

Let’s be honest, physical intimacy is an important part of romantic relationships. People have different sex drives and it’s not uncommon for intimacy to ebb and flow throughout the relationship. However, if your partner is actively avoiding it, that can mean they don’t feel attracted to you anymore. 

Additionally, it points to a lack of connection. You have to be aware of your sexual needs and if your husband actively ignores them, you need to have a conversation about that to get to the bottom of the issue. You can find a compromise or agree to try new things to spice things up, but something needs to be done, urgently, for sure. 

5- He doesn’t prioritize quality time with you:

When he has free time, he doesn’t spend any of it with you. He spends it with his friends or dedicates it to his hobbies, but he never prioritizes quality time with you. That’s a big sign your husband is no longer attracted to you. He used to include you in his activities and share his time with you, so what has changed?

The next time he’s doing something, ask if you can come along. If he makes up excuses or just doesn’t want to include you, it’s important to talk about it.

Your needs matter and it’s important to express them. Perhaps he didn’t realize that he was neglecting you, so having a conversation can lead to change. 

6- He stopped complimenting you:

Your husband used to adore you he showed it by complimenting you all the time. If that has changed, you should get to the bottom of it. We are not referring just to compliments about your looks, but compliments about anything at all. If he used to hype you up about anything and he doesn’t anymore, that can be a sign of trouble. 

What you can do is compliment him and get the ball rolling to see how he responds. If he still doesn’t have any compliments or words of encouragement for you or one nice thing to say about you then that should be addressed. Especially if that’s important to you. 


Marriages go through dry spells where you feel distant, don’t have much to talk about, or don’t have any desire to be intimate in any way.

It’s almost inevitable when you’ve been with someone for years and years. Check this article on a few different phases a marriage go through and how to navigate them properly. However, in the end, a lack of attraction is not something that should be ignored! 

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