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6 signs your ex wants your attention on social media

6 signs your ex wants your attention on social media

If you are on social media for hours, it is likely that you are addicted to it. This addiction can be triggered by a number of reasons like boredom, anxiety, or even loneliness. However, sometimes there’s more to it than that. Sometimes, social media is the only way we have to communicate our feelings or thoughts to a specific person that we stopped talking to.

So if you think your ex is in this type of situation and trying to get your attention on social media, then here are a few signs to confirm their position:

1. They leave comments on your photos:

A “like” on your photo might not have a big impact when your ex is trying to get your attention, but a comment definitely will. They might start leaving comments on random photos you post, but when they start commenting on photos you had posted of you together, your ex is trying to communicate with you.

Beware of what kind of comments they are leaving, they could be leaving snide comments because they feel resentment towards you. Or they could be leaving sweet ones to remind you of what could’ve been. In any case, if you’re done with the relationship and not interested in a reconciliation, then consider blocking them on your social media account.

2. They start viewing older content:

Not interacting with old content from users who posted it months or years ago is an unspoken rule, when we use social media. When people get a “like” or comment on an old post, the notification immediately catches their attention.

And your ex is no exception to this. Even though they could be seen as a stalker by others, they disregard that inconvenience because they are entirely focused on getting your attention.

3. They post content with which they try to catch your attention:

Since your ex is on top of the things you post, the posts you like, and the accounts you follow, they start creating a mental pattern of the things you like on the internet and what interests you.

Because of this, you need to be cautious so if you see your ex posting something that you like, don’t see it as a coincidence. Your ex is hoping that you will interact with their post or even chat with them about it later.

4. They leave a “like” for all your newer posts:

Leaving a “like” on all your posts on all your social media accounts can seem a bit excessive since not even your followers make the effort of leaving a “like” to all your posts. In fact, only someone obsessed would go and leave a like to every single picture or post you ever had.

It requires deliberate attention to do this, which means that your ex is trying to tell that they are still around, always watching what you post, being updated with your life. They hope that you notice their constant dedication and get used to their presence in your life once more.

5. They post cliché quotes about the end of relationships:

If your ex is posting regular quotes about how their heart was broken and they are having a hard time moving on, they are probably doing this because they want you to see how you hurt them. They haven’t found closure by themselves yet so they’re trying to have the sympathy of others. At the same time, it will also make them look like the victim in the relationship and portray you in a bad light.

6. They reach out to your common friends on social media:

Trying to bring mutual friends to their side is not uncommon when an ex tries to get your attention on social media. They want as many people as possible to feel pity for them and see you as the villain.

Remember that social media is all about first impressions. So if you are happy with how your life turned out after the breakup, you just need to be your genuine self and people will have a hard time trying to blame you for something you didn’t do.

If things become too excessive, don’t hesitate to block your ex from all your social media accounts.

Bottom line:

After knowing all these signs you probably have figured out that, even if your ex is trying to get your attention on social media it doesn’t mean they want you back. There are other reasons why they want to communicate with you. Maybe they didn’t get closure, while you did.

In your final conversation, when you ended the relationship, you said everything you needed to say to leave the relationship in the past, but your ex didn’t. This could be because they were in an emotional state that didn’t allow them to think clearly about the points they made, or it could just be that they didn’t accept that you were putting an end to the relationship. They probably thought that they would have another chance to explain themselves and get back together.

If your ex let months go by after the breakup without being able to move on, they might have started to grow resentment towards you. They start looking at your social media accounts and see that you are happier than when you were with them and seem to not even think about them anymore.

They might either try to reach you via chat to have a talk with you and let you know how they have been feeling, or they will start leaving snide and hate comments on your posts as well as trying to appear sad or depressed in their own posts. At this point, they don’t wish to get back together anymore, they just want you to hurt as much as them. Check out this article if you think your ex is not over you and just pretending to have moved on!

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