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6 Signs your boyfriend likes his female friend

6 Signs your boyfriend likes his female friend

There’s nothing wrong with having friends when you’re in a relationship, whether they’re male or female. However, if your gut is telling you something more is going on, you should listen to it. 

There are boundaries to how close your partner can be with a friend. It’s not about jealousy or possessiveness, it’s about respect. If you feel like your boyfriend likes his female friend, that’s not okay. 

But before you confront him about it and have a conversation, you should confirm your suspicions. It’s not uncommon to overthink or misinterpret things, so you need to determine if your feelings are valid.

If your boyfriend likes his female friend, there are a few signs you can watch out for. Today, we will explore some of those signs and explain what they mean!

6 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend:

1. Your Intuition Is Loud:

Your intuition is based on instinct and if it’s telling you that your boyfriend is up to no good, you should listen. Of course, give him the benefit of the doubt. But when your body is alerting you, don’t make excuses for him. 

Instead, pay more attention to his behavior, particularly around the female friend in question. Though suspicions and fears sometimes stem from personal insecurities, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, they are based on something your unconscious mind is picking up. So, look further into it. 

2. They Are Flirtatious Towards Each Other:

Some couples agree that there’s nothing wrong with flirting when there’s no sexual charge or intention of taking it further. They call it: harmless flirting, and it’s something they can both do without feeling bad about it. They think it’s a great confidence booster and it’s fun.

However, not all couples have this perspective and for some flirting is not only a form of mico-cheating but a big telling sign that the relationship is about to fall apart. Check out our article on micro-cheating and see where you stand, regarding issues like this.

Either way, suggestive flirting and body language are very different. Pay attention to the way your boyfriend acts around his female friend. Think about the way he acted around you when you first started. Are there similarities? If the answer is yes, you need to have a chat with him about boundaries and respect. 

If your relationship boundaries are unclear and have never been discussed between the two of you before, then check out this article and do it asap!

3. He Gets Jealous:

This one is one of the biggest signs your boyfriend likes his female friend. Friends who only like each other as friends are not jealous of each other’s dates or partners. Being protective like a big brother is one thing, jealousy is very different

So, does your boyfriend seem bothered when his friend goes on a date? Does he hate her boyfriend or love interests, for no reason? Does he always find something wrong with the men his female friend likes or hangs out with? Does he think she should be single or isolate herself from them? 

There’s nothing wrong with wishing the best possible partner for your female friend. However, if your boyfriend is jealous, it means he wishes he was dating her instead. If you notice this behavior, don’t try to make excuses for him and address it. 

4. He Compares You With His Female Friend:

This is not only a sign your boyfriend likes his female friend, it’s also very disrespectful to you as a person. Comparing a girlfriend to another woman is never okay.

“She’s a lot more fun because she likes football”, “she doesn’t care that I’m a slob”, “she has a better sense of style.” Comments like that are unacceptable. Not just because he’s basically telling you he thinks she’s better than you, but also because they are hurtful and unnecessary. 

5. They Make You Feel Like the Third Wheel:

Whenever the three of you spend time together, how do you feel? If you feel uncomfortable or like you’re the odd one out, that’s a big red flag. If anyone should feel like a third wheel: it’s his friend, not you. 

If you feel that way, ask yourself why and you’ll see the signs. Maybe he pays more attention to her and makes you feel ignored, he cares more about what she has to say, he looks at her in a certain way, etc. 

6. She Always Comes First:

Last but not least, if your boyfriend prioritizes his female friend over you, that’s a sign he likes her. Maybe he drops everything when she’s free to hang out or he blows you off to see her instead, for whatever reason. 

You shouldn’t feel like you come second, especially not if you make him your priority. As it should be when you’re in a relationship. It’s okay for him to spend time with his friends. 

However, it’s not okay to neglect you for a female friend in particular. This, combined with the fact that you feel like a third wheel around them or any of the other signs is enough to have a conversation about it. 


It’s healthy for your boyfriend to have female friends, that’s not an issue. However, it becomes an issue when his behavior is signaling there’s something more going on.

If you notice any or all of the signs discussed here today, you need to talk to him about it. Your feelings are valid and you deserve respect! Check out our article on how to confront a cheater, in case you get your hands on more evidence soon enough…

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