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6 Signs that he will never come back to your arms

6 Signs that he will never come back to your arms

The end of a romantic relationship is very difficult to process. It’s even more difficult for a woman who is still in love with a man, she just broke up with. You shared your life and things were going well, so it’s not easy to let go. 

Moving on can be painful and challenging. It’s a type of grief because you have to come to terms with the fact that your partner; with whom you shared every detail of your life, will no longer exist in your world. Whatever hopes and dreams you had about your future together are over. 

It’s harsh, but you have to see the signs, accept them, and admit when things are over, once and for all. Today, we want to address 6 signs that he will never come back and why you should move on to better and greater things sooner rather than later if these signs apply to your case!

6 Signs He Will Never Come Back to You:

1- He Has Cut you Off from all forms of Communication:

One of the clearest signs he will never come back is the fact that he has cut off all communication. Since the relationship ended, he hasn’t found excuses to talk to you or send you a message. 

He also actively avoids whatever communication you try to pursue. If you’re not getting any kind of response from him, it means he has made up his mind. The relationship is truly over for him, so it’s time for you to get to the same place. 

2- Nothing Ties You Two Anymore:

Not only has he cut you off in a strict and final way, but he has also cut off all the ties you two shared. This is another strong sign that he will never come back and he has effectively left you and your relationship in the past. 

There’s no intention on his part to reunite with you if he has taken the steps to get out of your life. If he’s changed his phone number, blocked you on all social media, stopped hanging out with friends in common, or even moved, it means he’s gone for good. 

3- He Returned All Your Stuff:

When someone is not ready to move on from a relationship, they will hold on to the things that remind them of you. It’s not only a way to think of you, it can also be an excuse to see you again. 

So, if your ex has returned all your stuff and asked for his back, it means there’s nothing there for him anymore. He has moved on, he doesn’t need reminders or reasons to see you again. It may be difficult to accept, but facing the truth will set you free.  

4- He Avoids Friends in Common and Family:

When you’re in a relationship, that person becomes a part of your family and your friend group. If he has avoided all contact with them, that’s another sign he will never come back. 

It’s not that he’s being rude about it or he told them he doesn’t want to see them anymore. But he is actively avoiding getting in touch or spending time with them, as he used to. He doesn’t want to be involved in any awkward situations and he has accepted that they were a part of your life together, but that’s over now.

5- He’s Indifferent to Your Current Love Life:

When a guy has moved on, he won’t care about whether you’re seeing other people or not. In other words, he won’t feel jealous because he has no desire to get back together with you. He has no plans of coming back, so he won’t get in the way. 

If you’re dating again, he may see you with other guys or hear about it, but he will be indifferent. That’s because he’s probably also dating other people and there’s no intention of getting back together with you. 

6- There Are No Emotional Posts on His Social Media:

When we have a lot of feelings to process, we often make or share posts on social media that reflect those feelings. It’s also a way to send a message to the other person without making direct contact. If your ex hasn’t made any emotional posts, that’s another sign he will never come back. Check out this article for signs to see if your ex is trying to get your attention on social media.

If a guy feels hurt, he will find ways to express that. Contrary to popular belief, men can also be emotional and they are more likely to express that through social media. If your ex doesn’t make posts to try and elicit a reaction from you or remind you that there are still feelings on his part, it means he’s over the relationship.


Accepting that your relationship is over and that there’s no hope of getting back together is challenging. But when the signs are there, you shouldn’t ignore them or try to force a different reality.

Acknowledge the signs that he will never come back, respect his decision, and focus on your healing process. You deserve closure, so don’t deny it to yourself!

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