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6 signs of a weak man in a relationship

6 signs of a weak man in a relationship

In any relationship, it’s important to be aware of the signs that your partner is struggling to prove their worth and find strength. After all, no one is perfect and we all have our moments of weakness. However, if you notice that your partner is frequently exhibiting signs of weakness, it might be cause for concern.

So if you notice that your partner is struggling to be assertive or stand up for the things they care about, it’s important to have a conversation about how they’re feeling. You can play a big role in your partner’s journey to find self-confidence, strength, and success. Only by communicating openly and honestly can you hope to build a strong and healthy relationship.

However, what if you can’t even recognize these signs as they’re taking form in front of your eyes? If that’s the only problem you have, then worry no more; as we will be giving you a few signs in today’s article to look out for and confirm if your man is a weak partner.

Signs of a weak man in a relationship:

1- He’s under the full influence of someone else:

If your man is constantly deferring to one person: be it you or his own mother or someone else, or giving in to that person’s demands without having opinions of his own, that’s another sign of weakness.

If your man is under the full influence of someone else and doesn’t even have an opinion of his own about anything, then watch out. He may be afraid to stand up for himself or take any risks in life even when it comes to something as small as disagreeing with someone. Weak men may in fact only be weak with others but try to control their partners in an attempt to feel more powerful.

These behaviors can be damaging to both individuals and the relationship as a whole. If you notice that you’re making decisions about your own future and relationship indirectly with his mother rather than him or with whoever he is listening to, then it’s time to put your foot down in the relationship. It’s important to address the issue and try to work on building up his strength. Otherwise, the relationship is likely to suffer.

2- He never stood up for you:

One clear sign of a weak man in a relationship is that he never stands up for you. If he can’t even defend you to his friends, loved ones, or family, it’s a pretty good indication that he’s not confident in himself or in the relationship.

A man who is worth your time and energy will be proud to have you by his side and will make an effort to stand up for you when you’re exposed to any type of injustice, even when it’s not easy. So, if you find yourself constantly having to defend your man to others when he never once did the same; it might be time to move on.

And in this case, and quite frankly: be grateful if your partner could ever even stand up for himself, let alone anyone else.

3- He doesn’t know what he wants:

A clear sign of a weak man in a relationship is if he doesn’t know what he wants. This can manifest in different ways. Maybe he’s wishy-washy about plans, or he’s always changing his mind about his opinions on things.

Either way, it shows that he’s not confident in himself and he’s not sure about what he wants in life. This can be a major problem in a relationship because it means he’s constantly second-guessing himself and his decisions.

Plus this will make all the responsibility on every level and aspect of life fall on your shoulders instead. As a result, he will not able to be a strong leader or partner, and the relationship will suffer as a result. Check this article out later on 4 clear signs that a man doesn’t know what he wants.

4- He has no goals, ambitions, aspirations, or dreams:

Another obvious sign of a weak man in a relationship is he has no goals in life. A man who is goal-oriented and driven is typically more attractive to women, as he seems like he has his shit together.

On the other hand, a man who doesn’t have any goals or ambitions can come across as lazy and unmotivated, which are not exactly qualities that most women are looking for in a partner.

If your guy doesn’t seem to have any direction in life or doesn’t have many things he cares about achieving or even trying; it might be time to push him a little harder and see where it goes. After all, you want a partner who is going to motivate and inspire you too, not drag you down.

5- He is lazy and clueless:

A weak man in a relationship is often lazy and clueless. He doesn’t want to put in the effort to make things work and he doesn’t seem to understand what it takes to make a relationship last. He might never initiate intimacy because he doesn’t care enough and is too lazy to move his lips and ask for anything anyway.

Or, he might always be complaining about how he’s not getting enough attention but doesn’t want to put effort into being romantic or making you feel special either. This can be frustrating for his partner, who may feel like she’s the only one trying to keep things going and trying to even keep the relationship glued together.

In addition, a weak man might also be possessive or jealous, despite being lazy because he would know how anyone who’s a little more driven than him has the potential to look like a better deal and better partner. Check this article out on how to deal with a possessive partner or this one to be able to recognize a territorial partner.

In any case, even if your partner doesn’t become too territorial or possessive out of his own laziness; it still can create tension and conflict in the relationship. Ultimately, a weak and lazy man is someone who isn’t willing or able to provide what his partner needs, both physically and emotionally.

6- He found it difficult to commit to you:

It’s not always easy to tell if a guy is weak, especially if you’re head-over-heels in love with him. But if you’re in a relationship and you’re starting to notice some red flags, it might be time to face the fact that he’s not as strong and assertive as you thought he was.

One thing you can refer to is how scared of commitment your man was when you met. If he took his time to commit and the only reason for that was that he was just too scared of responsibility then stop and ask yourself what it means. Obviously there are worse reasons that can contribute to making a man not want to commit and we list all of them here.

But, if in your case you know that your man took his time with that but only because of his fear of commitment then it might signal that he’s not as confident in his choices and ready for responsibility as you thought he was gonna be.

If he’s incapable of taking responsibility or dealing with your expectations out of a relationship, and he lets you take the lead all the time; he could be lacking a little strength of character. If your guy exhibits any of these behaviors or is scared to put his name on any decision the two of you make out of fear to be blamed maybe if it goes wrong; then it could be a sign that he’s a little too faint-hearted.

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