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6 Signs he’s a player in disguise!

6 Signs he’s a player in disguise!

Players are all around us and, at the end of the day, they’re all unworthy selfish people who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Though they can often hide who they are and their true intentions, they’re not as good at it as they may think. 

People always catch themselves in the act, you just have to pay attention to see the signs. If you fear you might be dating a guy like this, today we will explain 6 signs he’s a player. This will help you walk away as fast as possible!

Though dating a player can be fun if you’re not looking for anything more than a good time, they’re rarely worth your time and energy. Staying away is the smartest thing to do because players are manipulative, selfish, and plain mean. You deserve better even if it’s just to have fun, so watch out for these signs.

6 signs he’s a player:

1. He’s the coolest cat:

Players are the coolest cats and they are also smooth as butter. They have practiced their approach so much that they never break a sweat, not even under pressure. Players have an answer for everything, they use their charms to redirect your attention, and they can turn everything in their favor.

Now, there’s a difference between being a player and being confident, and it’s easy to tell them apart. If this guy never gives you a straight answer, never opens up or shares anything personal, and he’s only up for a good time, it means he’s a player. 

2. He weaponizes his attention and acts oblivious:

Players all like to play with their prey. They love the good old cat and mouse game. So, they will give you enough attention to make you feel good, and then they will take it away to get you to chase them. 

When you’re often left wondering if you did something wrong and he makes you feel like you have to work for his attention again, you’re dealing with a player. Remember, he wants to get you to chase him more than anything, so he weaponizes his attention to get you to beg for it and do anything for him. 

3. He’s hot and cold:

Being hot and cold is a player’s top strategy and trick. This relates to the point we just discussed above because behaving like this is a way to get you to chase him. When a man makes you feel like the most special person in the room one minute and ignores you the next, that’s a red flag. 

Why? Because he’s toying with you and he doesn’t want the people around you to think you two are a couple. Men who are genuinely interested in you won’t play these games and they will be fully present when they’re with you. They won’t be scared of claiming you proudly and holding your hand in public, rather than flirting with you and whispering sweet nothings only to act indifferent in front of others or the next minute.  

4. He gaslights you:

If you have an issue with his behavior and he makes you feel like you’re overreacting or like it’s all in your head, he’s gaslighting you. Players don’t have the emotional maturity to take responsibility for their mistakes and they don’t hold themselves accountable for anything. 

When you try to hold them accountable for something, they will twist things and make you feel like you’re too clingy or like it’s no big deal. However, it’s probably not your fault and when someone disrespects you, it is a big deal. If he makes you doubt yourself instead of giving a straight answer, he’s a player. 

Also, if he is incapable of taking responsibility for his actions and uses manipulative apologies even when he’s cornered into admitting his wrongdoing, then it’s a problem.

5. He backs out of plans at the last minute:

You had a date all planned out or maybe you were going out for drinks but he cancels at the last minute. If this happened more than twice then don’t believe any silly excuses for it.

Remember that you took the time to get ready and went out of your way to make time for him, so a person that just cancels on you is truly the worst. If you get a text saying he can’t make it for the second or third time in your relationship, know that you’re dealing with a player.

If the guy you’re dating has done this, more than once, it seems like you’re tolerating and allowing this type of disrespect. Remember, players, are selfish in the worst possible way. If something else comes up that interests them more, they will ditch you without giving it a second thought. They’re only interested in pleasing themselves. 

6. He is a total flirt:

There’s a difference between being charismatic and a social butterfly and being a flirt or a tease. Players love to flirt with literally anyone and they will do it in front of you and behind your back. 

If you often catch the guy you’re dating being a bit too charming with the waitress or eyeing girls everywhere you go, he’s a player. He just can’t help himself and he will find a way to make you feel crazy if you have a problem with it. 

In fact, there’s a big category of men that try to control their gaze and not get too distracted by other women or have wandering eyes in the presence of their partner. So if your partner doesn’t even worry to get caught then it’s definitely a red flag.


If the guy you’re seeing checks any of these boxes, you should ditch him as soon as possible.

Players never have good intentions and they’re never truly a good time. They just want to use you, get you to chase them and toss you, so don’t give them the satisfaction. 

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