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6 Signs he sees you as girlfriend material

6 Signs he sees you as girlfriend material

Some signs that a man you know sees you as girlfriend material are that he texts you often, wants to spend time with you, and wants to introduce you to his friends. Others include him wanting to be exclusive, wanting to spend time with your family, and being protective of you.

However, if you want more signs and want to make sure about his intentions, then continue reading and check out our list down below.

6 signs that he sees you as girlfriend material:

1) He is attentive to your needs:

He sees you as girlfriend material if he is willing to put in efforts to make you feel comfortable. He will want to know your interests, what makes you happy and what excites you. He will want to know the things that make you who you are and how he can be a part of that.

He has a lot of faith in your judgment. He trusts your opinion on things and doesn’t get defensive when you question him about his decisions or actions. In fact, if you showed even just a sign or gave a hint about not liking a place or situation, he quickly takes action and takes you out of there if he can.

He keeps an eye on you and reads your mood at all times, to make sure you’re always happy, satisfied, and content when with him.

2) He likes to spend time with you alone:

There are many signs that a man sees a woman as girlfriend material. One of these is when he takes her on a date and pays for it. In fact, it’s not about who pays, but more about the fact that he wants to create a scenario where there’s no reason why you’d not want to go out again, hang out with him or be in his company. He will make sure you two go to places you like or do things you like, especially if it’s only you two.

If money is tight for you, then yes he may offer to pay every time so that there’s no reason you’d ever decline a request to go do something together. He might even use these moments together to start to show interest in getting serious with you. In this case, he clearly sees you as girlfriend material and he obviously wants to spend time with just the two of you.

If he wants to go out with just the two of you, or if he tries to get rid of other people when they want to join for dinner or a meal out, then it confirms his intentions further. He probably secretly would always prefer it to be just the two of you, and this is a sign that he sees a future with you as a romantic partner.

3) He wants to introduce you to his friends and family:

If he insists on introducing you to his friends and family, then he may be thinking about asking you out. He’s not just introducing you because he feels like he has to, but because he wants to show off the woman in his life. He wants people to know that this is someone special in his life, someone who has made an impact on him and vice versa.

This also shows that he values your opinion and wants other people to know how important you are to him. In this scenario, he will invite you for a long dinner or lunch with his family or friends or even both on separate occasions. In fact, if the first time you meet his family is a big deal, then he probably would’ve told them he likes you more than just a friend. Or, he possibly even told them that he intends on asking you out.

They’re going to want to know everything about you and ask you many questions, so if this is the case, chances are they are waiting for you to become his girlfriend. And, that’s either because he directly told them that he may want that or because they picked up on hints he dropped that let them guess he likes you more than just as a friend.

4) He cares about what you like:

If he knows your favorite food, your favorite song and he even knows when you are sad, then he may be interested in you as a girlfriend. If he is always there for you when you need him and you can tell him anything and he will never judge you, then he is either a really good friend or interested in being more than just a friend.

If you feel like he is the one because he listens to what you say and cares about what’s important to you, then he probably feels the same. But, if he is just looking for a hookup, then he doesn’t need to invest much time into getting to know you better.

That’s why he might be interested in a relationship with you and is trying to take it slow if he takes the time to learn about what you like and dislike.

5) He keeps an eye on you:

If he is texting you often, and always asking about your whereabouts then he is probably trying to keep an eye on you and see what’s going on in your life. This is primordial for him to test the waters and see when the right moment is to ask you out or ask you to be his girlfriend. He will want to know what you do on a daily basis, where you go, who do you spend most of your time with, and whether or not you’re taken.

However, these are not questions he will ask, as it could put him at the risk of looking like a stalker or too desperate. Instead, he may see for himself and get the answers to these questions by asking where you are and what you’re doing, throughout the day.

6) He cares about giving you the best image of himself:

When we’re friends with someone and not interested in being more than friends with them, then we don’t care much about giving them the best image of ourselves. As long as it’s not something very bad or unethical, we may let them see some ugly sides of us and even have self-deprecating humor with them.

For example, we could joke with them about our big forehead, or how lazy we are, or even make jokes about how stupid or disgusting we can be. As long as it will all end in laughter and not spoil the friendship, then it is a good joke.

However, when we’re interested in sharing someone’s bed potentially or dating them because we see they fit to be more than a friend, then we only want to show them our good sides. In this case, we won’t make humor about our torn socks ever or about anything that will make us look unkept, dirty, or repulsive in any way. That’s because we want to look like a suitable enough match to date them.

This is all to say that if he cares about only showing you how good, attractive, attentive, supportive, generous and very kind he is then he probably sees you as girlfriend material. If he only cares about giving you a good clean and perfect image of himself, then again he probably wants to show you how good of a match he could be for you.

Bottom line:

In the end, if he really sees you as girlfriend material then chances are he will take the initiative soon enough and let you know. Check out this article if you think your male friend has feelings for you and make sure once and for all.

Or, you can check out this article instead if you want to get him to commit and be exclusive with you in a romantic and long-lasting relationship.

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