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6 signs he is fighting his feelings for you

6 signs he is fighting his feelings for you

It is not uncommon for people to feel some form of newfound attraction to a friend or an acquaintance, especially when they are becoming closer. However, it is important to remember that just because you might have feelings for someone doesn’t mean that they feel the same way about you.

The signs he is fighting his feelings for you can be hard to read. Sometimes they are so subtle that it takes a while to figure out what they mean.

That’s why we’re gonna present you a list of signs that you cannot be wrong about and that will confirm that he has feelings for you. Not only that, but he’s fighting these feelings, being in denial or trying to resist and suppress them. A man might want to refrain from showing his feelings out of fear of ruining a beautiful friendship, making things awkward, or even getting rejected, etc.

5 signs he is fighting his feelings for you:

1- He avoids eye contact when you’re too close:

When a man is interested in you, he will usually make an effort to keep eye contact with you… but in vain! The more he likes you, the more he will struggle to keep eye contact when you’re physically close to him.

That’s almost as if he’s scared you’ll be able to read all his thoughts, hidden emotions, and ideas about you by looking at his eyes. A man who is confident and naturally charming might be able to maintain eye contact with a woman he likes even if she is in close physical proximity to him. But more often than not he will not be able to do it without a smirk or shy smile on his face.

We say the eyes are the windows of the soul, so maybe if you got close enough you’d be able to see just how many feelings he has. Or at least, that’s what his subconscious is telling him! If he is fighting his feelings for you, chances are he will avoid holding close eye contact with you.

2- He accidentally runs into you:

He has a habit of “accidentally” running into you and following you around like a puppy dog. A man who is fighting his feelings for you may try to make it look like he “accidentally” runs into you all the time.

He might also be more clingy than usual and make a point of being physically close to you often, even if he can’t hold eye contact. If he keeps his phone away when physically in your presence or eliminates any external distractions once with you, then chances are he wants to spend more time with you.

So if he does this, it means he secretly enjoys being in your presence but won’t admit to it probably not even to himself. And, that’s only because he’s fighting his feelings for you.

3- He’s goofy and makes everything into a joke:

What we mean is that whenever something a bit too serious or emotional is brought up, he swiftly brushes it off with a goofy joke and a laugh. He will dodge any talk about his dating history, emotions, feelings, or his type when it comes to women. He just doesn’t want to say anything on any topic like that, because he wants to avoid outing himself.

Obviously, he doesn’t want to say he has a specific type, because what if you pick it up and understood that he is describing you instead. And, also he doesn’t want to lie and describe someone that is the opposite of you like his type, because that would be a confirmation that he doesn’t and cannot have feelings for you.

And, clearly, he wouldn’t want to do that either, just in case he wanted to come at you with a full confession one day, so he won’t burn or that bridge just yet.

4- He is super sweet and nice to your friends and family:

He is trying to be nice to your friends and make sure that he doesn’t say anything that will hurt their feelings. He wants to ensure he doesn’t give them a reason to make a negative comment about him to you.

He is afraid of hurting your feelings by crossing the people you love and ruining his chances with you. He knows that if he says something wrong, it could ruin the chance for him to be with you, in the future. He also doesn’t want your friends or family to have a negative opinion of him and influence you into thinking he’s not good enough.

He may not be sure if he should pursue a relationship with you yet, but he’s certain that he doesn’t want to have a bad reputation. At least, not amongst your circle of friends and relatives.

5- He gives you more attention than he should:

He cares about your opinion and what you have to say about different topics. He cares a lot though and not as a normal friend would. He would go out of his way to tell you about something that happened to him, to see what you think about it. He likes to listen when you talk and it makes you feel important and special.

Regardless of who else is in the room or what they are saying about a specific situation or topic, his eyes will find you and his ears will listen to your opinion alone. Not only that he will act on it too.

For example, if you say in a specific situation that this or that thing should be done. He will get up and start doing the thing you recommended or start supporting your opinion immediately. It comes naturally to him, without hesitation or second thoughts.

6- He likes to talk to you and is intrigued by your mind and personality:

He would hold long and long conversations with you about your life philosophy and little nothings or absurd scenarios just to see how you’d act in this life context or the other.

That’s because he’s so intrigued by your mind, personality, and character. This is very common for men who have been silently liking someone and developing feelings for her. Gradually, his fascination with your looks, charm, and femininity will expand to your character, every move you make, and every thought that crosses your mind.

He will slowly start thinking that every joke that you make is hilarious, every opinion you share is fully right and every idea you get is brilliant. You will think you have found yourself a cheerleader.

It is a pleasant feeling and it is something that will help you bond and connect more as it makes getting along easier and smooth. He will simply think you’re a walking piece of art and he will genuinely believe it. Also, check out our article on 6 signs that your male coworker like you, but is hiding it.

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