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6 signs another woman is intimidated by you

6 signs another woman is intimidated by you

Being intimidated by someone is a common human experience that can happen in many different situations. The main reason for feeling this way is because we are afraid of being compared or put in contrast with a person that we think may have better qualities than us. It may be someone who is on an aesthetic level, intellectual level, financial level, or in any other way: close to being our equal or noticeably higher than us.

We fear feeling inadequate or being put in comparison or competition against a greater opponent, because it will make us feel out of place, rightfully so. Nobody wants to be reminded that there are people that are doing better than them in life, especially in departments that they sort of have control over and could’ve been improved. Nobody wants to admit having been given the same ingredients as another person but made a less tasty or messier recipe than they did.

So, if you are an undeniable gorgeous woman, very smart, and have achieved a lot or have any other qualities that you can be envied for then chances are you have the ability to intimidate others. Not every less fortunate person than you will feel threatened by you. But someone who is of the same social status, education, or has been given equal opportunities as you might feel intimidated if you ended up at a better place than they did.

How to know if another woman is intimidated by you?

1- She doesn’t want to be in your presence:

One way to tell if another woman is intimidated by you would be if she doesn’t want to be in your presence. If she stays away from you or even goes out of her way to avoid you, then it could be that she feels intimidated by you.

If you notice signs that she is uncomfortable in your presence, checking the time often or forcing herself to socialize then it might be that she just isn’t interested in getting to know you. This is an indication that she already has an idea about who you might be and that tells her it’s not worth getting to know you more or pursuing any type of relationship with you. or, she just feels intimidated and corned by simply existing on the same premises as you.

2- She talks a lot about you in your back:

If you get wind of the fact that she’s mentioning your name and talking about you behind your back then it would confirm your doubts. If this same woman that can’t even lock eyes with you, makes herself small in your presence and doesn’t address you much, has a lot to say about you in your absence then she might be intimidated by you.

If you hear she’s trying to bring others’ attention to your flaws or to the not-so-great things about you in your absence, then maybe she feels threatened by you. She might be feeling intimidated by you and wanting to nuance or tone down your shine by bringing others’ attention to imaginary shortcomings of yours.

In this case, do not hesitate to confront her in a kind and calm way by asking he to repeat or confirm what she said of you in your absence. Even if she denies it, or starts freaking out, she’d at least learn not to mention you again behind your back.

3- She worries about being compared to you:

Well, there’s really no way of verifying this. However, the entire idea behind someone being intimidated by another person is that they worry about being compared to them and portrayed as being the worse one out of the two.

If a woman is intimidated by you then she will display weird behavior, starts sweating, panic, or act out of character when compared to you, in any way. So if you want to entertain yourself or pull her leg a little, start comparing something about her to you or make someone else do it and watch her reaction.

Quickly confirming that she’s the winner in the comparison won’t yield the results expected and will only bring a sense of relief and reassurance to her. Instead, try comparing without insinuating that she has it better.

4- She avoids talking to you or acknowledging your presence:

If a woman is not talking to you or avoiding you, it could be because she’s intimidated by your personality, looks, or something else about you. You may come off as too confident and she might be worried that you’ll judge her or think less of her.

She might also feel like you’re too confident and daring and that she’s the opposite, more reserved, or has nothing to say which is why she’ll ignore you or look like she didn’t even notice your presence. In fact, being intimidated by you is not a bad thing or a crime against you. You have to be considerate and compassionate if you think that’s what’s happening.

So if a woman avoids conversation, seems nervous or uncomfortable around you then it might be best to give her space and time. If you ever address her then try being extremely kind or showing a side of you that will reassure and encourage her.

5- She feels that you steal all the spotlight:

Some women are jealous if others get more attention than them. Others are just intimidated and not after the attention at all. Depending on a woman’s personality, she might just feel intimidated when she starts noticing that you get all the spotlight or that all the attention is on you.

It is important that you understand this and internalize that it’s not personal. If you’re trying to befriend her, dare to push her in the spotlight and turn the attention to her only in a positive way, sometimes. She will slowly start coming out of her shell, appreciating you, and becoming more friendly once you successfully break the ice that makes you look cold, unapproachable, or intimidating.

6- She avoids eye contact and is dismissive of you:

This is the last bullet point in our list but the first sign actually of a woman being intimidated by you. The first sign can be seen in her body language and behavior.

Her posture will be more rigid and upright in your presence, meaning that she will try to keep as much distance between herself and you as possible. She might also avoid eye contact or look down at the ground or elsewhere when talking to you. This is not always accurate though which is why we have left it last. Depending on her personality type, she could be able to play it cool, act unbothered and not show much change in behavior.

One thing remains for sure nonetheless, and it’s the fact that she will most probably dismiss you and ignore you altogether. This is strategic and an effort from her so that she doesn’t have to interact with you or be caught up in a group conversation that involves you. She will be laid back and would prefer to make herself small in your presence. If she is not able to leave the permises altogether.

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