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6 signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it

6 signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it

Some people might think that it is not appropriate to ask a coworker if they like them. However, sometimes it can be mindboggling and confusing to decipher what your coworker or colleague means with their nice gestures and almost flirtatious comments.

Some would argue that it is polite and straightforward to ask a coworker about their feelings for you, even if it’s as a joke. But, others would think it’s crossing your boundaries.

So in the end, if you could just pick up a few clues instead and see if your coworker is interested, then why not figure it out on your own?

How to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly:

There are a few subtle signs a male coworker likes you a bit more than they should or a bit more than just in a professional way.

Despite being not allowed or prohibited to date a colleague in some corporate spaces or within specific companies and institutions, people still cannot control who they fall for.

It is only natural and humane to let “your heart like what it likes” as Selena Gomez would say. But it is also humane to want to know if someone is into you in that way if they really are but cannot say.

So here are a few signs your coworker has feelings for you:

1- He wants you to notice him:

If he keeps dropping hints and signs he wants you to notice him, then he cares about you on a deeper level. In other words, if he keeps trying to come in front of you, goes out of his way to get noticed by you, or wants to stand out of the pack in your eyes, then there’s clearly a reason for that.

The first thing to remember is that guys are usually more straightforward than women are. If he’s into you, he’ll probably let it show in his actions or words. Pay attention to how often he talks to you, the tone of his voice when he talks to you, how much eye contact he makes with you, and how much time he spends with you in general.

If all of these things seem like they’re increasing over time, then chances are that he’s trying his absolute best to catch your attention and get noticed by you.

2- He makes unnecessary advances:

There are a few signs that can help you figure out if your coworker is interested in you. If they try to monopolize your time and attention at work, they are likely interested in something more than just friendship or a professional relationship.

They may also touch your arm or shoulder, make comments about your appearance, or flirt with you. If your colleague does any of these things, it doesn’t mean that they are definitely trying to make advances on you.

It could just be the way they talk to everyone else as well. So watch out for these things and analyze how different they act with you and around you, compared to others.

3- He tries (or tried at least twice) to link up after work:

It’s important to remember that people can have different intentions. If someone is interested in you, they will take the time to get to know you and ask questions about your life outside of work. If they are just being polite, they might not show as much interest in getting to know you on a personal level.

In order to figure out what their intentions are, you need to pay close attention to their words, questions and figure out the intent and motive behind each of their words.

Keep in mind a coworker may just be trying to be polite by asking you out or by inviting you out during their break for a quick coffee. However, if the person is persistent and it seems like they are trying too hard to “plan” it as a date, rather than grab a quick lunch sandwich unplanned and on the go, then it might be more than a polite gesture.

4- You catch him staring at you, all the time:

It’s important to recognize that the person who likes you may be nervous and not sure how to act, even if they are the most confident person out there. He might be trying to find a way to get closer to you without coming on too strong.

However, if he’s paying attention when you’re talking, asking about your interests, and making a bit too much eye contact with you, then he may just be liking what he’s seeing. Remember that men are visual creatures, so if they like what meets their eyes, chances are it will be hard to divert their attention or direct it elsewhere.

Nonetheless, if you’re a woman in a male-dominated workplace, someone might be looking at you simply for a change from the masculine energy in the room. So, your male coworker might be looking at you, without being focused on you or without actually seeing you, while he’s in his head or thoughts.

5- He asks about your plans outside of work:

Asking about someone’s plans outside of work is a polite and friendly gesture. It is not a sign that he likes you romantically. However, if it becomes a daily or regular little tradition or habit, then that coworker might have something else in mind.

If at the risk of looking like a stalker, a coworker starts asking often about what you have planned in the evening or for the weekend, then he may be trying to invite you out. He may be trying to book you for a little date if he shows a lot of interest in your schedule and plans outside of work.

6- He wants to work with you or be around you, in any capacity:

If a male coworker is trying to work with you or be around you all the time, it could mean that he likes you. This is not always the case, but it’s worth considering.

If a male colleague like you, he may not have the courage or the confidence to tell you how he feels about you, but until then he will at least stay close and watch closely what could become “his”. Indeed, A male coworker who likes you might be more polite to you than he would be to other people in the office. He might offer to help you out or offer advice when he sees that you’re struggling.

He might also ask for your opinion on things or try to work with you on projects. But, that’s only if he’s brave enough to approach you in this way. Some men find it hard to be around the woman they like. In the end, check out this article for more on whether a man sees you as girlfriend material.

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