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6 Reasons why your ex keeps coming back to you

6 Reasons why your ex keeps coming back to you

You’ve been trying to heal from your last relationship, but your ex always comes back. Why is that? Well, today we will help you understand by exploring 6 possible reasons why your ex keeps coming back to you. 

There are many different reasons why they might be doing that, so you need to pay attention to the way they act and the things they say to narrow it down. You must keep your guard up until you get a better idea of their intentions. 

If you welcome your ex with open arms every time they crawl back to you, it will be hard to move on. Additionally, it will teach your ex that they can do whatever they want with you because you’ll always take them back. This is when it’s time to break the cycle for good!

6 Possible reasons your ex comes back to you:

1. They are jealous:

Let’s say you’ve been healing from the relationship and you’ve jumped back into the dating pool. You may have even found a good match and you’ve been dating this person for a while. You’re starting to move on and that’s when your ex comes back. 

They could be doing that because they’re jealous of your new date or partner. It’s not that they want to get back together, it’s that they want to continue having control over you. They want to prove themselves to be “better” than your new date, so they want to see that they could easily steal you from them if they want.

They don’t really want you to move on because they don’t want to feel like they lost, so they will come back to try and confuse you or ruin your new relationship. Don’t let them!

2. They are looking for emotional support:

If you were always there for them and provided support through hard times, they may find it hard to go without it. It’s not uncommon for exes to reach out when they’re going through something because they need the emotional support they know you can provide.

They might be doing this out of habit; they just want to talk to someone they trust. However, they are not thinking about your feelings and how hurtful it is for you to support them.

That’s not your role anymore and it’s unfair of your ex to put you in that position. They’re crossing the line, especially if you’ve made your boundaries clear, so you need to remind them of that. It may feel cruel, but they have to take care of themselves. You should read this article later on how to never feel guilty for moving on after a break-up if you struggle with that.

3. They need an ego boost:

It’s not uncommon for exes to miss the way you made them feel. Also, sometimes they like the challenge of making you swoon again. Overall, they could just be looking for an ego boost. 

They want to know if they still have you wrapped on their little finger. Perhaps they even had bad luck dating and they want a confidence boost. Either way, we suggest you don’t give them the satisfaction. 

4. They just realized that you had it good together

Perhaps their rebound relationship failed or they finally opened their eyes and realized you two had something good together. Now they want you back and they think they can just reach out and try to rekindle the relationship. That’s when you have to remember why you broke up in the first place. 

Don’t allow your ex to distract you from the facts with flattery. You know the truth. Perhaps your relationship was one-sided and you were the only one making an effort.

Maybe they cheated on you or treated you badly because they thought you would never leave. Whatever the reason may be, don’t give your ex another chance if they haven’t earned it. 

5. They want physical intimacy:

Sometimes, exes come back because they want to give the relationship another chance or because they don’t want you to move on. Other times, they only want to have some fun time with you again. Well, until they find someone else at least. Or, maybe you always had great chemistry in that sense and they miss that. 

However, you mustn’t give in. Geeting under an ex even once can be a big mistake. Not just because it could make them think there’s a chance of getting back together, but also because you know they have lost that privilege and don’t deserve it anymore.

6. They haven’t moved on:

Even if you had good reason to break up, it’s not always easy to move on. Love doesn’t magically go away and you shared many things and memories together. You probably know firsthand how difficult it can be to move on. 

However, if they’re having a hard time moving on, it’s not okay for them to come back. That just makes things more difficult for both parties. In this case, it’s important to set boundaries so you can both get through it individually. 


Whether your ex is coming back to you with good or bad intentions, it’s important to stand your ground.

If you want to truly heal, you both have to go your separate ways. Set and enforce the boundaries you need to move on!

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