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6 reasons to improve your mood with hobbies

6 reasons to improve your mood with hobbies

Some people argue that this is the most stressful time in the history of humanity to be alive. This is either because we live in a society that promotes awareness and recognizes the importance of mental health or because of the stresses of daily modern life.

The truth is, more and more people are open about their mental health problems and more are comfortable with seeking help from a professional. If you feel that seeking professional help would be a good improvement for your mental health, then you don’t have to think twice. However, there’s more work to be done besides the one or two hours you spend in your therapist’s office once a week.

Another aspect that causes a positive impact on our mental health is picking up enjoyable hobbies and activities. With all the stress you have in your day, finding a bit of time throughout your week for a hobby can reduce your stress levels.

7 reasons to find a hobby today rather than tomorrow:

1. You get a rewarding feeling:

Getting a rewarding feeling is a great way to boost your mood and, if you boost your mood, there’s a lower risk of feeling depressed and even developing clinical depression.

Of course, you can get a rewarding feeling at work or by helping out a friend, but that’s not always a guaranteed source to obtain this feeling. If you dedicate a bit of your weekly time to a hobby such as cooking or gardening, you are investing your energy to achieve a pleasant result. In this case, either a good meal or a beautiful garden where you can harvest some organic vegetables as well.

Yes, you spend time doing it, but you have a relaxing atmosphere around you because, in the end, you’re doing this to treat yourself.

2. Having a hobby helps you have a positive mindset:

Having a positive mind is crucial for your mental health. It’s usually the negative thoughts that lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety and/or depression. And it’s not as easy as it may seem to be optimistic most of the time.

Everyone has problems in their lives and those can sometimes bring us down so, a good way to distance ourselves from our daily problems is by engaging in one or more activities that interest us. It doesn’t have to be related to work because, let’s be honest, some of our problems can be work-related.

It could be doing or learning something you’ve always had an interest in, but didn’t pursue because you didn’t want to make a career out of it or got too busy. However, if you’ve always had an interest in History, learning a new language, or painting, you should give it a go. By doing something we’re passionate about without having any responsibilities attached to it, we can’t help but feel more positive about our life. 

3. Prevent burnout:

Unfortunately, this has been something afflicting more and more people every year. We are just humans and, balancing out all the aspects of our life is no easy task. Sometimes we neglect our state of mind. And the worst part is, that we don’t realize that we are heading toward a mental breakdown. And the recovery process is not easy and can take months, or even years.

It’s not easy to stay alert and vigilant and try to prevent fatigue and burnout before it strikes. So, the best way to decompress or spend energy the right way, without exhausting yourself mentally is by picking up a hobby that involves being around nature or just a quiet place.

You could start jogging early in the morning, or if you don’t like running, you could try practicing yoga or exercises of strength and flexibility outdoors. 

4. Enjoying quality me time:

It’s okay if you don’t want to get involved in activities that require a lot of movement and energy. You’re physically tired sometimes, and that’s understandable. As long as you get your fair share of weekly exercise then your hobby doesn’t have to consist of exercising too.

Why not close your eyes in a relaxing position and listen to music or one of your favorite podcasts? You can also start reading that book you’ve left on the shelf waiting.

5. Exploring your emotions:

Taking time for self-care is extremely important. You’re not a selfish person if you’re taking care of your health. Saving time to explore who you are and what you desire in life or traveling whenever you can afford to, can be a hobby too.

To help you know yourself better just write down your thoughts and feelings, and start daily entries on a personal diary.

6. Learning to deal with your negative emotions:

A big part of maintaining your mental health is learning how to deal with the things that impact you negatively and channeling your negative emotions into a motivational driving force to better your life and future.

The world isn’t going to change for you, but you shouldn’t either. You can practice meditation or Tai Chi, for example to better channel your emotions and prepare to face daily hardships.

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