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6 possible reasons why girls don’t like you

6 possible reasons why girls don’t like you

All guys want to be liked and appreciated by girls. We all want to be the center of attention and have girls falling all over us. But let’s face it, most guys don’t have a clue when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex.

We either come on too strong and scare them off, or we’re so shy and reserved that they lose interest. So what’s the secret to getting girls to like you? Or what are you doing wrong that keeps pushing them away?

Why do girls don’t like you?

1- Understand that there’s no such a thing as making all girls like you:

The first problem that we can spot here, before we get any further and just from the way you’re asking this question is: that you want all girls to like you. This is a classic mistake that guys make without being aware.

Shooting for all the birds on a tree leaves you with none in hand. That’s because all of them end up seeing that you’re shooting in thin air and trying to catch “any” and this serves them well, so they quickly all fly away.

In other words, flirting with a group of girls without targeting any or trying to go for a couple of girls at once is clearly an intelligent strategy. When a guy goes out of his way and tries to win the favors of a specific group of girls, it can result in a big mess and even a catastrophe. He will probably become the subject of many ridiculing jokes.

Your best shot at impressing a group of girls or many girls at once is just to be friendly and helpful when any of them needs help, but without looking like you want anything in exchange. You can be open to talking to them and discussing any topic respectfully, and you can maybe become friends if they see value in forming a friendship with you.

Other than this, if you like a specific girl in the group then try to target her alone and go for her directly, because going for her friends too is clearly not going to impress her. This brings us to our next point:

2- You don’t choose one girl and focus on her:

The key is to strike a balance between being friendly and assertive. You want to show that you’re interested in one specific girl of your choice, without being too pushy.

Compliment her alone, make extra efforts to make her laugh, and find ways to help her out without making it seem like you’re trying too hard. If you can do that, then you’ll be well on your way to becoming the guy that she chooses to explore something romantic with. Obviously, when you win her over then you can hang out with her group of friends and become one of them too if you like.

You might not be liked straight away by her other female friends because they’re too protective of her. However, once they hear that you’re treating her right, going out of your way to make her feel special, and doing everything the right way they’ll approve of you. And, only then it will be safe to say that all these girls like you but in a non-romantic way, of course!

3- You’re too forward from day one:

You see, too often guys are too forward from day one. They think that just because they like a girl, she MUST like them too. They don’t take the time to get to know her and find out what she’s really interested in and if she’s even truly their cup of tea. And as a result, they come across as desperate and needy.

Not only that, but when a girl sees that you’re so direct about how much you like her from day 1 and you’re going in too strong, she wonders why. She wonders what she did to make you feel that type of way. It’s not like you spoke on the phone for hours every single day for weeks and it’s not like you courted her for months and learned to know her.

So she thinks that thanks to her looks alone, she got your full undivided attention from day 1, and this is worrying. She’s right to get alarmed by this, after all, who’s to make her believe that you don’t have shiny object syndrome? Who’s to convince her that you’re not gonna go drool after the first next girl that shows up and that looks beautiful or even more gorgeous?

This is why, the guys who DO take the time to get to know a girl and make her feel special by doing nicer and nicer things for her gradually over time, are the ones who end up getting the girl in the end.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about making her feel like she did something to make you like her so much. It didn’t just take her to put on red lipstick and brush her hair for you to have your heart set on her. When you do that, she’ll be putty in your hands.

4- You’re too shy or nervous:

All guys want to be liked and appreciated by girls. They want to be seen as the strong and silent type, the charming Casanova, or the funny guy who always has the best jokes. But in reality, most guys are too shy, too nervous, or too hesitant to even approach a girl let alone talk to her for more than a few seconds.

And when they do work up the courage to approach a girl they like, they often start sweating, their hands get clammy, and they get so nervous that it almost looks embarrassing. So how can a guy overcome his nerves and make a good impression on a girl?

First, he should try to relax and remember that there is plenty of other fish in the sea. This doesn’t mean that he should treat her with disrespect or in a bad way. Second, he should focus on making her laugh and having a good time. But, as we said also be open to seeing if there’s more to her than her looks and if she’s truly his cup of tea before he decides that she’s definitely the one for him.

By the way, don’t directly tell her that you’re seeing if there’s more to her than her looks, as she will take this as an unnecessary insult. She will think you’re implying that all she got going for her is her beauty and nothing else. So be careful what you say!

And third, he should try to be himself and not worry about what she thinks of him. After all, the best way to impress a girl is to simply be yourself, believe it or not.

5- You don’t come across as confident and secure in yourself:

All guys want to be liked and appreciated by girls. It’s just the way we’re wired. We want to be the center of attention, the life of the party, the guy that everyone can’t help but gravitate towards.

However, not all guys know how to act the right way to get there. Some think that being the loudest or the most outgoing is the key to success, but that’s not always the case. Girls appreciate a guy who is confident and secure in himself, someone who doesn’t feel the need to put on a show or try too hard to impress.

When it comes to winning over the girl you like, it’s often the simple things that make the biggest impact. Just be yourself and let your true personality shine through. Chances are, she’ll be drawn to you in no time.

6- You don’t look well-kept and put together:

A guy who is liked and appreciated by the opposite sex is seen as being successful and having an ego boost. But only a few know how to act to get there, as we said. So if you’re not there yet maybe it’s because you don’t put any effort into your looks, you don’t have a good and fresh physique, you don’t look put-together and you’re not organized.

All these things are essential if you want to be liked by girls. Girls like guys who take care of themselves, who are well-groomed, and who look like they know what they’re doing. Remember that girls like aesthetically pleasing things. If you can show that you have these qualities, then you’ll be much more likely to catch a few girls’ attention.

So make sure you start making an effort with your appearance if you want to be appreciated by the opposite sex and develop some degree of sex appeal. Check this article out for more information on what attracts a woman to a man at first sight!

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