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6 excuses to leave the house & not be questioned

6 excuses to leave the house & not be questioned

It is not always easy to get out of the house without being noticed. Not only that, but it’s not easy to justify needing to step out of the house quickly every time you need to.

You might feel like you are being watched and restricted and it might irritate you, make you cranky and cause even more issues between you and your family members or whoever it is you live with. That’s why in today’s article we give you a list of excuses that you can use to get out, no questions asked, and avoid any unnecessary drama.

6 Excuses to leave the house:

1- Get fresh air:

Wanting to be surrounded by nature, having peace of mind, and enjoying a walk in the morning breeze or around some greenery is the best thing one can do to de-stress, clear their mind and feel balanced. Check this article on how to start your morning on the right foot and with more positivity.

So when one asks to go get some fresh air, rarely would anyone ever object. Especially if you make it believable enough and mention wanting to clear your mind and surround yourself with greenery. Wear a jogging suit, hairband, and head to the door. If you’re lucky enough and the person you live with or family members love to exercise, mindfulness, and prioritize their well-being then they might want to join.

It may even bring you closer, strengthen trust between you and you will not need to find excuses to do anything anymore, which is the right thing to do. You will be finding a permanent solution rather than finding temporary solutions to a permanent problem such as needing to create excuses to leave the house.

2- Walk the dog:

Walking the dog is one of the most common excuses to leave the house. It is a good excuse to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. It is a great way for people who are feeling overwhelmed by their chores or responsibilities at home to get some relief from their daily routines.

Leaving your house for a walk can also be used as an opportunity for self-reflection but obviously, this excuse only works if you have a dog!

3- Buy milk and bread:

Doing the groceries is one thing, but buying milk and bread is another. People buy bread and milk almost every single day because these are too basic and necessary things that expire quickly. So at any point of the day, you can say you’re going to buy milk and bread then go wherever you want and worry about making up a story about where you went later.

If the “bread and milk” excuse doesn’t work for you, you can always say you need that one chocolate bar you can’t leave without. Or, say that you’re gonna get protein bars if you’re someone that cares about their diet. In brief, say something believable that fits your personality and what’s known about you.

If you’re a female you can say you’re gonna get tampons, deodorants, a nail polish remover, or whatever.

4- A friend needs help:

This is the most common excuse that we inevitably find on every list of excuses. For instance, take our list of excuses to get out of plans and you will surely find it there too!

The best excuse to leave the house is when a close friend needs help with something. If you make it sound like your friend is in a bind and needs help, then who’s to blame you for wanting to be there for them. You don’t want to leave your friend hanging, so naturally, you will say that you offered to help and leave.

Normally, if you have a friend that truly needs your help, then you should not be concerned about how you’d leave the house. It will happen spontaneously and naturally because seeing you concerned and invested in whatever is happening to your friend will be visual proof that you’re not just making an excuse to leave. So if you make this excuse, be ready to make it believable.

5- Your sibling or best friend wants to talk about a private matter:

If a family member or best friend wants to talk about a private matter or confide in you about something important in private, then you might want to leave the house and go see them. It’s understandable and you won’t have to explain much because as we said it’s a “private” matter of theirs that they may not be comfortable sharing with anyone else.

If a person that is dear to you wants to confide in you or needs advice privately about an issue they have, then there’s no question about the fact that you should be there for them. In fact, you can make it out like you’ll be seeing them every day or every other day for an hour or two to discuss their “private matter” until you help them sort themselves out.

6- You will get your hair or beard done:

We might think that we can’t lie to our family members or partner about having gotten our hair done or if you’re a man about having gotten our beard done in a barbershop.

However, it is only you that goes into so many details and cares so much about your looks when you’re looking in the mirror. Most people don’t go into so many details about your face or looks when looking at you for the billionth time in their lives.

That’s why doing your hair differently than usual in your car will let you get away with having said you just got it done in a beauty salon, as a woman. And, putting some shiny product on your beard and brushing it down a bit can also allow you to get away with saying you just had it trimmed by a barber, for two hours.

Bottom line:

It might look a bit mean to go into so many details and lies just to create a good enough excuse to leave the house. However, if you’re not a minor and you’re only looking for an excuse to leave the house without upsetting a clingy partner or causing unnecessary issues in your relationship, then it may be okay.

However, if you’re a minor then you may want to assess your choice of leaving the house without supervision and going somewhere your parents or guardians won’t be happy with. In this case, it is important that you understand that you may be setting yourself up for heartbreak or something more sinister to happen.

This is why if you’re a minor it’s always better to tell your parents or guardians the truth and then convince them to let you go where you want to go, rather than lie. Check this article on a few steps to make your strict parents kinder and best buddies with you, if that’s something you really want!

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