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6 Best last words to say to an ex

6 Best last words to say to an ex

The end of a relationship is not always easy to navigate. It can be challenging to find the right words to say to let your ex know where you stand from here onwards. That’s why it’s important to prepare for the final conversation and have an idea of what last words to say to an ex. 

If you’re stuck and you can’t think of anything, we can help! Today, we bring you the 6 best last words to say to an ex. You can use them as they are or give them your touch. Because breakups are all different, we will provide different last words for different contexts. 

This way, you can choose the one that suits your situation the best. Whatever you decide to say, your last words will allow you to close the book on your ex and move on with your love life. 

A few best last words to say to your ex:

1- “I wish you the best, but this is goodbye for good.”

These last words are the right option if you don’t want to keep the door open for your ex at all. Maybe the relationship didn’t end well, maybe your ex is not the person you thought they were, or perhaps they did something that hurt you. Either way, you’re done. 

You are over the relationship and you’re not interested in being friends with your ex. You just want to move on and you wish them the best, but you don’t want to stay in touch. This last message is quite straight and to the point, there’s no way to misinterpret it, and it’s not mean or disrespectful at all.

2- “This will be my last message. Nothing personal, I just need a fresh start.”

Once you’ve both said everything you need to say and the relationship is over, there’s no need to say much else. These last words allow you to be direct, firm, and honest. You don’t want to keep your ex in your life, you want to move on, and they can’t be a part of that. 

Keeping in touch is a bit too painful for you or you know it will only hold you back, so saying that it’s not personal and that you need a fresh start is very important. You’re setting a clear boundary and your ex will know exactly where you stand. 

3- “No matter what, I will always have love for you.”

These last words are different because they leave the door open for possibilities in the future. If the breakup was not your idea and you want your ex to know you still love them, this is the right message to send. You understand that the relationship has run its course, but you will always love your ex and you want them to know that. 

4- “You can message me anytime, I still want to be friends.”

If you feel like you’re in the right space to be friends even though you’re no longer partners, these are the last words you should send. This message makes it clear that the door is open for friendship and only friendship. 

If they ever need help or support from a friend, they can message you. You’re open to that kind of relationship if they are. Now, your ex might not take you up on that right away. But when they’re ready, you two can have a nice friendship. 

You can also check this article out on boundaries to be friends with your ex.

5- “I hope you learn and grow from this and treat your next partner better. Goodbye.”

So, your ex didn’t treat you well at all. You were all in and very excited to build something together, but they sabotaged the relationship at every turn. Maybe, you feel that it was very one-sided. 

Maybe they hurt you, weren’t emotionally available to you, failed to show you love, didn’t respect your boundaries, etc. Whatever it may be, they failed you as a partner. If that’s the case, then these last words are good enough after the two of you finish fighting and destroying one another in an ugly break-up.

After all, you want them to think about these words with more clarity later or when they become more mature so that they understand how much they’ve hurt you and pushed you away. Who knows maybe they can grow and be a better partner after they reflect for long enough on them.

You’re still a little hurt about it, so this is your final goodbye but you also want them to feel that they ruined something good. Again, don’t hesitate to use these simple and concise words if that’s your aim.

6- “I don’t have any regrets and I’m sorry things didn’t work out. Wish you the best!” 

If the end of your relationship was bittersweet for both of you, these are the appropriate last words.

You had a good relationship while it lasted, but things don’t always work out, and that’s okay. You both tried your best and you know your ex is a good person, so you wish them the best and you want them to know there aren’t any hard feelings. 


Consider how the relationship ended and how you feel about it to choose the right last words for the situation. It will give you the satisfaction of having the last word and a clean break. 

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