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6 Benefits of taking a break in a relationship

6 Benefits of taking a break in a relationship

Contrary to what you may think, taking a break from your relationship can actually be beneficial. Taking a break allows both partners to reflect on the relationship, reassess how they feel about each other, and decide what’s next. 

During a break, both partners still care about each other and they just need some time off to figure out how to get through the hurdle. To help you walk into a break with the right mindset, here are 6 benefits of taking a break in a relationship!

6 Benefits of taking a break from a relationship:

1- You get the space you need:

If you’ve been in a committed long-term relationship or you live together, there’s not much space between you and your partner. That’s not a problem when things are going well, but when you’re going through something that’s challenging your relationship, that lack of space can feel suffocating. 

You need space to feel your emotions, understand them, determine why you’re feeling that way, and what to do about it. Space will give you both the opportunity to center yourselves. When you meet each other again, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to move forward. 

2- You will reconnect with yourself:

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of taking a break from your relationship to just be with yourself for a while. Relationships can be consuming and it’s not uncommon for people that are taken, to lose themselves to a certain degree. Taking a break is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself and remember who you are as an individual. 

Doing this will allow you to refocus and come back to the relationship with a fresh perspective. Taking a break is the perfect time to do the things you’ve been wanting to do on your own but that you kept pushing back to do things with your partner. 

3- You will reassess your priorities:

Since relationships can be consuming, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that matter most to you. When couples are fully dedicated to building their relationship, it’s not uncommon to neglect other priorities. Taking a break is a good opportunity for both partners to reassess their priorities.

Time apart will give you both the chance to think about what you want as individuals. Then, you can decide how to make the necessary compromises to help each other achieve the things you want outside of the relationship. If your partner is not willing to do that, then they could be the wrong person for you. 

4- You will determine if it’s true love:

Loving someone and being in love is not the same. If you’re going through a rough time in the relationship and you’re unsure about your feelings, taking a break will help. The break will allow you to assess the relationship from the outside and determine how you truly feel about your partner. 

Are you still with them just because it’s comfortable and you’re very close? Or are you with them because you love them so much you can’t imagine your life without them? There’s a big difference there. If something doesn’t feel right in the relationship anymore, the break will help you identify it. 

5- You will figure out how to rekindle the flame:

Your relationship used to be so passionate! But you’ve been together for so long and you’re so comfortable with each other that you’ve neglected the spark you had. You know what they say about absence; it makes the heart grow fonder. 

Taking a break will allow you to miss each other a bit and think of ways to rekindle the flame and keep it lit. Determine what’s been missing for you in the relationship and ask your partner to do the same while you’re apart. Then, have a conversation about that and figure things out. 

6- You will find a solution:

If there’s an issue you haven’t been able to solve together, taking a break from the relationship can give you both the perspective you need. You’ll have the space to understand your emotions, assess the situation, and determine what you want to do moving forward. 

Remember why you’re in the relationship and why you fell in love in the first place. Take the opportunity to hold yourself accountable and accept your share of the responsibility. Determine what you’re willing to do to make things better and also what you need from your partner. 


Before you bring it up to your partner, make sure this is the right move. Once you do that, sit down with your partner and be clear about what taking a break means.

Explain why you need it and be honest. Make sure you’re on the same page and determine the conditions together, so you can make the most out of this break. In the end, you can check this article out too on how long a break in a relationship is supposed to last.

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