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5 ways to get rid of negative energy from your home

5 ways to get rid of negative energy from your home

Negative energy can be caused by a variety of reasons. It could be the result of a traumatic event, or it could be due to negative emotions targetting you like envy, regret or revenge, etc.

Negative energy can also form around negative people, negative guests, or be the cause of the person’s daily routine. But no matter what causes the negative energy, it can have a big impact on your mood and well-being.

There are many ways to remove this negative energy from your home, but not all of them are effective. The following article will explore some of the most popular methods for getting rid of this type of energy.

1.  Decide what kind of environment you want at home:

This may not seem a very tangible solution, but that’s the point. Before you do anything tangible, you need to visualize how you want your home to look and make you feel. You have to ask yourself what kind of atmosphere you want it to be surrounded by, and what kind of energy to emanate.

When you feel that your own home does not feel like a safe space for you anymore, it can be disheartening. If being at home makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel that it’s not a place where you can feel creative and optimistic, it can affect your performance, mood, and productivity. So try and imagine what it could be if it magically all changed into a positive space.

Once you get a clear image for your improved home it will be easier to change it. You’ll also feel more energized and motivated to change it because you have already taken the first step and you already know what to change and how. 

2. Burn incense and dried herbs:

Burning incense or dried herbs has probably already crossed your mind when you thought of ways to clean your home of the negative energy it has. You’re right to think this way. There are plenty of incenses and herbs to choose from and you shouldn’t select them just by their smell.

The smell is important and it should appeal to you and makes you feel calmer, but different herbs have different purposes. There’s no need to panic, though. You can easily find many details and even long books that will give you a list of properties and benefits for each herb. It will even inform you about each incense and what situation to use each in. 

Once you figure out the right incense or herbs for you, you just need to light them and waft them around the house in circular movements. If you find this pleasurable, don’t hesitate to do it more than one time. Do it as many times as you feel like.

3. Get rid of old things:

Having things in your house that you don’t use or old things that don’t receive much love lately is like having a pond with stagnant water. Not only your house will have a cluttered appearance and thus not seem very welcoming for you or your guests, but it will also accumulate dust and dirt faster than you could clean it.

Besides, many people believe that keeping things you don’t use in your house, harbors negative and stagnant energy. Especially if you keep gifts and home decorations from exes and people you’re no longer on good terms with.

The first thing you need to do, after realizing that you probably have some unwanted things in your home is to get rid of them. You could always find a new owner for them, someone who would love them as you once did, or if things are completely ruined, don’t hold on to them and just throw them away.

Remember that, in the end, these are just things, and what counts are your memories of the moments you associated with them if they are good. 

Lastly, after getting rid of all the clutter, open all your windows (even your front door if you live in a very safe neighborhood) and just let fresh air come in and renovate the oxygen in your house. You will be able to breathe better and deeper in your home after this. If you are up to it, add to your daily routine a couple of hours when you just let new air circulate in the house. 

4. Cleanse your house with salt:

Salt has been associated with cleansing negative energy and warding off unwanted beings for thousands of years. The truth is, salt is a great disinfectant. Regardless of whether you need to cleanse your home of negative energy, you should use salt water to clean the hard surfaces of your house.

But if you’re interested in adding more uses to salt to cleanse the energy of your home, one simple way to do it is to just mix salt with water in a spray bottle and mist it in all the rooms and hallways. You’ll also be adding humidity to the air, making it easier to breathe. 

Another way to use salt to cleanse the negative energy of your home is making a thin line with salt at strategic places like your front door (or even backdoor if you have one). There are also Himalayan salt lamps that, when they are turned on, can help cleanse the energy of the room where you put them.

A plus to using these lamps is that, because of their pink/coral color of the salt, they emanate a very soft and warm color, contributing to the aesthetic of the room.

5. Fill your house with living things: 

The best way to eliminate negative energy and replace it with good energy is with the help of living beings, such as plants. Plants can cleanse the oxygen of your home, but they also bring life to your home and inevitably start generating positive energy.

Besides, due to your efforts to keep them alive, you will fill your home with love which, by itself, is a source of positive energy. You will also stay motivated to look after them as you will start caring about them a lot as time passes. In the end, their beautiful green colors and lively look are what is keeping your home vibrant and full of life so you wouldn’t want them to gradually become dull and die under your care.

This could even help you develop a new hobby such as gardening and make you happier and more content. Check out this article to see how many unexpected and beautiful benefits gardening can have on you.

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