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5 undeniable signs that he likes you

5 undeniable signs that he likes you

It can be tough to tell if a guy likes you, especially if he’s not the type to show his emotions easily. However, there are some undeniable signs that a guy likes you. For instance, he may go out of his way to do things for you or make you feel special.

If you know what to out for then these signs may be very flattering and ego-boosting, whether you’re interested in him or not. If a guy is exhibiting any of these behaviors listed below, it’s safe to say that he likes you. So read on and find out.

Undeniable signs that a guy is into you:

1. He finds excuses to be close to you:

When a guy likes you, he will try to do everything in his reach to make a postive impression on you. He will try to become a constant in your life, so you can almost expect to see him even when you didn’t plan to meet.

He does this because he wants you to notice him and not just as a friend. He wants you to really see him as someone always close and available because he’s probably hoping that you can go to him for support or if you need help with anything.

For instance, if you’re planning an outing with a group of friends or are having dinner or lunch at a common friend’s house, one of the most obvious things he will do is to come and sit next to you. You can be sure that he did this on purpose, especially if he immediately strikes up a conversation with you.

If you leave the table to help clear things up, he will offer his help as well just to have the opportunity to be alone with you, again.

2. He makes sure he knows what the things that interest you are:

Men and women alike are guilty of doing this. As human beings, we tend to feel proximity to someone else when we see that we have many things in common with them.

Knowing this, he will make some research about you, whether through your social media accounts or by talking with friends in common to find out what are the things you like. Then, the next time he sees you, he will find a way to show you that he likes the same things as you. This will be his way of proving that the two of you have so much in common and can get along very well.

Having said this, he will probably try to make conversation with you, by making you feel at ease so you share with him the things you’re passionate about. If he agrees with you more than you expected on almost anything you say, it’s a sign that he is making an effort to get along with you easily.

3. He listens attentively to everything you say:

We all love when we see that people are genuinely interested in what we have to say. The best conversations we have with people are when the world around us seems to dissipate because we’re so engrossed in a healthy exchange of opinions and the conversation never gets boring.

So, if a guy is more interested in listening to what you have to say, and you feel that he replies based on that rather than just to help the conversation flow, it’s a good sign.

The fact that he never touches his phone nor lets his eyes wander when the two of you talk, means that he is completely focused on you alone. This means that he could be trying to establish a connection and make the experience of talking with him a pleasant one you would like to repeat.

4. He gives you specific compliments:

He starts complimenting you because he wants you to see yourself the way he sees you. He is trying to make you feel valued and seen.

Guys don’t tend to notice the details unless they are interested in what they see. So, if you are wearing a new piece of clothing or just changed your lipstick and he compliments you on it, be sure that he likes you and there’s a good second intention behind his compliment.

A good way to tell him that you appreciate his compliments is by thanking him and complimenting him in return. Of course, it’s best to compliment him about something you genuinely like in him, so he can be sure that you are being more than just polite.

5. He texts you a lot:

Women are known to talk more than men on average, so when a guy is sending you many texts, he is doing it intending to make you notice him.

He might send you what at first glance appears to be meaningless texts, but you need to consider that, men, don’t usually talk just for the sake of talking. He is trying to start a conversation with you, even if it’s just a casual one because he hopes it will bring you closer.

Some of the texts you can be on the lookout for are morning texts, texts to make sure you arrived home safely, or just texts where he says he is on his break at work and he is bored. Use these opportunities to make these exchanges deeper, so you will gradually create a bigger connection.

If instead, he ghosts you at times, replies late, or plays hard to get when texting you; then check this article out to know how you can turn the tables on him!

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