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5 things mature women want in a relationship

5 things mature women want in a relationship

An increasing number of people are seeking mature women for relationships. They want someone who is not only sexually experienced but also has a lot of life experiences and wisdom to share.

The term “mature woman” may be defined differently depending on the person’s perspective. For example, some people may think that a mature woman is someone who is over the age of 30, while others might think that a mature woman is someone who has been married or divorced at least once.

When looking for a relationship, mature women want one that is meaningful and sustainable. They want a relationship that will help them grow as a person and not just provide them with an emotional high. So what is exactly they’re looking for in a relationship?

What do mature women want in a relationship?

1- They want a good listener:

Women are often portrayed as the weaker sex in society. This is due to the fact that they are seen as more emotional than men and thus, not fully capable of handling responsibilities. Despite this, women have been portrayed as more mature than men of the same age group, when it comes to relationships.

That’s especially true because more women than men are able to handle their own emotions and make decisions for themselves. That’s also a fact if they are mature and experienced enough. In other words, a mature woman probably already figured out what it is exactly that she wants out of a relationship.

This might differ a little from one mature woman to another, as they can have different backgrounds, personalities, life goals, and expectations. That’s why the first and most important thing a guy that’s dating a mature woman can do is to listen to her, ask her what she wants, and communicate with her.

Mature women will know what they want and tell you exactly what it is, all you need to do in this case is be a good listener.

2- They want a life companion:

Mature women usually have stable job, are financially secure, and have achieved some level of independence. They are also more likely to be free spirits and very open-minded if they have reached a specific age and still are available for dating.

If a woman didn’t conform to society’s standards and expectations of her and didn’t marry by her thirties, it is likely she will be strong and self-sufficient. Even if she has been married and then separated, the same point applies, because she would have learned by now and since her separation to depend on her own self for survival, fun, and enjoyment.

However, even the strongest, bravest and most independent woman out there would still want a partner that will share life with her as it comes. Someone who will be there to share her life’s ups and lows and provide unconditional support. A person that will have so much love to give and never judge her or her decisions in any way.

3- A partner that’s wise, patient, and easy-going:

What mature women want in a relationship is to feel loved and appreciated. They want to be treated like an equal by their partner and they want their significant other to support them rather than hinder their progress.

At the stage she got to in life, a mature woman doesn’t need a new headache or obstacle to handicap her and hold her down. She doesn’t want someone who is immature, will argue over anything and everything all day, or who has so little patience. She wants someone as wise, patient, and easy-going as she can be.

Ideally, a mature woman will be looking for someone who is open to talking about their feelings, who will be honest with her, and who is willing to compromise when necessary. He won’t be dramatic, messy, fussy but instead, he will be discreet, smart, strategic, patient, and wise.

4- Stability and security:

Women today are not just looking for love, but for a partner who is stable, and has a good career, or financial security if not financial freedom. A mature woman especially is more likely to be stable in her life and career, herself. So when she’s looking for a partner, she is not looking for a financial burden, someone who will take advantage of her, or someone she will be feeling sorry for all the time.

Mature women are more likely to be in a relationship with someone who has a strong sense of stability. They want someone who is secure and stable enough to not only stand on their own feet but ideally make them feel safe, secure, and okay too. That would be great, just in case, they needed help in that way someday.

It might not be a requirement but it definitely helps a lot if their partner is financially well-established or at the very least as much as herself. All women want a partner who is mature, stable, and reliable. Mature or not, no woman wants to be playing Russian roulette with her living situation so it always adds an extra layer of protection and security if her partner can have her back financially, “just in case”.

5- Someone who is flexible:

A mature woman wants a man who is not afraid to love her, claim her publicly and show her off but who also knows that he doesn’t have to be in control or dominate the relationship all the time.

She wants someone who has a sense of adventure and can show her that she is capable of more than what she thinks. A mature woman will never settle for anything less than what she deserves.

For many women, the idea of a man who is flexible and can accommodate their needs is attractive. They want a man who can cook for them, clean for them, and be a good listener. However, these things are not always compatible with traditional gender roles. A flexible man is one that can adapt to different situations and will not be threatened by his woman’s success or her career.

He also respects her decisions and won’t try to control her life. Indeed, he will only show his protective, dominant, and decision-maker side when she needs him to take the lead and give her a break.

In the end, mature women are not superwomen. If the woman has been abandoned, heartbroken, or given up on in her last relationship, then chances are she might suffer from abandonment issues. In this case, check this article out and see what it takes to love a woman with abandonment issues.

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