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5 signs your wife is changing her mind about divorce

5 signs your wife is changing her mind about divorce

Your marriage has gone through some issues and your wife asked for a divorce. You may think that this is the end of your marriage, but your wife could still change her mind. Everything could still work and turn into a beautiful love story overnight. Don’t despair, if you want a second chance, stay optimistic and work on getting it!

Here are some signs you could look up for in your wife that might tell you that she might have changed her mind about wanting a divorce.

Signs your wife is changing her mind about divorce:

1. She is seeking more physical intimacy with you:

If you notice that your wife is trying to have more physical touch with you, don’t take that lightly. Usually, when one of the spouses wants a divorce, they aren’t interested in the romantic or physical side of the relationship anymore.

It’s even more relevant if you noticed that, at the beginning when divorce became an option, your wife started acting cold towards you, trying to avoid contact with you and ignore you at times. So, if she starts being more open, chatty, or close to you again then it could mean that she misses you in that way and is considering giving it all a second shot.

A great sign that she is starting to patch things over with you is if the actively rekindles your sex life, but that’s not the only sign you should look for. If she touches your arm, your back, or even tried to hold your hand when she never used to, it means that she is trying to bring back your physical intimacy.

You might think that these are just reflex movements from the time when your relationship was healthy, but it’s more likely that these choices are intentional. Keep in mind that if your wife doesn’t initiate intimacy or rejects it, it doesn’t always mean she’s fully turned off by you or that there’s no hope for a better sex life between the two of you.

You can check this article out later for the many reasons your wife could’ve been closed off on that level, and that has nothing to do with how much she might still love you.

2. She stopped mentioning divorce:

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you want a divorce, one of your first thoughts is to get it over with as soon as possible. Of course, you can’t get divorced overnight, so your wife may start talking about the divorce process at every chance she gets.

This might be because she is afraid that you will complicate things for her when if wants a quick divorce or that you are not taking things seriously, therefore, not cooperating.

However, when she stops mentioning divorce each time you see or talk to her, you should look for a hidden meaning in that. As human beings, we all have our pride in upkeep, so if your wife has changed her mind about getting a divorce, she won’t tell you that right away.

She will start dreading your questions about what changed her mind and may even have a hard time admitting she was wrong. So, if you wish to continue being married, try to encourage her indirectly to talk to you about it.

3. She wants to do activities together:

Assuming that your wife wanted to get divorced because your relationship was very bad, she might have started to avoid being in your presence as much as possible. If suddenly, your wife starts suggesting doing something together, it means that she doesn’t consider your relationship to be better than it was a few months or weeks ago and she might be trying to give it a second chance.

Accepting her silent or indirect invitations and even trying to ask her to do something together yourself at this stage will only encourage her to reconsider the divorce. You should avoid mentioning divorce at all times during these outings and focus on positivity.

You will want to spend a good time together, remember the good moments of your relationship, and see that it is worth it to still be together. Show her that t can be pleasurable to be with each other again and spend quality time as a couple. You can check this article out later on how to rekindle your love after years of routine and boredom.

4. She is trying to be more attentive:

When your wife asks for a divorce she might be very angry at that moment. The last thing she wants to be is attentive, supportive, or being overall nice to you. You might not want to think much of it, given the fact that you somewhat understand why she is reacting in that way to whatever argument you had or fights you’ve been having.

However, you should take into consideration that every time your wife is especially nice to you after she asked for a divorce, it could be that she changed her mind. If your wife asks how your day went and listens to you, or if the notices that you are tired or hungry and offers to make dinner, it means that she might be trying to patch things over by treating you well.

Sometimes, even a compliment from her is enough for you to start thinking that she is changing her mind.

5. She’s talking to you more:

Even if your wife is changing her mind about getting a divorce, don’t expect her to tell you exactly what made her feel bad in the relationship at once.

She will try to communicate better with you, yes, but she will take small steps until she finally reaches a point when she can tell you everything that she thinks could be improved in your marriage.

You will have to give her time to do this, so every time that she tries to have a normal conversation, you should make an effort to sustain that effort too. This will make her feel more at ease and she may start thinking that you are interested in having more serious conversations and that you’re interested in improving your character in a way that pleases her.

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