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5 signs your ex-boyfriend has moved on

5 signs your ex-boyfriend has moved on

It can be tough to see your ex-boyfriend happy with someone else. After all, you spent a lot of time and energy on your relationship, and it can feel like a personal failure when it’s confirmed that things didn’t work out and cannot be fixed for sure. But just because your ex is moving on doesn’t mean that you have to wallow in misery. Instead, take this opportunity to focus on your own happiness.

Remember, you are in control of your own happiness, so don’t let your ex’s choices dictate how you feel. If he’s moved on, then good for him.

So if the only reason you need to know whether he moved on is to find closure then it’s okay. We can help you out with that just read on and see a few signs that will confirm if he has indeed started a new chapter in his life.

Signs that your ex-boyfriend has moved on:

1. He doesn’t talk to you as often:

It’s normal to keep in touch with your ex even after you broke up, especially if you were in a long-term relationship. It’s hard to suddenly not be able to talk with the person who was probably someone you were the closest with.

However, just because he replies to your texts, or even sends you one from time to time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to get back together. It means that habits are hard to break and he’s used to sharing a lot of things with you too.

Things may change though. If your ex sends you fewer and fewer texts and doesn’t even call you anymore then it means that they are starting to move on. It means that little by little he doesn’t feel the need to have you in his life. Another way to observe this is by seeing how long he takes to reply to you. If he takes more than a day, you need to face the fact that he is no longer interested in you. 

2. Your few interactions seem less tense:

To see this sign you will have to remember your interactions during the time immediately after your break-up and compare them to the way he is acting now. If he seems less tense overall and even more playful, it means he is making peace with the hard feelings he had from the break-up and is starting to look forward.

Let’s look at different examples. If he didn’t want to talk to you at all initially, but now he seems to be able to have a casual conversation with you it means he is okay with the break-up.

If your interactions were awkward at first, because he didn’t feel comfortable around you, not knowing where to look or what to say, but now he’s cool. If now he’s different and acts almost like you’re just another friend then it means that he no longer keeps you as a romantic interest.

3. They get in a serious relationship with someone else:

You might be thinking that this relationship he is in is just a rebound or a temporary fling, and you can still win him back if you want to. But for that, you need to pay close attention to the signs.

Does he post pictures of them together on his social media accounts all the time? Do you know whether she has met his family? Have you been to a friendly meeting and he brought her with him? All these are signs that he is dedicated to including his new girlfriend in all aspects of his life.

If you have observed most of these things, chances are he has moved on and he is invested in growing this new relationship. You need to remember that there’s also a slim chance that he is doing this just to tease you.

The reality is that he wanted to move on, and so far he is succeeding regardless of what his initial motive was. If his new relationship lasts for more than a couple of months then maybe trying to get back at you must be the last thing on his mind.

4. He encourages you to date, other people:

As much as you would like to twist this into a sign that what he truly wants is to be with you again when your ex encourages you to date, other people, he means it.

The positive side is that he was able to heal from the relationship to the point of wanting you to be happy too. He figured out that there’s no use clinging onto a relationship that is already over and wants you to see you do that as well.

Appreciate your ex’s words as they most likely come from a good place and it’s probably good advice. In this case, your ex is probably just trying to make you see that there are other people you can be happy with. He wants to show you that you both can still find happiness, only not with each other.

5. He stopped following your social media accounts:

Even if you are on friendly terms and he stops following you on social media, don’t take it the wrong way. It could mean several things besides wishing you bad things. It could mean that he is determined to move on and he finds It too hard when he is constantly seeing your face and what you have been up to.

Don’t confront him when you find this out, it will not be beneficial for whatever relationship you still have not to demand or expect anything from him. If you truly feel the need to say something, talk to him in a way that will let him guess that you just want to know if he’s alright and that you respect his wishes.

He has a right to move on as fast as he can, and if you conclude that getting back together is not beneficial for either of you, let him do what feels right to him. In case you’re not sure whether you yourself are moving on the right way then check this article out now.

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