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5 Signs your hookup is falling for you

5 Signs your hookup is falling for you

If you have a friend with benefits or even a regular hookup, there’s always the possibility one of you might fall in love with the other. It’s easy to tell if you’re going down that road, but it can be challenging to tell if the other person is. That’s why it’s important to be aware and recognize the signs your hookup is falling for you. 

That’s exactly what we will discuss here. If you’ve agreed to be friends with benefits, it’s because you don’t see the possibility of a long-term relationship with this person. If they start falling, that may blur the lines and it can lead to misunderstandings and issues. 

To help you avoid that, there are 5 signs that your friend with benefits is falling for you so you can keep things in perspective and take action, if necessary. 

5 signs your hookup is falling for you:

1- You can’t shake your gut feeling:

If your friend with benefits starts falling for you, they will not come right out and say it. What’s more likely to happen is that they will start treating you differently. The dynamic will change as a result, which is something you’ll feel in your gut. It’s very important to listen to your intuition because, most of the time, it’s not wrong. 

Don’t assume anything without having a conversation about it first, but do pay attention to the way you feel. If you feel like your friend with benefits has been treating you differently and the vibe has shifted, ask yourself why you’re feeling that way and you will come up with clear examples. 

2- They share many things about themselves:

Friends with benefits are usually super casual, so this is not the kind of dynamic that requires you to have deep and long conversations about yourselves. You’re not in this relationship to create an emotional connection. You’re in it to have fun and enjoy physical intimacy together.

So, if you find that your friend with benefits or hookup shares themselves with you, it could mean that they want more out of the relationship. If you’ve talked about your childhoods, your strengths and weaknesses, your dating history, and everything else that’s usually discussed at the beginning of a relationship, it means the lines are getting blurred.

You’re treading outside of “friends with benefits” territory. 

3- They dedicate their free time to you:

Though there’s nothing wrong with hanging out, them dedicating all their free time to you could mean they’re falling for you. Again, the friends with benefits dynamics are super casual and there aren’t any expectations. You shouldn’t try to develop emotional connections, so you don’t need to go deeper. 

However, if they are prioritizing quality time with you, they could be trying to turn the relationship into something more. When someone gives you their time, which is one of the most precious things we have as human beings, that’s a big statement and it means something. 

4- You have intimate moments:

There’s a big difference between having fun together and connecting. If you find that you’ve had many intimate moments, however small they may be, that are initiated by your friend with benefits, that could mean they’re falling for you.

Whether that’s holding your gaze for too long, complementing you a little too much, etc. Think about the things that couples do. They stare into each other’s eyes and have no problem holding each other’s gaze.

They find excuses to touch one another and the silences always feel a bit loaded as if things are being left unsaid because the feelings are too intense. If you feel that coming from them, it could be time for a chat. 

5- They are your biggest cheerleader:

Friends support each other and boost each other up. However, the friends with benefits dynamics are simply based on having fun. You enjoy being physical, with each other because you find each other physically attractive, but you’re not pursuing anything else.

There’s no emotional or romantic connection on the table. In that case, it’s strange that your friend with benefits acts like your biggest cheerleader. If they are always there for you, providing emotional support, it means that they are in too deep.

Friends with benefits simply don’t tend to do that because it means you have to be more involved in each other’s lives.


When you agree to be friends with benefits, you agree to a very limited dynamic. You get in, do your thing, have a little fun, and get out. You don’t have deep conversations and aren’t too involved in each other’s lives in any significant way. 

If your friend with benefits is doing things to change that dynamic and you don’t seem to be on the same page anymore, it’s important to have a conversation to get back on track if possible. 

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