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5 signs that the kiss meant something to him

5 signs that the kiss meant something to him

Kissing is a very intimate and personal act that can mean different things to different people. So if you have shared a kiss with someone special to you, and you wonder if he feels any type of way about it; then you’re at the right place.

Today we will go over a few signs that prove that the kiss meant something to him. If any of the signs below apply then he might be into you and he might be two steps away from asking you out or asking you to be his girlfriend. Check out our article on signs he’s getting ready to ask you out.

However, before we jump into that, first things first! Why would a guy kiss you in the first place, unless you’re a couple? Regardless of what lies and excuses he fed you about that kiss, check out our article to read about 4 real reasons why a man would kiss a woman, away from excuses, lies, and b.s.

5 signs that he’s not thinking “it was only a kiss”:

1- He avoids talking about it:

When a person starts developing feelings for you, they often avoid talking about it, because they don’t want to ruin their chances at having a friendship; at least with you. Especially, if it’s unclear whether another type of relationship would be something you’re interested in.

So what does a person like this does when they happen to have outed themselves and feelings for you by kissing you? Nothing. Simply avoid talking about the kiss too or mentioning it in any capacity.

Because if they do they’d have to justify that kiss and confess to their feelings for you, which they may not be ready to do. Or, their only second option would be to say that it was nothing and play it off, which they might not want to do either, because it wasn’t anything.

So, when faced with this dilemma he’ll just choose not to talk about that kiss and probably act like it never happened. If you open the topic and talk about it, you’d be cornering him and putting him in a difficult position, in this case.

2- He can’t look you in the eyes:

One sign that a kiss meant something to him is if he cannot look you in the eyes. This is because he probably has been thinking about how to approach you and what would happen after that kiss. If he’s avoiding eye contact, giggling, acting shy and whatnot, chances are he really meant that kiss. And, it probably meant something to him.

If he cannot maintain eye contact, his lips are dry and his hands are clammy then he may be trying not to show how much that kiss shook him. A man that suddenly starts acting nervous like this after a kiss, is definitely not over it so there’s no way it meant nothing to him.

Acting the way we described here is not always necessary if the kiss meant something to him, because some men can hide their stress and nervousness better than others. It all depends on the guy’s personality and character.

3- He put all his cards on the table:

Now that the kiss happened, he is becoming more gentle, nicer, more attentive to your needs, and simply more submissive. If that’s the case, that’s his way of telling you that all his cards are on the table. He obviously either can’t resist you, wants to pursue something with you, or finds you irresistible.

Now the ball is in your court, and it is up to you alone to decide the direction that your relationship will take. If you care about him, make sure you don’t let the relationship sway towards being something physical only because it could if you’re not focused.

Don’t let him in before he verbalizes his feelings for you and man up about it. Let him chase you more and let him put an effort into showing you that he wants to pursue something with you. Now is your time to shine, to play hard to get a little, and make the chase thrilling and playful. This is the way to build something meaningful, beautiful, and long-lasting.

4- He is focused on you:

If he’s showing you more attention all of a sudden and is focused on you more than usual, then that kiss definitely meant something.

If he wants to spend time with you, shows you affection, and make sure that you know how much he cares about you and this is all new and suddenly taking place since that kiss, then he’s into you.

He is suddenly putting you first, showing you love, and being caring. In fact, his entire world revolves around you alone since the day your lips touched. If this is the case, then clearly there’s more to that kiss than what meets the eye.

He probably needed that one kiss to confirm his feelings for you and his new actions demonstrate that he might have gotten that confirmation too!

5- He is not playing any games:

Now is the time when a man that is interested in you and that already taken a first step such as kissing you, will want to prove himself to you. He’s not talking to you about any other girls nor playing any games with you.

He is not interested in dating others, or even entertaining others nor does he want to talk about anyone other than you. Like we said he is focused on you and has a tunnel-vision type of situation going on. All he can see is you and all he wants is probably another chance at getting to kiss you.

However, don’t rush into things, take your time, and enjoy this phase of your story with him. You never know he may end up being the one! So until then, check out our article on signs he only sees you as a friend, just in case your calculations are wrong.

The meaning of every type of kiss:

In the end, if your kiss was not on the lips then you better not read much into it. Here are a few different meanings for each type of kiss.

Keep in mind regardless of the type or where it was given, a kiss is a powerful thing and always has a deep meaning. The way a person kisses you and where they choose to put that kiss can tell you everything about them.

A kiss on the cheek could mean that the person is not interested in you at all, and is just being friendly. A kiss on the lips could indicate that the person likes you and wants to get closer to you. A kiss on the forehead may show that he’s caring and wants to put your needs first.

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