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5 signs that his new girlfriend is jealous of you

5 signs that his new girlfriend is jealous of you

So, you and your ex ended things on great terms. Rare, but it happens and it’s wonderful. There’s nothing unresolved or unfinished between you two and there are no hard feelings. Let’s say, you’ve been able to stay in each other’s lives to some extent. You weren’t meant to be partners, but you’re friends. 

You’ve both moved on and you found new people who are a better fit. You hoped you could all be friends, but you sense his new girlfriend is acting a bit strange around you. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something’s off. 

Well, it could be that she’s jealous of you and it’s getting in the way of a possible friendship. Whether you guys are on good terms or not, in the end if you somehow came across your ex’s new girl and she was acting off, she may be jealous. To help you determine if that’s the issue, here are 5 signs that his new girlfriend is jealous of you. 

5 Signs his new girlfriend is jealous of you:

1- She always seems in a bad mood around you:

If you’ve spent some time together and you’ve picked up on some weird vibes, it might be because she’s in a bad mood around you. Maybe she seems nice to everyone else, but there’s tension when she addresses you or whenever you’re around. 

She’s cagey and defensive with you, so you can’t get more than two words out of her no matter how nice you are. In fact, it seems like being nice and trying to talk to her makes things feel heavier. This means she’d rather you weren’t there. Why would that be? 

2- She constantly one-ups you :

You don’t know much about this girl because she’s made it impossible for you to get to know her. But one thing you’ve noticed is that she seems to be a bit of a narcissist. Why? Because she’s constantly trying to one-up you.

If you say you got a promotion, she casually mentions her company thinks of her as a star, or she’s on her way to becoming a partner. 

It doesn’t matter what you say, she always follows with something better or more impressive to steal the limelight. If the conversation is about you, she does everything in her power to make it about her. In her mind, she’s competing with you even if you’ve been out of the run for ages. 

3- She doesn’t let you spend time alone with him:

She doesn’t care if you have a boyfriend or are married with kids, she will never leave you alone with her boyfriend. Anytime you talk to him, call, or text, she’ll get in the way or interrupt your conversation. You can’t remember the last time you had a friendly, innocent chat with your friend. 

This is a clear sign she’s either jealous or she doesn’t like you very much. She’s determined to get you out of his life or limit contact between the two of you, as much as possible.

So, whenever you’re trying to talk to your friend (who is also your ex let’s not forget about the root of all issues), she will have something to say and steer him away from what you were discussing. 

4- She has asked him to cut off contact:

If she goes a step further and asks your friend to cut off contact, or if you get wind of anything of this sort, that’s a clear sign she’s jealous. Why else would she be so intent on kicking you out of his life? There are no romantic feelings between you two, but she’s not impressed and she needs to mark her territory.

She just doesn’t like that you guys are so close after being together. If getting between your conversations hasn’t worked, she might ask him to stop talking to you altogether. In that case, he will have to decide what to do. 

5- She criticizes you a lot:

When a woman is jealous or feels a certain type of way about another woman, the catty side comes out and it’s not nice at all. If she criticizes or judges you all the time, whether to your face through subtle catty comments or to your back, it could mean she’s jealous. At the very least, it means she doesn’t like you.  

Maybe you’ve been learning a new language and you want to show off to your friends. Everyone seems encouraging but she says: “You need to work on that accent, girl” and laughs it off as an innocent joke.

It’s not catty enough for everyone to notice, but enough to make you feel like it was a mean-spirited comment. If this is how she acts when the limelight is on you then she probably doesn’t have anything good to say about you, behind your back either. Check this article out for a few signs that a woman might be intimidated by you, if you feel that’s a possibility.


Truth is, women are taught to believe that the ex is the enemy. Granted, sometimes they’re right about that. If that’s not the case here, you can try to break through and befriend her.

That way she might understand that there’s truly no romantic feelings between you and him. In the best scenario case, she will probably hate you forever unless she breaks-up with him then the two of you will become eskimo sisters overnight.

If both of you have a common ex that you’re both over and can never be back with, then chances are you can easily bond over silly jokes about him. An amazing friendship could start from there! However, that’s only possible if she gives you a chance. If she doesn’t, all you can do is respect their limits while they’re together. 

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