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5 signs that he wants to date you exclusively

5 signs that he wants to date you exclusively

When you start seeing someone new and you are falling in love with them, the thought of that person not wanting to date you exclusively can creep in.

But if dating him exclusively is what you wish for, there are signs you can look out for, if you think it’s too early in the relationship to directly ask him that question. 

Signs that he wants to date you exclusively:

1. He introduces you to his friends and family:

A good sign that he wants to be exclusive with you is when he decides to completely include you in his life. He doesn’t see you as a separate part of his life and values you enough to want to share both precious and day-to-day moments with you.

It also means that he’s proud to have you by his side, and he wants to show you off to his loved ones and show how important you are to him. A good way to be sure about his intentions is to see how he reacts when you accept his invitations. If he seems happy when you agree to meet his loved ones it means that he wasn’t just inviting you out of courtesy.

2. He makes room for you in his life:

We are all busy these days, we all have our work life, family life and on top of that, we want to spend time with our friends. So, when he makes it clear that he’s willing to make extra room for you in his busy schedule it means that he wants to prioritize you. He values the relationship and doesn’t want to risk losing it.

When he goes to extra lengths to be with you as many times as possible, he is trying to make it clear that he doesn’t want to share his free time with anyone else. If he didn’t want to be exclusive with you, you wouldn’t notice as many efforts to be together on his part. So if he always checks to see if you are available to spend time with him, it’s a good sign.

3. He tells you directly:

You probably know that when you begin a new relationship it’s important to find the right time to establish its status, your expectations, and your boundaries. So, if you haven’t had that talk yet, you can assume that you didn’t agree to be exclusive yet, even though you both seem to like you want to. And if you don’t take that step, he has to take the initiative and take it.

There may come a time when he asks you to discuss the status of the relationship, and in that case, you shouldn’t fear the worst. He will likely want to ask you if you are interested in being exclusive, which means that he is manifesting his interest in dating you exclusively in a subtle way.

Why didn’t he ask you directly already if you wanted to be exclusive? It may be because, since he took interest in you, he is afraid that you will say “no”, or that you tell him that you are already seeing other people, thus hurting his feelings.

4. He wants to be out in public with you:

You can be sure that, when a guy wants to walk on the streets holding your hand, taking you on dates at good restaurants, for example, he wants to be seen with you. He is not afraid for other sides of his life to clash, which means that he wants you to be the only person he is dating at the moment and has no interest in hiding you like a dirty secret. 

It’s good to have cozy moments together, like snuggling on the couch watching a good show and eating comfort food, but when you are beginning a relationship those shouldn’t be the only types of dates you go on.

If he asks you where you would like to go together, it means that he values your opinion and whether you have fun or not. He will also suggest creative things to do, in a way to show that he is putting in work to make you happy. If he is doing all this, it’s very unlikely that he is dividing his efforts to make other people as happy.

5. He is emotionally vulnerable around you:

Men usually find it harder to be vulnerable around many people, so they will choose one in whom they can completely lay their trust and share all their emotional struggles. He will also most likely select that same person to share his aspirations for the future with, and what he likes doing the most in his free time.

If he starts having more meaningful talks each time you are together, make sure that you create a safe space for him to feel comfortable and continue selecting you for that role. 

The more you let him confide in you, the more he will see you as a reliable person to be emotionally vulnerable with. It may also help if you share some of the most intimate aspects about yourself as well. It’s very unlikely that he found two or more other people with whom he can be so genuine and vulnerable too. So you can be sure that he is happy about dating you exclusively or probably doing it already.

In the end, if you’re still not sure about his intentions then you can check this article out on how to ask a guy about his intentions indirectly. Or, you can check this one out on signs that he sees you as girlfriend material.

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