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5 Signs that a rebound relationship is ending

5 Signs that a rebound relationship is ending

Rebound relationships rarely last long as they’re usually not meant to. Navigating a breakup is a very challenging process and many people think that jumping back on the horse is the best way to get over someone. That’s not the healthiest strategy, though, and it can often make things worse. 

But how can you tell if a rebound relationship is coming to an end? Maybe your friend is in one and you want to lend a shoulder when the time comes or you want to be there at the right time to get back together with your ex. 

Either way, it’s not difficult to tell if a rebound relationship is going downhill. You just have to pay attention and look for certain signs. To help with that, we will explain 5 clear signs a rebound relationship is on the verge of breaking up. Do with this information what you will!

5 Signs a Rebound Relationship Is Ending:

1. They’re not posting each other as much on social media:

At the beginning of the relationship, rebound couples are very keen to express their “love” publicly and in a bunch of obvious and loud ways. For one, they will post photos of each other on social media and gush about one another. 

Additionally, they will be heavily into public displays of affection (PDA), so they will be all over each other on group outings, get-togethers, and anywhere else they go. However, this won’t last very long. As the relationship dwindles, so will the publicity. 

The couple will stop posting about each other on social media. They will spend less time together, show a lot less affection in public, and so on. So, if you notice that the rebound couple is changing its ways, that could be a sign that things are coming to an end. 

2. They will turn against one another:

Rebound relationships can be quite messy. What started as a fun thing to do to make it seem like they were over their breakup can end in disaster. Once they start to realize that they don’t have anything in common with the person they’re with, they will slowly start to turn on each other. 

It will soon dawn on them that they don’t like each other and that everything was rushed. This means that they could start talking about it to their friends. So, if you’re a friend keep your ears open for conversations about how they can’t stand their rushed partner or how they made a mistake jumping into a relationship too soon.

3. They argue often:

When you’re on the rebound, you don’t choose your partner carefully. You just get together with one of the first people you go out with and try to make it work because your mission is to get over your ex or make them jealous. As a result, rebound couples will eventually start arguing about things because they’re probably not compatible. 

The more time they spend together, the more they’ll realize that they don’t have much in common. Not only do they not have things in common, but they also disagree on many important core values and beliefs. Additionally, personalities can also clash quite a bit.

So, if the couple in question used to be all lovey-dovey but now you often find them arguing about anything, that’s a sign the relationship might be coming to an end. No one wants that kind of drama in their lives for no reason. Eventually, the relationship will no longer be worth the trouble. 

4. They will start talking about their ex again:

When a rebound relationship is coming to an end, they will start to talk about their ex again. They were distracted by this new partner until now, but things aren’t going well anymore, which means they have more time to think about their ex and the breakup. 

As such, the topic of conversation will start to revolve around the relationship they used to have, why it ended, the kind of person their ex is, etc. That’s because they’ll get back in touch with their feelings, so they’ll finally be ready to start processing the breakup. Or, they may just move on from their ex too, and be simply looking forward to being single again. Whatever the case, their focus will surely not be on the relationship they’re in.

5. They will talk about leaving the rebound relationship behind and moving on:

As the person in the rebound relationship starts to accept that things are no longer working, they will start talking about ending things. They don’t always come right out and say it. 

Instead, they start by complaining about the person they’re with and talk about how exhausted they are. They then slowly realize that things have changed quite a bit and it’s just not fun anymore. Eventually, they will accept that the relationship was in fact a rebound and that rushing into it was a mistake. So they will prepare to end things. If you’re a friend, they may come to you for advice on how to let the person down easily.

If you’re an ex that successfully identified that your ex-partner was indeed in a rebound relationship, then you may soon enough hear that the rebound relationship is resting in peace. And, that would be your chance to try and get your ex-partner back if they were stuck in a rebound relationship after a breakup that was a mistake!

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