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5 signs someone is not over their ex

5 signs someone is not over their ex

Some people find it hard to move on from their ex. They might have a hard time focusing on someone else or giving them a proper chance because they are still in love with the person they just broke up with. This kind of situation is not uncommon.

It is understandable for you not to want to get involved with someone who is still stuck on their ex. It’s just too much drama, one-sided attraction and in the end, they may go running to their ex after you have spent so much of your time and energy on them.

So if you want to recognize when someone is not over your ex so that you can avoid getting involved with them to your best ability: then we got you covered! Here are a few signs that someone is not over their ex:

Signs someone couldn’t move on from their ex:

1- They keep bringing their ex up:

A person who talks about their ex a lot is probably still in love with them and cannot move on. They are still thinking about what could have been done differently or what the relationship could have been like if only they had tried a little harder.

Regardless of what they say, if they’re talking about their ex; you better believe it brings them a sense of comfort and relief to talk about someone that they’re so fixated on. They could be bringing up their ex negatively and only talking bad about them, but this doesn’t mean they’re not into them still.

The entire point is that we like to talk about things we’re fascinated with, so if their favorite topic is their ex then they’re probably still smitten by their ex.

2- They still follow them on social media:

Some people find it difficult to move on from their exes, especially when they are still following them on social media. This can be a sign that the person is not ready for a healthy relationship and needs more time to heal before they can move forward.

Following an ex on social media and staying updated with what they do and post can be a source of pain and frustration especially when the person still has feelings for them. It is understandable that social media became a way of staying connected and keeping tabs on what others are doing. However, when someone follows closely what their ex is doing and cares enough, it means they might be keeping a door open for them, in case they want to give things another shot.

It’s hard to let go of someone who has been such an important part of your life, especially if you still have feelings for them. However, if you put them in front of your eyes all the time then it might feel like they’re still with you and it will become more difficult to move on and start a new life chapter without them in it.

3- They care about their ex’s dating life:

If the person you’re dating or seeing cares about who their ex is dating, if they show signs of being too involved in their ex’s dating life then they’re not over them.

It’s important to remember that some people may not be over their ex but they don’t want to admit it because they’re afraid of being rejected. So just because someone is acting rude and negative towards their ex, doesn’t mean they stopped having feelings for them.

In fact, there are chances that the more someone is bitter and spiteful towards their ex, the more they will keep up with what they’re doing and who they’re dating. And, in return that can indicate that they’re still invested in the relationship and would go back to that ex if the right circumstances presented themselves.

4- They want to prove something to their ex:

If you notice that your person of interest is on a constant mission to prove to their ex that they’re doing better, or have moved on quickly or that they upgraded from them, then they may not be over them. The only reason for anyone at all to care about someone so much that they go out of their way to prove things to them, is if they’re fascinated with them.

If you have an unhealthy obsession with someone then you’d be living and taking major life decisions only to prove something to them or get your point across. This is not healthy behavior and can turn very toxic quickly. Instead of being consumed by silly and petty life goals such as proving our worth to an ex that never saw it anyway, it is better to focus on bettering our future for ourselves.

So if you see that someone is consumed by wanting to make a point and prove something to an ex, chances are they’re hoping for that ex to regret what they’ve done. And, chances are if that ex ever came back feeling sorry and apologetic, they could be taken back!

5- They still have their belongings and gifts:

If you still didn’t read our article on why anyone might feel like they’re still connected to an ex, then go ahead and check it out. In brief, one of the biggest signs that someone is not over their ex but also a major cause why they won’t be able to move on any time soon is if they kept their belongings.

If someone has kept gifts, belongings, and little souvenirs that act as reminders of what once was or what they had with an ex, then they’re clearly not over them. The normal reaction to have is even if you separated amicably and don’t want to burn or chuck it all in the bin, you can still put it all in a box and store it somewhere. That’s if you moved on or if you’re open to finding a new special someone and starting a new chapter.

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