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5 Signs he’s a player through text!

5 Signs he’s a player through text!

The dating scene is full of players and you don’t even have to meet them in person to tell them apart from genuine and decent people. Players constantly give themselves up. They think they’re so sleek and they’ve gotten away with it for so long that they believe women can’t see through them. 

Well, they’re wrong! They’re a lot easier to read than they think. All you have to do is pay attention and you will see the signs even through text. They’re only after one thing and they’ll wear any mask to get it, but they never do a good job at hiding their true selves. 

Today, we will explain 5 signs he’s a player through text so you don’t fall for his act. So don’t let players waste your time anymore and catch them redhanded early on while texting! You can and will do a lot better, so watch out for these signs, and don’t allow a player to rope you in!

5 Signs he’s a player through text:

1. He starts sexting right away:

Since players only want that, they won’t try too hard to get to know you at all. They don’t want to ask about your interests, likes, and dislikes, or know what kind of person you are. Even if they pretend to take interest in these things, they will quickly get bored and jump on any opportunity they get to turn the convo sexual. In other words, they don’t want to have a real conversation, they just want to know if you’re game or not.

To check, they will text you something inappropriate early on, in the conversation to see how you react. More often than not, the out-of-the-blue sexting will be disguised as a “joke”. If you don’t respond well, he can just say he was kidding and adjust his strategy. The second a man gets inappropriate early on in the conversation, you know he’s a player. 

2. He loves to talk about himself:

Players only care about themselves, so if you’re texting with a new guy and he rarely asks questions about you, he could be a player. Not only does he not ask questions about you, he only talks about himself. You hear all about his interests, goals, likes and desires, but he doesn’t care about yours. 

Text conversations with players can get one-sided very quickly. Even when you do talk about yourself, they won’t follow up or dig any further. That’s because they’re not interested in you as a person. Players only care about talking about themselves to impress you enough with lies and made-up stories so that they can get what they want faster. 

3. He’s not clear about what he’s looking for:

When you just started texting with a guy, one of the first things you want to know is what he’s looking for. Especially if you are looking for a relationship and you want to see if the guy is also serious and ready for a long-term relationship. So you may ask questions and investigate to see what a guy wants or what he’s dating for early on. However, players will never give you a straight answer. 

They will be extremely general and vague about what they want because they don’t want to be tied to anything. They’ll say something like “I’m just going with the flow”.

Okay, but what does that mean? Are you single or not? Do you want a relationship or not? They don’t want to answer because they want to keep their options open. 

4. He rarely texts first:

If there’s something players want the most, it is attention. That’s why players often talk to several girls at once and they play games with all of them to keep them chasing them. If you’re texting with a guy who rarely texts you first, you might be dealing with a player. 

Guys who genuinely like you will check up on you. If they haven’t heard from you, they will text first and not overthink and complicate things unnecessarily. On the other hand, players think they lose if they text first because their goal is to get as many women after them as possible. They will tease and be charming, but don’t expect them to actually care or commit. 

5. He often ghosts you:

Last but not least, players love to ghost women because, once again, they enjoy playing games. If the guy you’ve been texting with often disappears for a day or two and then he answers your texts as if nothing happened, that’s a red flag. It means he wants you to feel deprived of his attention so you make more of an effort to get it. 

Or he has been busy with another girl for some time and now he has time for you again. Either way, you deserve better. Guys who are interested in getting to know you will make time to text even if it’s just to say they’re busy. They won’t just leave you hanging only to pick you up when it’s most convenient for them. 


If you suspect you’re texting with a player, we recommend you nip it in the bud. Even if you’re just looking for fun, you can have fun with men who are not complete jerks. You can do a lot better than a player!

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